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  1. So Iliana was searching on the internet just cause she can, and stumbled across a beautiful idea, based on an amazing movie. Disregard the movie COMPLETELY. The idea and concept is the same but its awesome.


    A man and his close friend (who is a girl with short hair) are swimming until the man stumbles across a fish of an odd color. He starts to notice that there are several parts of the water that is an off color: purple...yellow...


    He awakes to find himself in a village on an island. The girl he was with has disappeared and he is panicking. Once he exits, he sees a woman look at him. She has strange paint on her face and is holding an intricate staff...her name is Eydis, and she is the Sancture of the island, Buai. The Sancture is a person who holds the responsibility of keeping life into the wildlife of the island by preforming ritual dances and chants.

    The island is going well until the man has entered. His main goal is to find her friend and leave the island, and he is very tech savvy. However, his technology is a toxin to the life of Buai. Unfortunately, Eydis is falling for the man, but also has a responsibility to Buai. So she is tied between the decision of coaxing him to stay with her while tainting the island, or letting him leave to find the girl, and saving the wildlife.



  2. I love the idea Iliana:) I guess the man and Eydis are the characters to be played? Also have you anything against playing the male in that case? Also what movie is it?
  3. Thank you!

    Yes they are and I have no problem playing a dude. It is definitely a challenge.

    You've got me...I don't know the movie either. :[
  4. Too bad the movie seems great:/

    But I'm definitely in if you want:)