Идеальная тишина (Perfect Silence)(closed)

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    I'll never forget that day, the day the birdsong ceased. The day the animals hushed, and the wind quieted. The day the air was so thick with terror that the very snow beneath our boots didn't dare to crunch, lest it draw out whatever had done this. That day on the Russian Frontier, miles away from civilization.

    Whatever lived in those caves that the scientists unearthed, it was angry. It was hungry. And it thought we tasted good. Worst of all we couldn't hear a thing. Whatever it did to us, we went deaf that day.

    After it was all over, I decided to make a name for that day, and the days of silence that followed as we were stuck out there. It only seemed fitting to name the phenomenon in the language of the land. I called it 'Идеальная тишина'.

    The Perfect Silence.

    It went a little something like this:

    A transport truck pulls up to a scientific basecamp on the edge of the dig site. A man steps out, the Captain of Security Patrol Seven. He pulls the cigarette from his lips and surveys the scene. "Hey, guys, come check this out. The whole bunch of Nerds is missing." he calls to the others in the truck. they start to get out, one from the passenger side, and a few more from the back.
  2. (Ah, she's a little more up beat and cool before we go deaf......)

    "You're right," Alice said in disbelief, jumping out from the passenger's side with a gun in hand, "We really have to get beepers for these brainiacs; this is just like when one of them got lost on his way to get coffee, and we spent three hours looking for him. So what are we gonna do, Captain?"
  3. (Well, I have when we go deaf all planned out. Just wait.)

    The captain took another drag from his cigarette, and looked around. "Well, first, we're going to unload everything. The food, the water, the shelter, the others. Then we'll set up a camp. We're probably going to be here a while, seeing as how we're out of com range and we ran out of fuel." he stuck the cigarette back in his mouth and turned to face the woman. "You would think," he started, rather irritated, "That over the course of a century, they would have improved the fuel supplies for the working class. But no, we're stuck with fuckin' gasoline wheeled vehicles, while the damn bureaucrats in the government buildings are driving around in antimatter powered hovercraft!" he rants, and turns back around. "It's bullshit." Another drag and a pause. " Alright, let's get the shit off the truck and set camp, then send a drone to look for the Nerds." he said, and began walking towards the empty outpost.
  4. Spinner was lounging in the truck. He had been forced to drive by the captain. And now he was freezing his ass off, damn that captain! Damn those Scientists! Going off and getting lost.
    He just wanted to play with his poisons and viruses... its not fair... well he could... play with some of the bosses favorite food.... ad a titch of magnesium would have the boss running for the toilet all day! Hilarious! He resolved to try if he had the chance.
  5. "Aye, Captain," Alice acknowledged, turning towards the back of the truck, "Oi, Spinner! Get you lazy self moving, we've got to unpack the truck!"
  6. Charlie heard Alice's yelling at Spinner from the rear of the truck. She had been in the back freezing as the wind had whipped her face and fingers. Apparently she had been stuck back here for the whole ride over to the base camp to make sure the supplies was safe. "Damn the bloody supplies! I'm freezing!" She thought to herself as she hopped off the truck and tightened the loop holding her gun to her back. Charlie had always hated the cold and look, now she was in the coldest damn place on the planet basically. She nodded at Alice and began the slow process of unloading heavy boxes off the truck and into the blindingly white snow.
  7. " Don't get your knickers in a twist Aliie... Ill do it when I have time..." not that there was much to do at the moment... "Fine." Spinner slowly moved from the drivers seat to the back to start unloading...
  8. Mikhail, the Captain of the team moved to the back of the truck and helped unload everything. "Quit'cher bitching. I'm doing it, too, aren't I?" he said, doing his best to imitate a stereotypical American accent. He laughed heartily, returning to his normal Russian voice.

    After they had everything unloaded and set up, he peered out at the mountains in the distance. "прекрасна." he couldn't help but comment in his native tongue. "Absolutely beautiful." he took another deep breath and turned to the team. "Alright, into the command tent. Alice, get the drone up and running, send it out to look for the Nerds in the snow, maybe they went nuts and wandered off." he ordered. and entered the largest of the tents they had set up.