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  1. So. Uhm. Yeah... Looking for someone that wants to do a long lasting serious rp. We can discuss ideas in PM or here. Whichever you perfer. I'm open to anything but not explicit sex stuffs.

    heres a sample of my style: (Except that's really short..)
    The few days that Harvey wished would end quickly, did. There was little communication with her neighbor. But none-the-less they still talked. And Harvey wasn't quite sure what she thought of the dog yet. She wasn't exactly friends, but they weren't enemies either. There might be potential with them, but that would not be without difficulties. For obvious reasons, the cat-dog friendships were always uneasy, and iffy.

    Before she knew it her room was decorated, and she felt at home. It was comfy, and homey, and roomy. Harvey was ready for the mission, she anticipated it very much. She trained every day. Going to the training center, doing work-outs in her room. Running, and going for walks. She wanted to get to know the area, and the island. She didn't care much for getting to know anyone else. Sometimes the hallways were loud, sometimes noises could be heard from other rooms, and sure she was curious about what was happening but it did not make her jump right in.

    And what seemed like even sooner, than getting comfortable with the area, she heard the announcement for all ninjas to report to the assembly room. Which she did promptly. Harvey dropped the ball of yarn she was playing with to keep herself occupied, and threw on her ninja clothing and ushered herself to the assembly room, which was not very hard to find because she had seen it many times on her walks and runs. It was simply the building to the left of all the dorms when walking out of the lobby.

    Harvey filed into the already-crowded room, and she tried really hard to find a seat that was as secluded as possible. She sat and waited, staring at the stage. This was the day she had been waiting for.
  2. I would be up to plotting something.
  3. Well, send a pm?
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