Idea garnering/Interest Check: Dieties



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Alright, so I had an idea for a fantasy world, but I haven't had any specific ideas for a plot to run an RP in this world on yet. I think a fairly generic plot would do if the characters are interesting enough.

There are a lot of involved rules and such to clarify things, but here's the gist of it: Begin with a world where humans are the only sentient things, very much like ancient earth or such. For some unknown reason, humans gain the ability to create and empower gods with their faith; said gods live in a separate plane but become self-aware and whatnot, and grant those humans who worship them magical powers. Now let's say that stuff happened many, many centuries ago.

The present-time setting of the world has an absolute plethora of gods that humans could choose to worship, as a new god is created every time someone truly believes that god to exist. gods also cease to exist when they have no followers, and can be killed, but both events are fairly rare. The extent of what a god can do for a person is limited by the god's power/theme, and the level of the human's faithfulness to that god and how long that individual human has been worshiping the god. But in general, gods can give humans magical powers of all kinds imaginable, and can alter the shape of a human from just making a small mark on them to completely changing their physiology.

The important thing to understand about this premise is that almost all gods, to attract followers, give their followers powers. Even brand-new followers of a god have some extent of power granted.

How many different things there can be gods of, and how many different appearances and types of gods there are, are limited only by human imagination, so there are quite a few creative things that could happen, and should this RP have enough interest to be started I'll expect some creative stuff. Some gods can even be "collective", a number of gods who are worshiped and grant power as one; and of course gods need not be humanoid.

Just for an example of how awesome this whole idea could be, let's say there was a god of gluttony, a god whose followers praise him or her by eating a whole lot. Well, that god obviously wouldn't want his followers to risk puking after a binge or dying of heart attacks, so the powers he would grant his followers would be things like a bottomless stomach that allows them to eat endlessly, and then some circumvention of normal human metabolism, quite possibly transferring unneeded nutrients and sugars and fats into a sort of magical repository that the worshiper can then draw from. Essentially followers of this god would gain the ability to temporarily boost their energy and strength as a mere byproduct. Perhaps the most faithful of followers would gain something of an iron stomach, become able to eat all kinds of things and not get sick or hurt by them.