Ideas! Anyone interested?



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Not sure if I've ever proposed this RP idea here before or not....anyways

The premise of the first RP idea I have is that it takes place in an alternate world known as Geminus. Geminus is made of of three populated areas and a blocked off fourth. The three known areas are Erat Primoris aka North Sanctum, Est Iam aka West Sanctum, and Ero Permaneo aka East Sanctum. Each area is unique in its own way reflecting three different cultural time differences: Past, Present, and Future. Each area is ran by a Grand Council and the Grand Councils combined are known as a Master Jury. Laws of all of Geminus are created by the Master Jury and to be strictly followed. A fourth area exists known as Caliga, which is a waste land of darkness and evil creatures. It is in Caliga that an ancient darkness that once already destroyed Geminus is rumored to reside. From the destruction of the original Gemina (which was then known as Exordium) a tree of 'life' had been created to bring Gemina back to life. The tree still exists, but is hidden away deep within lore.

So, that is the setting of the RP (I have more indepth descriptions if you are interested). As for the premise of the RP, it will be mostly free ended but the main focus of the RP will be the Great Hidden Darkness Awakening in Caliga and returning to seek revenge and destroy Gemina once and for all. As the Darkness grows, the only hope of stopping it is for the Tree of Life to be found and used against the darkness. Should the darkness find it first though and destroy it, doom is spelled out for the land of Gemina.

anyways...that is the premise of THAT RP....

My other idea was to revive an old RP that i've tried a few times before...but I still like the idea of an RP loosely based off Firefly XD I'm sure some of you remember it. the rag-tag group of mismatched people that make up the crew of a transport ship known as Valiant! This is a time in the future where terra formations support all kinds of life and adventure in space is the norm. However, you can't forget that pesky government and their ploy to 'protect their territory at any costs'. Not to mention there is a ruthless invader who is trying to take over said territories at any cost! AND of course the crew of Valiant as well as others have been drawn into this political fiasco! So will they be th eones to save the day? Or mess everything up?

oooor there is my final rp idea that I really wish had gotten off better last time....does anyone remember So Comes Our Retribution? October 25 2009 threatening notes are sent to political leaders around the world by an entity simply known as The Red Death (TRD). By December a terrible plague has spread across the world killing millions! By January 2010 the world, paranoid, has gone to war in the War of the Red Death. Three years after the war ends, 'our' story starts. We are the survivors of the Red Plague and the War. Our world was destroyed by the plague and war, leaving the wild to take over. The people who were infected with the plague and survived have turned into zombie-like flesh eating mutants, while we once the proud leaders of teh food chain become the normally hunted. Yet despite our sad state, there are people that have survived the fiasco and live on. It is time we found eachother and tried to rebuild the world we once loved. HOwever, the entity known as the Red Death still lingers out there hoping for mankind to end or for a world ran in their view. Sides must be chosen, and decisions made, so what will happen to the future of man kind?

soooo anyone interested in any of them?
I like the last idea the mouht. Fan of Firefly but not really interested in RPing it and the first one I'm not just that interested with, but the last one I'd play.