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Hey guys! So here is an idea I was thinking of doing based on the books "wicked lovely" I would love multiple people in on this t get this idea panned out if you're interested. (sorry, TONS of text)

The Universe:
There are 5 fey courts are in a modern setting and live along side humans, through the humans, essentially can't see them. (boy's don't flip, these fairies are human sized with no wings and are just bad ass so don't look this over quite yet!) The court of War is looking to start a huge fight and take over all the other courts, thus, rendering that court all powerful. So the topic will have a lot of military strategy, fighting, bargaining, and etc. And some romance. So it would be the time leading up to the war, during the war and maybe after.

The Winter Court: Is cold, strong, and seemingly emotionless. Here is a quote from the book series I am working off of to give you an idea: "We are the court of balance and hidden beauty. Logic and emotion, calm and fury, death and rebirth all come together in the Winter Court." -Maria, Winter Queen
Winter is largely the court of balance.
Winter fey value loyalty more than the other courts.
Elegant, Graceful, Calm and Serene.
The winter courts opposition is summer.
Characters: The winter court has one queen, so there would have to be a character to fill this role.

The Summer Court: The summer court is all about passion, fun and frivolity. It is known for being very volatile; it is the court of pleasure and passion. Those part of the Summer court are playful, love to party and are known for being the opposite of Winter. In other words, they don't take themselves too seriously.
The summer courts opposition is winter.
Characters: The Summer court has a troubled king who would do anything to make his people happy but has inner turmoil issues.

The Dark Court: Is known for being cruel, selfish, and connect themselves to humans through tattoo's and feed off their negative emotions to gain power. Here is a quote from the book that describes them perfectly. "The Dark Court is where desires rule. Where love is twisted with lust, pleasure with pain; where violence and temptation consume. We suffer the trappings of nightmares and play among the shadows; we are the beauty in darkness." – Zire
The dark court minds their own business and cares little about the others.
Characters: The dark court has one king that is cruel and twisted with lust very often.

The Moon Court: (The one that I am making up and would ideally claim this character for myself.) Is about being strong, dominant, and often get their way. Energetic and obsessed with success and ambition power is very important for a metal feys well being. Persistent and stubborn when they want something, they go for it.
This court often doesn't deal with any of the others and values their independence.
Characters: Moon Queen.

The War Court: Feeds on other peoples pain, loves chaos and conflict. And is sick of peace and want's to have their own power strengthened, by tearing down the other feys courts. Smart, clever, coniving and only plays by their rules. And that causes much blood shed.
Characters: War king and queen.

What do all these courts have in common? They need to stop the court of war from destorying all their people.

I would love for the Dark king and Metal queen to have a love to hate you romance dealio going on.... SO YEA.
There's the possibility of a lot of political maneuvering and intrigue in this idea; it's got the potential to be an epic RP.

How precisely are do the courts interact? Is there a common ground, a meeting place where festivals are held, tournaments are won and deals are brokered? This would be where much of the action in this sort of game would go down; the characters attempting to maneuver around one another politically, each seeking the allies they need and the political dominance their court wants.

How precisely does the War Court go about trying to achieve control over the other courts? Blackmail? Assassinations? Control and influence over the right groups and political figures? I would strongly urge you away from the idea that they've declared outright war on the other courts; if this were the case the other courts would simply unite and crush their common enemy, and if they were strong enough to take on all the others combined then everyone's pretty much screwed already. They're an aggressive court, yes, but aggression takes many forms; the vicious murder of an outspoken courtier to set an example to the rest, or the brutal backroom intimidation and blackmail of a Winter Court official to ensure he tows the line.

If you're wanting a more action-ish part to your plot, consider bringing in some sort of outside threat. This is a world were the fae live in secret amongst humans; what's to say the forest outside the city isn't inhabited by a dragon, or the sea it's harbor is built upon isn't being plagued by a kraken? These are all set-pieces to a great action sequence in your RP.

Also, just as a personal touch, I would suggest changing the War Court's name to the Court of Pain or something similar. Just though it fits more with how you've described them. Court of Wrath might also work.
I am interested! Like I said last night, I just have to think about the role I would play. I like the Winter court, is there anyway I could play the King instead of the Queen? Other wise I could possible take the role of the Summer court King.

Also, Grumpy brings up a good point about the War court, I think you should roll with that. Having them be a highly underhanded, dirty and evilly manipulative organization would add some intriguing aspects to the game! Maybe, in order to weaken those that potentially oppose them, they turn two of the other courts against each other? And while everything else is going on you have two courts caught in a war, this is until they find out who is behind it of course. Mwahahah.
Grumpy: Thanks! I thought the same thing, the political dynamic could be fantastic.


How precisely are do the courts interact? I think it would make sense for each court to have an area that embodies what they rule, so a home or loft where they can essentially live. AND a place that is considered neutral territory. Neutral territory could be a specific field or it could just be any space outside of their home they essentially need to watch their backs. (unless for example it's summer or winter then that court will inevitably have the advantage.) I'm open to suggestions.

How precisely does the War Court go about trying to achieve control over the other courts? In the books (now i don't want it to follow the books exactly, the book was just a framework. I really wan't thsi to become it's own entity and fun plot!) War kills the people of the courts nobility rules over, and in the dark courts case killed his brother which caused some real issues. Also, an issue in the books is war is convincing subjects of other courts to change sides. So they are loosing people both to death and to simple court switching and manipulation. So we could go with that, or I am open to ideas. :)

Well, there could be an outside issue such as animals starting to run wild and cause issues in the human world as a reflection of the issues going on in fey? I dunno. Open to ideas!

An idea: How about this, I do already think that having them be completely cruel, underhanded, and heartless evil is great, what as the direction I was thinking of going in. How about this: The court of war can't start a fight themselves (That being a huge weakness) another court aside from them has to declare war before one can officially begin. (which could cause some inward conflict between the other courts even though war is really who they have to worry about.)

Another Idea I had: Having a metal court seemed unfair since that is ALL fey's weekness. So I changed it to Moon. But I was thinking a way evening the field with a Metal court is that the metal court consists of humans who have little supernatural gifts. And having that nobility be human in comparison I think would even the field. But I am aslo cool with just changing it from metal to moon.
October: Sure! We can change the winter from a queen to a king. I'm not in opposition to that. :)
Cold, Strong and seemingly emotionless! I'll take the Winter court! And yes I would much rather play a male character, so the king it is.