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  1. Am I posting this in the right place? xD I'm sorry if I'm not ; v;

    1.) At the bar..
    I had this idea for a modern romance where a depressed woman meets an extremely flirtatious guy at a bar after/while getting wasted. The plan is that the two sort of hit it off in the beginning, maybe some light flirting, but they won't see each other as potential love interests or anything. He'll essentially see her as "one of the guys" (just with speed bumps); and she him like "one of the girls" (just with xy chromosomes). They'll meet a few times at the bar after that, then soon enough start to see each other in the real world as well, be it through work, on the morning jog/walk, hanging out with friends, studying, etc. And then after a few weeks or posts or so of denial, they'll fall in love and all that. xD We can talk details when we get ideas!
    I prefer to play the girl in this one, so I'm looking for a manwhore "lady's man" male lead.

    A twist I wanted to put on this one though was a post-WWI setting in Berlin, Germany. It wouldn't really be modern then, I don't think, but I wanted to do something with the prostitution during that time. I don't know if anyone would be interested in something like that.. ;___;

    2.) One Family, Forcibly.
    "Family never snitches on family." A child of the mob wants out, no matter what the cost, even if that means turning a clue here or there to the police.

    3.) Bring the Water! ("Odyssey" bending)
    What happens when you realize the mythology books were actually talking about you?
    "O.. dysseus..?" came the soft whisper.

    Variation One) A person from the future washes up on the shores of what is most definitely not modern day. It seems to be... Egypt? Rome? ...Greece?
    Variation Two) " wakes up in the castle of none other than King Alcinous.

    I'm not a real stickler about length, one or two paragraphs are fine by me, as long as I have something to reply to. So, comment if you're interested in any of these! ; v; ♥

    Edit: Because I can edit and I shouldn't be typing after a 24 hr work streak. xD Sorry
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    The manwhore part made me laugh.
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    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist xD
  4. I like the one where the character gets thrown back in time.