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  1. I'm re-entering the role play scene after a long absence. I've been role playing since I was twelve and have always found grand enjoyment in it. Right now I have a selection of characters I'm itching to replay (including one entirely new one that's been festering inside my head for the better part of a year now), along with a general premise for each. Of course, I'm open to any input or ideas from others, as well as critique and any sort of comment. I'm more than receptive to role play ideas other than just the three characters and settings associated with that I'm listing, these are just my biggest current itches.​

    ABRAHAM x2​

    Abraham is my angel character. I use "angel" in a Christian sense but not at all in the strict Biblical kind. Abraham is the sort angel best illustrated by the Renaissance era, but his history does include being made by the Christian God up in Heaven. Abraham himself, however, differs greatly from the typical angel in that he is stoic, sometimes cruel, homosexual (and borderline demisexual), and greatly despises being under the control of his God. Abraham was paired with a lover many years ago who has been gone for many years now as well. His past lover has not left his heart and does come up in IC posts.

    I don't have a specific plot in mind, but Abraham is always played in medium to high fantasy, but I am very much open to a supernatural/paranormal setting as well. Involving other angels and/or demons would be very interesting (demons especially!). I've always wanted to participate in a demon role play of some sort but still haven't, so that's on my list! And since of course Abraham is constructed around a religion, using religion(s) in some way also appeals to me.

    Genres: Fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, horror, grim/dark, mxm mature [A], modern, historical


    Simfilan is my first characters, back when I could only play animals. He is a lion, the now extinct in the wild Barbary lion, and a joy to play. He's humble, wise, loving, loyal, and largely pacifist. He can also be trusting to a fault, taken advantage of, and at times be far too neutral, to the point of creating harm. He also has a tendency to respect those above him to the point of almost blindly obeying them. Simfilan is also always played in a medium to high fantasy setting, although I'm used to high fantasy with other animals the most.​

    Character is capable of being a shifter to widen up the possibilities - the idea of a human!simfilan or shape shifter is greatly appealing to me. I'd love to try either out.​

    Genres: Fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, romance, mxf mature [A], modern​


    Julia is one of my newest characters that I haven't played yet. She's part of the Pokemon world exclusively, which I've had interest in for years but never really got to play for one reason or another, though I did make attempts. She's gender blending and a loud feminist - her Pokemon team consists of Pokemon chosen specifically because she feels they emulate feminine power (such as Nidoqueen).

    For the Pokemon world I was thinking of starting out with just one other person (we could invite more people as needed later on). The idea of travelling through routes and towns and battling random NPCs and gym leaders really appeals to me. I think this can be done with another trainer partnering up (or something) but I may need a little assistance to get this giant world together. Though I am open to an idea that doesn't involve battling around and collecting badges - perhaps our characters fight off one of the corrupt Teams and illegal Pokemon poaching? Maybe our characters are trainers who dislike each other caught in a tough pinch. I'm pretty open to this so long as personal Pokemon are involved, of course. Even doing something involving the Nurses/medical emergencies as a result of violence could be super interesting, especially since veterinary medicine is my line of work IRL.

    Genres: Fandom, group, fantasy, modern


    Madame Ubu, or just Ubu as she refers to herself as, is an older woman of colour in her sixties, quite affected by osteoporosis and always carrying a staff for support. She is Pagan/Wiccan and her primary feature is the reading of animal oracle cards. She is a nomad by definition and is constantly travelling, making most of her money through her readings. She is one of my few fully human characters.​

    Her animal oracle readings are very important to the plot and thread she is in. It's the center of her creation and an element I desperately want to try out in a role play at some point. I also read each reading IC personally with my own cards.​

    This is a character I have not yet had the chance to play, but she's been swirling in my mind for several years now. Magic, fantasy, supernatural/paranormal could all work for her, fantasy especially.​

    Genres: Fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, grim/dark, modern, historical​


    Another one of my first characters, David is a werewolf, my only character who is one. The specifics of his condition can be altered for the role play, but he's never been strictly human or wolf. I haven't written with him in a long time and would like to. He's quite vulgar, crass, sexist, and sex driven. In his late twenties and with a passion for constant action. He has high confidence and tends to write off others for the slightest reason.

    Genres: Fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, mxf mature [A], mxm mature [A], horror, grim/dark, hurt/comfort, modern


    This is a character inspired by the famous children's book "Velveteen Rabbit". Little Lamby is based off of a real stuffed Easter lamb that has a personality all her own that I fashioned into a character years ago. She's sassy, outspoken, somewhat unintelligent, adamant, and easily hurt by others while seeming to have a large ego. She has never been played before but is a character I've been wanting to play. She can be played as an animal or furry.

    I have created a character sheet for her, if anyone's interested.

    Genres: Fantasy, furry, mxf mature [a]​

    Thank you for taking the time to open this thread and take a look through. <3​
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  2. Added another character I'm interested in playing ~
  3. I'm really liking Simfilan and Madame Ubu. They could definitely fit into a fantasy plot that's been circling in my head for a while now. It's about a nation at the brink of war, but this war would be the first to implement stafftowers, recently developed superweapons that act like giant staves capable of casting spells of immense power.

    I'm fond of the idea, but I'm a terrible GM. Would you like to work with it?
  4. Hm I like the idea. Do you have more details?
  5. Gah, sorry it's taken me so long to reply.

    I'm thinking that there are these two countries that have gotten more and more powerful over the years; they've absorbed smaller neighbors and developed war technology very quickly. Think of two ancient Romes growing into each other's territory. Now they're both after one of the regions between them, and tensions are rising. Each claims they have a better use for the land than the other. Diplomacy is taking a long time, and meanwhile, the residents of the strip of land are preparing to fight back, despite the scary odds. Everyone wants a resolution quickly.

    I haven't thought of too many characters for this idea, mostly because I don't know where it would start/where the focus would be, but I have a few nebulous ideas that I could apply to whatever works best.

    This can be either 1x1 or a group, though I think a group would be better.

  6. I have never done a role play like this before so it might be a little rough for me. I think Simfilan in lion form could fit very well, but we'd be going for high fantasy then, which I love but understand why others might not. However, Madame Ubu is still also very fitting. I am torn for which character, but I suppose it's too early to have a concrete decision anyway.

    A group rp sounds best, I agree. Haven't done a group role play in years - this might be a thread of some experimentation, so bear with me if it takes a bit for me to settle into my character.

    What nebulous ideas did you have? I'm unfamiliar with this sort of territory but will add my thoughts when I think of something.
  7. Yeah, it's definitely high fantasy, though I'm thinking it'll be more about tactics/plotting than adventuring.

    We're in the same boat, then XD So no pressure.

    I had an idea for an orc general who's in charge of commanding the troops guarding one of the stafftowers at the rear lines. He has no great tactical skill, but he's really good at keeping lots of people organized and in line. He is frustrated that he's been, in his eyes, shoved into an unimportant position to keep him out of the way, so he does his job with zeal to get noticed and promoted. He doesn't dare question his superiors, though, because of a strong sense of duty to his country which borders on idealism.

    I'd also like to use one of my already-developed characters, a forest nymph called Najaaomi. She cannot be bothered to give a damn unless her forest is threatened, and said forest happens to be smack in the middle of the disputed territory. She's mischievous and sarcastic, and she never understood or cared for humans' concern about clothing.

  8. I wouldn't mind playing both of the characters then, especially if you are. Will be a neat test of my abilities! I haven't done doubling much. Your characters sound fantastic though, I'm excited. PM me for greater discussion of plot, and invite whoever you would like.