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  1. I haven't had a good roleplay in a long time, largely due to my own scheduling problems, so I'm tentatively looking for a thread or two to get me back in the game.

    Here's a bit about me and what I'm looking for:

    I'm 23 and I have a full time job. I work nights, so my schedule can be a bit loopy. I'll do my best to get online every day, to at least check in, and to make a good, meaty post every two or three days. Sometimes I get tired or depressed and I may disappear for awhile. If I'm going to be gone for longer than a full week, I will inform you. If you are gone for longer than a week without warning, I'll probably shoot you a message just to see what's up and how you're doing. Please don't hesitate to tell me that you're no longer enjoying the thread and want to drop it. There's no shame in that. Roleplay is supposed to be fun; why force yourself to do it if you're not enjoying it?

    I have a hard time playing heterosexual women. I just do, I always have. I am fine playing gay women, gay men, and straight men. I may be up for a bisexual woman depending on the thread. I can do whatever pairings you like, and your character can be whatever gender you like. I don't mind anthro/furry or anything like that.

    I prefer to describe characters or use images of actors rather than anime/cartoon images, but I'm flexible on that.

    I tend to match my partner in terms of post length. I can write you a few paragraphs, or I can write you a novel. My posts tend to be longer when the roleplay first starts out, and then get shorter when our characters start to interact. I ask that you have proper grammar and spelling, that your posts have a good flow, and that I'm able to read them without having to strain to figure out what you're saying.

    As for the roleplay content, I'm open to a lot of stuff. I don't like romance to be the centerpiece, and I'm not always up for slice of life. I like conflict and weird stuff.

    Plot: Our characters are trapped in a haunted or possessed house, and it's messing with their minds. They're seeing things and can't always tell what is real and what isn't. Heck, they don't even know if the other character is real, or if they can be trusted. Can they find it in themselves to trust this stranger and make it out of the house alive? (Would be open to doubling; could be a group of people stuck in the house. We can also play whatever spirits/demons are haunting the house.) (Actually we could also use this as the plot for a fandom roleplay.)

    Fandoms I'm craving:
    Mad Max (either the old stuff or Fury Road; I do enjoy playing Max either way)
    Doctor Who (haven't watched any of the old stuff; caught up on the new stuff)

    This seems kind of vague and I'm sorry for that. I have mono and I'm not exactly functioning at 100% right now. Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions. If you let me know what kind of thing you like I can probably come up with a plot; or if you have a plot you'd like to run by me, please let me know.
  2. Oh no, mono! What a bummer. Get well soon!

    I'm interested in a Mad Max roleplay. Do you have any other settings or plots you'd enjoy, or are you strictly looking for what's listed?
  3. Hi! I'm open to lots of things and happy to hear any ideas you have. What's listed is just what I had on my mind at the time of the post. Again, I'm sick and my brain isn't super functional right now, but getting better, haha
    Thanks for replying!

  4. The only ideas I currently have are for Sansa roleplays, because Game of Thrones is back and I'm weak, but I'd still be down for something Mad Max if you are. :)
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