Idea? every one awnser please


That guy named Ed

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I was thinking maybe we could have a characther battle?
Like a person will post up the characthers info, Bio, discription, powers, personality, past, etc. and the administators and community could vote wich characther wins this battle.
What dose the community think?
That sounds like a fun idea!

You could actually post something like that in the Challenges forum with a poll. :D Get a couple people to send you submissions and then be the "battle host" to create the thread?
how should i get the submission from people? and do i post it up as one on one or group?
Sounds like fun. Group maybe? don;t know either.
it sounds reasonable but i need to figure out how wich charathers will be randomly chosen
Since it's just going to be a battle of Bio vs Bio, i think it would be best to post it up in Challenges, asking people to post their Bios in the thread. Then you can start poll threads in the challenge forum for people to vote on?

Maybe have a time limit for people to submit their bios, and then pair them up two by two, in voting polls until you get the final two winners for the ultimate poll showdown. XD
Sorry to ask but can you show me how to becuase im stil sort of a newbie to this site and Rp
Well, the Challenges forum is just a forum like this one, so it posts a topic the exact same way. (It's the forum under General Chatting) When you want to post a poll with your topic, there's some options below the text box when posting a new thread. :D You just check the box that says you want to post a poll with it, then when you hit "post" it'll let you make the poll.
last thing, how should i present this to people? :o
As neatly as possible? .__.

XD I dunno, how about sending me a Mock Up thru PMs and let you know if it looks good and explains stuff for everyone?
allright allright allright ill send u it in a bit becuase im a bit slow when it comes to large paragrphs