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  1. So i have gained enough confidence to start and make my own roleplay lately, (Despite the fact people might be put off by my not good grammar v_v).

    So here's the idea.

    Idea #1 (open)

    The lands have been in peace ever since The Pridelanders and Outlanders have merged into one thanks to Kiara and Kovu. And of course soon enough the young couple became the new king and queen. Kiara gave birth two male cubs Chaka And Imani. Chaka looked a lot like Kovu to say the least and Imani looked more like Kiara.
    Fast forward to when they were adolescents, Kiara was having her second litter of cubs but something went wrong when she was giving birth in which resulted in her cub's and her death. Kovu was devastated enough so that he left without a word that night.
    With their parents both gone, Chaka and Imani began fighting over who will be the king, half of the pride wanted Chaka to be the king and the other half Imani. Ultimately Imani wont that fight and banished not only his brother but those who are loyal to him also which was pretty half of the pride, Chaka decided to stay in the elephant graveyard along with his currently formed pride.
    And now the two brothers are adults and the two prides have constant skirmishes with each other which usually involve Chaka's pride hunting in the pridelands and pretty much trespassing all together. And the tension isn't getting any better and some point this might end in a all out war similar to what happened with the Outlanders and Pridelanders only this time, peace wont be an answer.​

    So what do you guys think? anything i should add or remove?

    In the mean time i also have another idea that is a "what if" scenario. (Which i personally prefer over idea #1)

    Idea #2 (open)

    What if Simba never returned to the pridelands? and what if he died along with Mufasa?, or ran away with Nala and start a new pride far away from his home?.

    Scar would have remained as king of course, and the pride would remain in its sorry state at least until the rains come but even then the pride would need to move or starve.

    This one is basically open to a lot of ideas and such, i would really like it if this manage to become a actual roleplay.

  2. I really like idea #1, though idea #2 is probably my favorite. I loved Scar, he is my eternal favorite Disney character. The main idea of the plot for #2 is still rough, but that's how a lot of them start out. I would be up for either of the plots, they both have a lot of potential.

    And as for your grammar, it's a lot better than a lot of people I went to high school with. I think your grammar is really good and you should not be discouraged from making any rp.
  3. Aw thanks c: though at least it wasn't as bad as it was in 2012 *cringe*.

    I'm thinking idea #2 would mainly focus around conflicts within the pride such as Scar refusing to kick out the hyenas and or temporarily move to a new land so everyone wouldn't starve and also he could get a desirable male heir that isn't born small and sickly.

    In the meantime the younger members of the pride (Vitani and Nuka) are busy having fun/causing trouble on their own.
  4. You have amazing ideas, and I would love to play as one of Scar's cubs, most likely female. That's why I love idea #2 the most. Scar is just so much fun to have as a character in any story.
  5. You can play Vitani ;p. I didn't say i was going to play all the canon characters.
  6. Oh, I would love to play the canon characters, but I was wondering if I could have one of my own characters as well. If not, then I absolutely adore Vitani! She's so fun and rebellious.
  7. Anyone can make as many characters as they want (If they aren't npc's you must keep them active though). So you can have both Vitani and a OC.

    In the meantime you can play Scar also if you want.

    I also hope more people are interested before making the OOC thread and hopefully this doesn't flop like a fish. Knowing my luck it probably will.
  8. I can play my favorite character in Disney history. I feel absolutely giddy about this.
  9. Ok lets go back to actual plotting XD.

    I'm thinking that a unknown rogue lioness with a cub snuck into the pridelands thinking it would be the perfect place to raise her cub but soon learned that its not the paradise that it was before.

    And of course that said cub is Kovu.
  10. I love idea 2, but I have some questions:
    1) is this going to be an anything goes RP? Like accepting birds and tigers and all that stuff?
    2) Are the fur colors going to be lion king realistic or colorful fluorescent crazy?
    3) Is there going to be a fight system in place, because some lion king rpers tend to be young and unwilling to not power play even in play fighting.
  11. Only accepting lions and maybe even leopons but that's about it though i may allow someone to sign up as a bird to be a majordomo.

    Fur colors are not going to be realistic considering the lion king has red maned lions and such. Character appearances would still be lion king style however i'm not gonna allow a character that requires sun glasses to look at.

    I think we'll use the dice system but i don't quite know how to use that yet so i am unsure what to do on that part.
  12. Leopons?
    Edit: Nevermind I looked it up.
  13. *Poof* Hello!! Always up for a lion king roleplay.
  14. I like idea 2 way better, but if you want idea two then im okay with it.
  15. And BTW, would it be alright if for the second idea I played Kovu and an OC or two? I love Kovu, he's friggen adorable!! *aheam* And, you know, he's manly and fierce and stuff like that... But he's still pretty adorable, I have to say.
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  16. Ooh and if no one is playing Scar, may I?
  17. Sure but i think @Ichigo wanted to play Scar too.

    Of course :).

    Ok so if no one plays Zira i'l play her and Nuka and a few OC's.
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  18. I have no qualms if someone else plays Scar.

    Also, I have a long list of characters that were in the books/comics and movies, some have fan-given names, but they are all characters that are canon. Some are related, so I can let people know that too, or they can just be used as NPCs to help with moving the story on or to have as extra drama.
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  19. Can you post a list of them ? thought i would like it if they could fit in the Scar's reign timeline.
  20. Yeah, I even have their ages at the time of his reign. I also have listed their gender, relatives, and if they were Pridelanders or Outlanders.

    Taka (Scar) - Male
    Sarafina (Pridelander) - Female (Children: Mheetu)
    Sarabi (Pridelander) - Female (Sisters: Diku, Naanda, and Dwala)
    Diku (Pridelander) - Female (Sisters: Sarabi, Naanda, and Dwala)
    Dwala (Pridelander) - Female (Sisters: Sarabi, Naanda, and Diku; Children: Mtoto and Maliaka)
    Naanda (Pridelander) - Female (Sisters: Sarabi, Diku, and Dwala; Children: Kura)
    Tama (Pridelander) - Female (Children: Timira)
    Zira (Outlander) - Female (Children: Nuka and Vitani)
    Kovu's Mother (Outlander) - Female
    Bayajicho (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Chakavu, Vilelepua, and Madoa; Children: Duma, Chui, and Kaidi)
    Chakavu (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Bayajicho, Vilelepua, and Madoa; Children: Sunguru and Matoto)
    Vilelepua (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Bayajicho, Chakavu, and Madoa; Children: Zuripua and Kiume)
    Madoa (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Bayajicho, Chakavu, and Vilelepua; Children: Umeme, Miiba, and Moshi)
    Kongwe (Outlander) - Female (Children: Dunia and Aminifu)
    Jini (Pridelander) - Female
    Kura (Pridelander) - Male
    Timira (Pridelander) - Female (Mother: Tama)
    Kula (Pridelander) - Female
    Jali (Pridelander) - Female
    Cheza (Pridelander) - Female
    Mheetu (Pridelander) - Male (Mother: Srafina)
    Aminifu (Pridelander) - Female (Sister: Dunia; Mother: Kongwe)
    Dunia (Outlander) - Female (Sister: Aminifu; Mother: Kongwe)
    Matoto (Outlander) - Female (Sister: Sunguru; Mother: Chakavu)
    Sunguru (Outlander) - Female (Sister: Matoto; Mother: Chakavu)
    Kiume (Pridelander) - Female (Sister: Zuripua; Mother: Vilelepua)
    Zuripua (Outlander) - Female (Sister: Kiume; Mother: Vilelepua)
    Umeme (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Miiba and Moshi; Mother: Madoa)
    Miiba (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Moshi and Umeme; Mother: Madoa)
    Moshi (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Miiba and Umeme; Mother: Madoa)
    Duma (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Chui and Kaidi; Mother: Bayajicho)
    Chui (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Duma and Kaidi; Mother: Bayajicho)
    Kaidi (Outlander) - Female (Sisters: Duma and Chui; Mother: Bayajicho)
    Nuka (Outlander) - Male (Sister: Vitani; Mother: Zira)
    Boga (Pridelander) - Female
    Maliaka (Pridelander) - Female (Brother: Mtoto; Mother: Dwala)
    Mtoto (Pridelander) - Male (Sister: Maliaka; Mother: Dwala)
    Kura (Pridelander) - Male (Mother: Naanda)
    Kovu (Outlander) - Male
    Vitani (Outlander) - Female (Brother: Nuka; Mother: Zira)

    Pictures of all the Lions/Lionesses in order of the list above, exactly:
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