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  1. This made me laugh so much harder than it should have. XD I'm not sure if it's even right to laugh at all.
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  2. Hairy eyeballs? Sorry, but that would freak me out. lol
  3. i lost it "i created a new member of the ginyu force"

    i immediately started humming their abridged theme song
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  4. Gawd, why you gotta go with the social mainstream norm of beauty? Try somethin nu wuldya.
  5. It has nothing to do with what's socially accepted, hairy eyes are just weird.....o.o


    How would you even know where to look when you talk to them?
  6. O___O

    Is that even real?
  7. You're only saying that because society told you to think that way. *shakes head* You need to open your mind. Everyone can be beautiful. Even people with hairy eyeballs.
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  8. I sure as hell hope not. She must get pink eye like crazy if it is.
  9. I lost it at the same point Raz did.
  10. ... I'm all good with people looking however they want.

    But I wish they'd stop confusing "Freedom to look like I want" with "Everyone finding me attractive".
    No one controls what they're attracted to, stop demonizing them for something they don't control.
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    Wait... Just a few minutes ago he talked about how we shouldn't put a gender on it cause something something something. xD

    I do agree with Gwazi. People have the right to look however they want, but that doesn't mean that others needs to like that look or be attracted to it. Likes and dislikes is decided by our brain, and isn't a part we can control. :9 (That doesn't give anyone the right to be a douche and shout out their disgust of someone else's body right in front of them though.)
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  12. Y'all might be taking things a bit seriously I think. I just posted the video cuz I thought it was funny.
  13. Sssh. There's an important message in there. It is "I CAN LOOK AS FUCKED UP AS I WANT :D" Which is totally right. You go girl! :D
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  14. i particularly like the one with the inverted
  15. I am supremely fond of my potato shaped body. Wouldn't change a thing.
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  16. It is funny. :P
    But once one frequents the internet enough one learns that opinions like his are actually legit, and that there are a lot of people who end up falling for it.
  17. You should learn to stop being super cereal.

    Or else people will sing this song to you...

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  18. My turn to post a video! :D

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  19. Well, Gwazi, you are that stupid.

    So the video fits! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D
  20. Is that a burn?
    Sorry, but burns go right through me.


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