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  1. So I'm sure I won't be the only one to think that almost every genre has the potential for large scale groups.
    However, there will need to be a lot of data handling in order to set up the genre's 'universe' so to speak such as culture, NPC development, a good GM etc etc.
    The point of this thread is so everyone can put forward their own idea for a genre group RP and perhaps if enough people support it we can all help develop a baseline univers for it.
  2. If you want a developer than i'm your man. I usually make my own roleplay and never join one anyways so i'd be perfect for your staff.
  3. Wasn't like that, but it's good to have such a mind in this situation because a necessary part is of course development so maybe we can try a basic fantasy idea brainstorm? Or perhaps something else as it seems fantasy is quite popular.
  4. Indeed, quite, do you have any other already set goals for this ''rp?''
  5. Well as a best case I want to be able to have a base world for the genre that can be tweaked in order to meet specific desires.
  6. Okay, the modern era is pretty much a easy go-to for popularity.
  7. Hm yeah suppose it's best to start with the popular topics.
    So base universe design number of continents, countries and so on.
  8. Usually it would be based on number of interest but to keep it safe i'd just start off with one country, 3 continents.
  9. Don't you mean 1 continent and 3 countries?
  10. No, 3 countries means wider area and more work, with 3 continents you already have a baseline because the country has a select theme to it already. So for example you have a apocalyptic country, one continent can be walled off for survivors and is full of peace, on the other hand the continent next to it can be openly public and ruled by anarchy.
  11. But a continent is usually comprised of several countries.
  12. ... Oh right! I got continent confused with something else. I'm stupid lol
  13. It's alright man happens to everyone although the idea is sound but maybe for post apocalyptic with the walls maybe go with cities? Or even cut through cities with a fallen skyscraper being used as a smuggle route.
  14. That apocalyptic setting was merely only a example.
  15. I'm just saying it's a good example, my issue is I'm good at imagining stuff but my detail is terrible by comparison.
  16. oh
Thread Status:
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