Ideas and Plot help? (Partners needed as well!!!)

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  1. Hey guys! I'm looking for more roleplays and roleplay partners! And I absolutely love 1x1 RPs!!!

    How I roleplay:
    • -I reply at least once a day, but I'm usually on all day, so I'd prefer someone who can reply often.
    • I've been working on extending my writing to paragraphs but I'm starting to be able to write longer paragraphs and maybe more.
    • -I'm a submissive roleplayer. So I'd like it if you could at least be a little dominant
    • -I like hearing other peoples roleplay plots and using theirs! I have a few of my own ideas but I love working with new things! So feel free to lay some plots on me!!
    • I only play female characters because I have never played a male before and it's easier for me

    What I like:
    • -I looooove romance in my RP's. It's an absolute have. But not all romance.
    • -I absolutely love reading over everything we write so if you can be detailed and try to right long paragraphs. I love reading!
    • -I haven't really tried any type of roleplay other than romance and a little bit of fantasy, so I'm completely open to anything. I'm not picky with my roleplays.
    • Mythical creatures. Mermaids. Romance. Magic
    • Angel x Human
    • Vampire x Human
    • Angel x Demon
    • Arranged marriage
    • Masquerade ball kinda like Romeo and Juliet I guess
    • Human x Demon
    • Your ideas!
    I usually roleplay through PM, it's just easier for me I guess. So if anyone is interested please message me! I'm always on and always looking for people to roleplay with
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