Idea! Come At Me ! :)

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  1. I'm not sure if I have the mature info stuff right. But anyways... lol ..

    Idea: Your character has been kicked out of their house and has begged their friend can they stay. Well the friend says no and such and trying to discuss it all. My character... my very attractive character has offered her home to your character.. the house is very large and very beautiful. My character has offered to take care of your character and treat them right on every level. But there's a few rules that your character would have to follow to be able to stay. .

    If you're willing to discuss more; reply below or pm me and I shall get to you quickly as possible.

    **First come, first serve this plot and I'll come up with something else for anybody else that might want to do something similar.**

    -I only play females, FxF or MxF
  2. Hiya Nikkole, I'm interested in your idea and willing to discuss more - if you'll have me, I'd be glad to rp with you. :fluffy:
  3. Sure! Feel free to pm !