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Before I give ideas, I roleplay MxM,MxF,FxF. I'm not a very picky person.

I want a person who is mildly advanced, no one liners it's one of my pest peeves. I'm on nearly every day so I want someone who at least posts once a day.

I prefer to be submissive for the homosexual relationships but dominant for the heterosexual relationship.

I am more of a go with the flow kind of person unless I have a lot of muse. These roleplays may get mature but determine on my muse my posts won't be as detailed.
My ideas:

A girl with a severe illness during the dark ages leaves her house tried of being trapped indoors runs into an ancient God. She gets turned into a wolf and during a fierce storm she stumbles on the house of a witch.

A cold hearted female whose been blamed with murder is being fostered by the headmaster of the Academy. The girl chases off the bad boy of the school who was bullying one of the band kids. She tells the boy that she would like to learn how to play the instrument he does as payment for helping him.

The commader of a starship captures the prince of the strongest race I'm the universe. He learns that the boy wants to die and as 'torture' he keeps him alive. The prince becomes curious about the human commander and wants to join his crew.

Message me if you wish to plot one of these.
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