Idea- Supernatural Police (open to changes)

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  1. I have a little bit of plot planned out, but more in the way of characters.

    Both of our characters would be supernatural police / enforcers of some sort. The way I envision it, they would take care of cases involving the supernatural world, such as murders committed by a vampire or the trafficking of dragon parts, while hiding the supernatural elements from the public eye.

    I'm planning on my character being somewhat older, around 27ish. I'm still deciding on how he would be supernatural; probably teleportation, illusions, or something like that. In personality, he'll be jaded and sick of his job.

    By contrast, I'd prefer your character to be a little younger, and fill the role of a new trainee. You can have whatever background you like, be it a rich kid or a street urchin, but I'd want him/her to have a brighter and more enthusiastic personality.

    There can be romance, but there doesn't have to be; I'm fine with mxm or mxf.

    In terms of plot, I'm still mulling over it. If you have any ideas, just throw them out there! :) Feel free to PM me with any questions or comments as well.
  2. I'm definitely interested in this. Are you thinking that our guys are humans with powers, or could they be anything? And how would they come to this job? Is it something that runs in families, is it well known in the supernatural community or does some random guy just turn up and give you the job?
  3. Cool! I'm glad to see some interest.

    I was thinking they could be anything- seems like there are more possibilities that way, and it makes more sense with the situation.

    In terms of jobs, I was thinking that most people would get in through referral or nomination, while a few "nobility" type people would be part of families that traditionally took care of it, with strong talents that ran in the families too.
  4. Okie dokie. I'll have a think about a character, and get back to you.
  5. All right, sounds good!
  6. This is indeed interesting. A good idea with a lot of potential.
  7. [MENTION=4262]Arcadia[/MENTION]- Want to message me about doing a similar one? I'd suggest a group RP, but I feel like someone would get stuck as a third wheel, or get left behind in posts. ^^
  8. *Nods.* I also agree with the idea.
  9. [MENTION=2430]Gicofokami[/MENTION]- If you want to do a similar one, feel free to message me! Anyone else can do the same, haha.

    //Looks like I won't be facing a dearth of RPs anytime soon. :)
  10. Maybe I will.