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  1. The idea is that you play a monster girl or catgirl or some other humanoid being. Your character's being sold s a slave, and you're bought by this intimidating-looking rich guy who takes her home to a large house. Obviously, this isn't looking good for your character, considering that this is the kind of society where her kind are bought and sold like watermelons.

    But hold the phone for a minute there, folks!

    Turns out the guy is a father, and his son's about the same age as your character. He needs to make friends, and not in the "I don't get out much but I still have friends and everything's cool" way. I mean in the "This kid doesn't go outside and looks so pale he puts snow to shame, mum is scared for his wellbeing" way. Thing is, he likes studying things that aren't considered normal by humans, and as monster girls/catgirls/whatever are still being studied, he's sure to take an interest in the house's new slave.

    The parents agree to treat you as fairly and justly as possible, but on one condition - you do everything you can to make friends with him. He may make some demands here and there, but he doesn't seem like the kind of person that would force someone into sex. If anything, I'll make him seem like the kind of person who gets too scared about doing it to actually get erect enough to.

    Obviously, they'll go outside, but he'll have to treat her like a slave there. How hard this is, is dependant on what you're comfortable with. Not talking out of turn as far as you go? That's fine, I'll go with that. Willing and wanting to walk on all fours, head kept down, not speaking unless spoken to? That's fine. Just make sure to tell me.

    Shoot me a PM if you're interested. I request that you check your spelling and grammar beforehand. I don't like turning down people, but I'm not afraid to if your message looks like someone mashed their face on a keyboard and hit "send".

    If you made it this far, thanks. It's appreciated.
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  2. I'm In! So should we just jump in er something?
  3. Why did I not see this sooner. Would have wanted in in this.
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