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  1. High Fantasy Prohibition anyone?

    Imagine dwarves, gnomes and orcs running an illegal tavern in a "dry" country.
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  2. You already know I'm so in that I've taken moved into the kitchens and caused a riot.
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  3. This sounds so ridiculous it just might work!

    I bet the Prohibition was enforced by religious radicals --- hey, just like the old one! And wouldn't it be terrific if after this roleplay, we got one dealing with a High Fantasy Great Depression? A High Fantasy World War II?

    Also, could there be cat people? Lackadaisy

    But again, I guess I'm in.
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  4. Welp... I found this thang. :I Me and my friend will keep an eye out and what not. But, for sure... I predict that this thread could have a level of shenanigans I've been looking for.
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  5. Haven't forgotten about you all.
  6. I'm not into this myself for rp, but what if you guys themed it off of Dwarf Fortress in some way?

    Dwarf Fortress is already amazing at making stories all by itself and you literally NEED liquor to keep them sane. They don't even need to drink water so long as they have liquor.

    Maybe this tavern hides an entire dwarves fortress that brews all sorts of stuff, and the tavern is a front for their 'illicit wares'.
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