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  1. Heyo! You can call me Angel, and I'm a little new here! Every time I've tried to look for a libertine 1X1, I find a really good one but the partner stops posting after one post, or I can't find any ones that have multiple ideas instead of just one, or it's gay guys/stupid. Anyone, here are my ideas! The ones that are in full caps are the parts I'd prefer to play.

    Angel X HUMAN
    Demon X HUMAN
    Sister X BROTHER
    Sister X SISTER
    Daughter X Single Father
    Roommate X ROOMMATE
    Neko X HUMAN
    Kitsune X HUMAN
    Busty Elf X HUMAN
    School Girl X School Guy
    Master X NEKO
    Neko X MASTER

    I thinks that all! So if you would like to do some of these, please PM me! Only if you are Actively on!
  2. I've kind of got an Angel-Human plot, if you're interested.
  3. You're not interested in any others either?
  4. Not really, I mean, theoretically I could do the school themed plot, but it wouldn't be as good.
  5. I'll listen to the Plot then...PM me it.
  6. Human x Busty Elf?
  7. Well, I've done Nekos and Demons several times but I only got to do an elf once, so I'd like to go for it. I've got a couple different types of elves in mind, but I think I know which one I'll want to use.
  8. Sister x Brother
    I'd like to do that one.
    If you're interested, pm me!
  9. can PM me, as It's my thread.
  10. I'd be interested in the neko x master where you're the master.
  11. I could go with a great many of these plots, we can discuss the details if you'd like via PMs, I'm normally pretty flexible and can come up/add to ideas :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.