Идеальная тишина (Perfect Silence)(closed)

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    August 23, 2132, 22nd Century. About a year ago, Archeologists discover ancient artifacts in the frozen tundra in North Russia, just west of Siberia. The security teams warned the archeologists they were digging too deep, they should stop now before something bad happens. Naturally, they didn't listen.

    Then, there was a breakthrough. Literally. The archeology team broke through a layer of the crust, revealing a series of deep underground caves, a sonar scan showed it extended for a few hundred miles outward in every direction. The archeology team entered the caves to explore.

    They didn't come out.

    When the security team got back from picking up supplies, all the scientists were missing, and all the transports destroyed. Worsening matters further, their transport ran out of fuel, and there is none around the camp.

    The archeologists released something that obviously wanted to remain hidden, and had peacefully done so, until now.

    You are part of the security team. All of you are stuck in the frozen wasteland, with only light burlap tents, a heavy transport truck, scientific instruments, small arms and food supplies. You are out of fuel, out of com range, no internet connection. You are cut off entirely from the outside world, with a good 500 miles of open snow and ice between you and the closest human settlement. Your only weapons are typical military-issue combat knives and Glock sidearms outfitted with Roni pistol-Carbine converters.
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    Oh, and before I forget to mention, a bizarre natural phenomenon occurred during the opening of the cave, so you're all rendered entirely deaf.

    Chain of command:
    1st Lieutenant
    1st Sergeant

    CS Skeleton:
    Time in Service:​
    Martial training:​
    If you feel you need to add anything else to further develop your character, go right ahead.​
    All regular rules apply.
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  2. Name: Mikhail Graznichov​
    Rank: Captain​
    Age: 37​
    Nickname: Cap, or Mike​
    Gender: Male​
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    Time in Service: 8 years​
    Martial training: Sambo fighting style​
    History: Mikhail is a freelance guard, a rent-a-cop, if you will. He woks for a company that lends it's employees to people for a price. He is well trained with a keen eye, and always sees his missions through​
    Personality: Loyal, slightly sarcastic, doesn't take shit from anybody.​
  3. Name: Alice Walker
    Rank: 1st Lieutenant
    Age: 29
    Nickname: Hunter
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Time in Service: 9 years
    Martial training: Stealth, enemy detection, close combat, usage of survival knives
    Personality: A rather strict soldier, she's very serious about jobs and was one of the first to strongly suggest that the dig be stopped or delayed. Her newly given lack of hearing has made her a bit on edge. She doesn't like not being able to hear her enemies sneak up on her. However, fortunately, her particular set of skills means that silence is by no means foreign to her. She doesn't joke or kid around, and likes to keep her weapons ready for use.
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  9. Name: Spinner LaRue
    Age: 26
    Nickname: Spinner
    Gender: Male
    Time in Service:8 years
    Martial training: Boxing and Judo, throwing knives , Stealthy, Tech expert, and proficient in poisonous gasses
    History: Was a hacker as a kid, at 18 was caught and forced into the military as a punishment. Was the youngest judo champion having practiced since he was 8. then became proficient in boxing, saw poisons as a physical form of hacking and decided to play with it.
    Personality:Experimental, Sadistic,jerkiness, but knows when to stop (sometimes), but is loyal enough. not above poisoning those he is angry with but he slips them antidote after he feels they have learned their lesson.
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  11. Name: Charlyn Valium
    Rank: !st Sergeant
    Age: 19
    Nickname: Charlie
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/47309000/jpg/_47309575_ribeiro466.jpg
    Time in Service: Going on year three
    Martial training: Tae Kwon Do, Stealth, and sniper abilities
    History: She was raised as a military brat and despite her beauty is quite a fighter. She was put into her martial arts training at the age of five and is now the highest level one can be. She was offered a job as an instructor but turned it down in order to fulfill her father's dream of being in the service. After only two years in she has reached the rank of First Sergeant and is hoping to advance further up the chain of command.
    Personality: Tough, but can be caring, laid back and funny. Most of the time though, she is focused and guarded from distractions
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  12. [MENTION=5349]Jillian Marks[/MENTION]: 'Martial Arts' is a little vague. What specific martial art is she good at? For example, my character is proficient in the Russian fighting style of Sambo.
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  18. Name: Seelie Brannan
    Rank: 1st Sergeant
    Age: 28
    Nickname: 'Kid'
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Rather tall, black shortish hair and mud brown eye's. Pail skin and a pail scar running down his right temple.
    Time in Service: 9 years, youngest soldier to make his rank
    Martial training: spent most of his childhood learning most martial arts there is. Prefer cuapuera
    History: Growing up on the road with his militery father who would go were the work were. He have lived, breath and eated the military life since he were born.
    Personality: Loyal and strong. Sort of childish at times but do not let anyone step on him[​IMG]
  19. Just a note, in the appearance, no apostrophe in 'eyes'. 'eye's' is translated to either 'eye is' or is referring to something belonging to an eye. 'Pail' is a synonym for bucket. 'Pale' is the word you're looking for.

    Also, these mistakes: 'who would go were the work were'. Improper grammar, and wrong 'were'. Should have used 'where'.
    'Eated' is not a word. The word you're looking for is 'Ate'.
    should be 'does', I think.

    Sorry for being a Grammar Nazi, but I was raised to (at least most of the time) have good grammar and spelling, and it bugs me when there are mistakes.

    Besides your grammatical errors, Accepted! Please do try to be more careful with your writing in the actual RP. Go ahead and post!