IDD: Institute of the Demented and Deranged (putputters X ECN)

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  1. Entras looked at his watch with eyes like daggers. Today would be the first day of school at IDD, the Institute of the Demented and Deranged. The onyx-haired male wasn't really too crazy. Well, not when he was conscious of his actions anyway. Being not human -anymore- made it harder to control himself sometimes. Standing with his luggage at his side, he used telekinesis to move the suitcase beside him as he began walking to school. He couldn't really hold things per say, but he was used to using non-physical means to do things he wanted to do. Only crossing streets when the light was green, helping the people who were lost by giving them directions to their destined location, and picking up trash as he came across litter. He was only doing what a good ex-human should do. Then again, a lot of people were a bit frightened -well, mostly all of them ran away if they didn't fall down, frozen from fear- when they saw him. Seeing as he was a ghost, of course he wouldn't be so welcomed by normal people. Sometimes he forgot he wasn't human anymore, because after learning how to use his current state of -for lack of better word- living to his advantage, he felt more confident about being able to somewhat live again. As he looked at himself in the window of a passing car, he frowned at his image. A transparent figure of himself reflected itself back to him. He stopped for a moment before swishing his hands through each other, confirming his lifelessness. "I don't even know why I bother," he simpered. He continued walking to school with his luggage (ghosts have things they need too!) and checked in at the main office after walking through the massive area past the entrance of the school.

    At the main office, a pretty lady gave him his schedule, map, and dorm room number. The woman was really beautiful, but knowing that this wasn't a normal school, he looked curiously at the lady for something wrong with her. He couldn't tell what was off about her but then realized -when she turned around and walked to the printer- that the bottom half of the lady didn't exist. The bottom of half of her was a man's... No, it's not what one would think when hearing that sentence. What Entras saw was a thin man wearing the upper half hide of a woman. Wearing the torso of a beautiful woman, the zipper at her back shone in the light. Entras' face cringed as the "woman" smiled at him. He nervously smiled back and went on to exploring the campus. He noticed a lot of... Strange people. Just because he was dead didn't mean he was used to seeing inhuman beings. So every time some sort of disturbing person passed by him, he held his breath.
  2. As a bus arrives with several children, one could easily tell that these were not the normal type of children…there were some horns, fur, sometimes wings, others tendrils and probably a bull head or 2 dog heads around somewhere, these were either mutants or supernatural beings.
    A scream echoed as a girl cried, a strange lightning bolt went right under her passing in between her legs and flipping her skirt up. From the electricity a strange creature lacking legs and arms laughed, he was covered in an aura of light blue electricity that formed strange and long arms and legs, he giggled as the girl yelled and tried to insult him however with no result as he was giggling and then shot in her direction with his arms opened wide to “hug” her, she understood the danger and ducked. He flew right above her and laughed before flying away.

    At the gate, by only having his feet for means of transportation, a guy wearing a gray shirt jeans and a coat with a hood over his head looked at the facility around, he seemed human in most of his physical form except for the several scars all around his face he nearly looked like a ragdoll. With a depressed and bored sigh he walked inside cracking his neck, he looked at a paper sheet as he continued on deciding he should probably head to the main office, in there he could see the strange woman, he shrugged off the uniqueness of the strange creature and was handed the key, map and schedule. He headed outside grasping his only bag and fixing it so the heavy object wouldn't be as uncomfortable to take as he looked through the map.
  3. With his schedule floating beside him and his map floating in front of him, he searched for the dorm building. He was in Dorm Building C, Room C-6. Trying to avoid having to walk around with his luggage all day, he speedily zipped through the crowds and ran into his appointed dorm building. He walked around like a typical new student, with eyes in every direction, searching for where he was supposed to be. As he found his dorm room number, he noticed there was a small whiteboard on the door to C-6. Assuming it was for identifying who lived in that dorm room, he used his telekinesis to write his name on it with the black dry-erase marker, Entras Synsical. As he put his things in the drawers on the side of the room he decided he'd take up, the air was filled with random floating items. "What exactly would a ghost need things for?" one might ask. Well, Entras didn't have a body, but found out through extensive research (paranormal television shows and wikipedia) that as a ghost, he could possess soul-less items. Occasionally, he could possess living beings too, only during certain circumstances. So the items in his suitcase were, apart from school stuff and sentimental things, objects he could possess. He had a large, fluffy teddy bear, a small remote-controlled helicopter, a small remote-controlled monster truck, a 12-inch wooden mannequin that artists used to help them draw human figures, and lastly a small remote-controlled black widow. He "placed" those the bear on his bed and the other toys on top of his drawers. He slid his suitcase under his bed and "sat" on the edge of his bed. Entras wondered what his roommate would be like, since there were 2 people assigned to each room, according to the orientation.
  4. The strange scarred boy looked through the map to find his dorm...C-6 apparently...He walked into the building however he noticed there was a small whiteboard on the door and it had something in it "Entras Synsical". He groaned, he had to share a room with some random "person", just great...He walked in not even bothering to even attempt to notice if there was anyone inside, he dragged his heavy bag towards the vacant bed and dropped his bag inside. He looked through the things he had in it as if searching what items he could have, as he searched the sound of metal could be heard a lot as if his bag was filled with metallic like objects like blades or something.

    Gizmo was flying around and causing trouble laughing, however he suddenly finds himself caught in wires and yanked down to the ground. The wires burn his skin as he winces, a man with black hair and glasses with yellow lens looks upon him, this man was formally dressed but the large purple flame coming from the back of his head reveals he was something more. "Have you acquired your dorm room and schedule? I would recommend you to do that immediately...We wouldn't want you to received a SEVERE punishment on your first we?" Gizmo shuddered, there was something on this man that stricken fear on him, he shacked his head and got up as the wires disappeared. The man had his hands behind his back having a small smile on his face, Gizmo gave a tiny smile and got up before flying away as quickly as possible. Maybe playing a bit for their rules would be a good idea just in case...for a tiny bit of time.
  5. Entras, currently possessing the foot-tall drawing mannequin, looked at the guy who just walked into the room. He hopped off of the drawer, onto the bed, and then off onto the floor. Making tiny clack sounds as he walked towards the other guy, he climbed up onto the other male's bed and said, "Hello!" As he got a closer look at his new roommate, he noticed that the guy had a lot of scars, and according to the sound in his bag, probably a lot of knives too. He wondered how the other guy got like that. Sort of rag-dolly anyway. He looked like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Maybe like Sally's distant cousin or something. "Do you know Sally?" he said, sitting on the edge of his roommate's bed, kicking his polished wooden legs. The drawing model was perfect for him to possess, it virtually had no features and the mannequin was flexible, capable of being in several positions and having "joints".
  6. A strange tiny clacking sound filled the room, closing his eyes he attempted to concentrate on what he searched. He removed some clothes and put them under the bed thinking that it would be a temporary place before he’d find a good place to put them in. After that he removed some folders, and three black notebooks, he run his fingers through the covers thinking but stopped as he heard something, looking at the bed he saw a one foot tall strange figure, like a wooden figure that artists normally use when wishing to try to use a good pose or something. The figure seemed animated and was able to move around…no…it was not with magic that it was animated so it was not a golem. He closed his eyes and twisted the metallic screw bolt on the side of his head as he took a deep breath and resumed to arrange his different items as he cataloged to himself describing what he assumed his room mate was.
    “Polterghiest like phantom with the usual ability to possess non-living beings, mores specifically a very short wooden figure, choice of item to possess is highly probably due to lack of capacity to touch physical matter normally or having difficulty in doing so. Subject might have joined this Institute due to lack of other place to go or possible wish to attempt to finish studies. Possibility of possessing a wooden figure might be due to artistic traits or possible childish behavior.” He didn't bother to glance to the puppet nor even care if it heard him cataloging and describing his own thoughts about the person in his presence, the puppet however mentioned someone named Sally, which at this he only answered “Be more descriptive. That is an extremely vague question.”
  7. As he listened to his new roommate analyzing him, he suddenly felt a bit too aware of the other person's presence. It'd been a while since someone hadn't run away from him, more or less actually live with him. "S-S-Shut up..." he grumbled, embarrassed because the deductions coming from the other male's mouth were rather close to reality. Entras was surprised when the ragdoll male didn't know who Sally was. "Sally! She looks just like you! Stitches, stitches everywhere, body parts falling, here and there," he laughed, his wooden shoulders shaking as he slapped his thigh, a small knock quietly dissipated into the air. He went on, "She's kind and wonderful, very nice and beautiful! And she's in love with a cynical skeleton man! Her voice is pretty too!"

    Entras sat still, not moving his legs and just looking in the general direction of his roommate, "Do you have a skeleton girlfriend? Can you sing well? What's your name? Why are you here? Do your body parts come off?" After bombarding his new acquaintance with questions, he finally introduced himself, "I'm Entras Synsical! I've been a ghost for a little while." Entras left the container for his spirit and moved the doll back onto the dresser near his bed using telekinesis. Smiling an awkward smile, white teeth contrasting his tan/beige skin, and ruffling a hand through his refreshingly short, black hair, Entras returned to sitting at the edge of his own bed. His translucent body slightly fell into the bed, cutting off his midsection between his torso and his thighs and below.
  8. "By your wish for me to be quiet...I am right, is it not?" he smirked noticing the stuttering of the room mate. The puppet wasn't quiet for long and started to make a vague detailed profile about this..."Sally". Closing his eyes again and twisting his bolt he thought, then looked at it rising eyebrow...Stitches, body parts falling, kind, nice, love with a skeleton man...

    "If you are referring from the animated Frankenstein monster ragdoll adaption to the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, you must be quite childish to the point of believing fictional characters to be true." He shook his head annoyed, all that he needed...a childish (un)dead kid that believes in fictional characters, what's next? Questions about the Easter Bunny and Santa? The ghost was not yet done...he started to bombard him with questions, they were mostly off set and still referring to the description that he gave of Sally. He just sighed least the ghost gave its name...Entras Synsical...the name on the board in the door had that, probably it was his name...or was it?

    "If you must really know here are the answers to your questions. No I do not wish to waste my precious time with something as pathetic as a "Girlfriend", even less the idea of a Skeleton for a partner is absolutely idiotic and stupid, I'd enjoy to know who is the idiot that finds the lack of organs or flesh material on a bone structure the least bit attractive. No, I can not sing at all. My body parts do not fall at all. I have arrived to this facility to be able to learn as much knowledge as possible. And as for my name...Its just E.C.N."
  9. The black-haired male made a "ugh" sound as his new roommate used his own line against him. As he watched E.C.N. twist the bolt on his head, he looked curiously at the action, wondering why E.C.N. needed to do that. Recall information maybe? He shrugged. Once E.C.N. made a comment about Entras being childish, Entras' face turned into one of complete disbelief and the corners of his open-mouthed frown seemed to reach all the way down to touch the bottom of his chin.

    The expression completely disappeared as anger appeared on his face, eyebrows furrowed and lips closed together with slightly puffed cheeks, as if he had medium-sized marshmallows in his mouth. "So what if I watch children's movies and happen to really like the characters?! I know she's fake, but you and I don't seem to be so real either..." he looked down at his transparent body for a few moments. Staring at E.C.N., he said with a strange expression, "Girls are soft and smell nice, it's not bad to have a girlfriend. And Skeletons deserve love too!"

    A smile returned onto his face as he heard his roommate say he couldn't sing, "We have to go out to karaoke then! And it's good that your body parts don't fall off, I wouldn't be able to pick them up," he moved his hands through each other, showing his lack of a physical body. "I came to learn too! And make friends. Nice to meet you, E.C.N., let's have a good school life together, 'kay?" His grin widened as he used his mental powers to move his large teddy bear over to shake hands with the other male.
  10. He crossed his arms as Entras showed himself. E.C.N. closed his eyes shaking his head and corrected his spectral room mate "There is nothing wrong with watching children's movies nor liking the characters. Believing the characters are real its a completely different thing. A skeleton like Jack Skellington could not live for long due to the bones be completely out of proportion...then again...its impossible for any Re-Animated Skeleton to live on its own without any flesh tissue, brain or heart, unless of course magic is being used to animated it and still it would not be able to have thoughts, will and emotions of its own due lacking of brain to be able to process such information."

    Entras then said something related to the female body...E.C.N. leaned back thinking "Yes...They do have a soft body...And their smell is only nice to the surface. Deep down its just as rotten and stinky as the blood and guts that they spill once you bring to surface that hides beneath their rose scented skin. Everything is very pretty with some make up and perfume...once you expose the ugly bones...well...that's highly different. And like I said before, Re-Animated Skeletons could not live nor move on their own without the ability to use magic and the lack anything similar to a brain to develop feelings."

    Entras still tried to be friendly...interesting how this being was attempting to be positive, but is quite notable that he barely knew the nature of this place "'Institute of the Demented and Deranged ...very poor choice of place to look for a friend. But if you think you can...we will see if you can find the correct people to be your friends..." E.C.N. smirked lightly and shake the hand of the teddy bear that Entras presented him with to attempt physical contact.
  11. The black-haired ghost felt anger bubbling from deep within him. Or was it more like the feeling of irritation instead? Probably the latter. His roommate was too logical, too... Science-y? "You really need to live some more, E.C.N." Entras said, feeling simultaneously confused and agitated by the "smarty pants" responses and explanations E.C.N. had given him. Listening to his roommate talk, most of it going out his ear as he stood there with a blank expression, he regained focus once E.C.N. mentioned I.D.D. being a bad place to make friends. His eyebrows furrowed as he moved the bear back to its original spot, "Well, even in prison, people have friends to hang out with. So I figured even this school would be somewhat similar."

    "Say, do you want to tour the school with me? Maybe we can meet some potential new buddies to have fun with? We can play sports or go on group dates with some girls together!" the ghost grinned, feeling extremely excited about the fantasies of a wonderful school life and a possible girlfriend. His excitement accidentally set off his electronics, the remote-controlled toys spun out of control: the spider walking in circles, the truck driving crazily, and the helicopter bumping into the wall repeatedly. When he noticed what he was doing, he stopped his thoughts to calm himself down before he broke something. Simpering, he asked, "So, what do you say? Wanna check out the school? Maybe we can take a look at our classes today before school starts tomorrow?"
  12. Even though E.C.N. tried to make his best to make his explanations less offensive and as more simple to follow as possible it seemed the ghost still got irritated, E.C.N. believed that probably even somewhat insulted with it. At least is what his expression seemed to say to the Human Ragdoll, even though Entras was still quite friendly and very positive. "You are quite positive for someone that is dead...keep holding yourself to that...It is an interesting and unique characteristic."

    However Entras positiveness started to grow again, he was inviting E.C.N. with the possibility of going to a tour through the school and maybe meet potential "buddies" to have fun with and maybe even go on dates with girls. This thought started to make the objects that belonged to the ghost go insane and move around as if possessed, fortunately Entras noticed his mistake quick enough and corrected it by calming down his objects. E.C.N. just sighed closing his eyes and twisting the bolt on his head thinking "Very well...I accept the possibility of a tour through this place might as well know the facility where I'm studying. But listen and listen well, specter...I am here to learn and study, to gather as much knowledge as possible. I am not here to fool around and have 'buddies' or 'girlfriends'...Understand?"
  13. Entras shrugged, "Well, when you're dead, you realize all of the mistakes you made in life. I wasn't living life to the fullest when I was alive, but at least I can make up for that in death." He waved his hand in the air, opposite of the position of the hand in a "come here" motion, brushing off the fact that he was a ghost who'd rather stay grounded on the earth than move on and go into "the light". "Speaking of which," the black-haired figure looked curiously at E.C.N., "have you ever died before? You don't seem to have a naturally long lifespan for a somewhat-human human." The scars he saw all over his roommate's visible body hinted at the answer he figured he might get.

    Nodding at what E.C.N. was saying up until the whole "I'm not here for fun, but for learning" part, he began shaking his head, laughing. "Regular ol' goody-two-shoes, huh? Analytical, strict about discipline for yourself, and doing things only if they're useful to you," he fell backwards as he laughed, falling through the bed a bit before pulling himself up. Hopping onto his feet, he threw his arm through E.C.N. at an attempt to throw it around his roommate's shoulder. His smile widened from his failure as he scratched his head absentmindedly with his hand. "I kinda forgot that that doesn't work so well. Let's go, E.C.N.? Grab the map you got from the 'lady' at the front desk, yeah?" he threw his arms up into the air, chanting "Less go, less go, less go" as he walked through the door and waited for E.C.N. . "Less go" was his favorite way of saying "let's go" instead of "leggo", which he used often a few years back.
  14. Entras was still fooling around and tried to even push him, however his hands just went through E.C.N.'s body. Entras was quite excited with the tour, however his question was formulating over E.C.N.'s mind, for quite a while...this ghost was curious if E.C.N. ever died? No one has asked him that before, but was possible due to having a bolt stabbed on to his head and the several scars through out his body. That observation made the meaningless goody-two-shoes joke go pass him without any effect.

    E.C.N. chuckled as he walked towards the door "If I ever...died...huh? You want to know that? Well...This might answer." E.C.N. moved the collar of his shirt exposing a scar all around his neck, resembling a stitch mark. "Let me just say that being decapitated by someone is a one-life-time event that one will never forget."
  15. Listening to E.C.N.'s answer with anticipation, Entras' eyes widened. Once he saw the scar circling around the human ragdoll's neck, his face cringed as he closed his eyes, simpering, and said, "Wahh, that looks painful." Opening his eyes and smiling, he clicked his tongue as he threw up his hands into guns towards his roommate, winking, he laughed, "At least now you can be the coolest and toughest guy around! Girls and guys alike find scars pretty awesome. Like a superhero or handsome bad boy or something!" Entras threw his head back, laughing, "Well, decapitation's not so bad. I was beat up and stabbed a couple times, bled for a few hours until I died. A mugger did it just for 20 bucks I had in my wallet. Says a lil 'bout humanity, don't it?" Smiling, he looked down the hall and asked, "Hey, where should we go first? Cafeteria? Classrooms? Gym?"

    Then a thought finally occurred to him. As he walked beside E.C.N., he looked at him and asked another question in a robotic voice, "Why. Is. There. A. Bolt. On. Your. Head?" Making beeping and booping sounds softly, he looked towards the other male with a goofy grin, "Are you part robot? 'Cause it makes sense then since you're so smart and mechanic...ish? Can you do The Robot if you are? 'Cause if ya can't, your existence as a part-robot is ironic and would make a great story. 'The Part-Robot Who Couldn't Do The Robot, a tragically, ridiculously funny movie'." Entras guffawed, shoulders shaking, as he continued, "The goal of the movie would be to see if you can actually end up doing The Robot. The funnier part about it would be when a HUMAN has to teach YOU how to do it! Boy, would that make an awesome movie!" Saying "I'd buy the DVD if that ever happened" in between laughs, the laughs faded as he calmed down. Well almost, as every now and then, he'd laugh silently from remembering the very funny idea.
  16. E.C.N. only rolled his eyes at the comments of the ghost...girls and guys finds scars awesome due to being a badass superhero or a bad boy or something. However it was interesting that he mentioned how he died "True...People do so much for so little sometimes, weak specimens such as that example are not even worthy for further research and unfortunately this world is full of them." , the conversation changed quickly, it seemed it was common thing around Entras...He questioned where they where should they go first, E.C.N. tried to think about but yet again, the subject changed again.

    Entras started to joke about the bolt on E.C.N.'s head and questioning if he was part robot, his joke continued for quite a while, E.C.N. crossed his arms not even cracking a smile waiting for him to be finished, after several more jokes about his potential robotic part Entras was able to finish, yet still laughing silently.
    "To answer you, no I am not a robot. This Screw bolt in my head is a emotion manipulator. It can cancel unneeded emotions that may distract me from my current thoughts, and can as well enhance my concentration so I am able to think far more clearly. In case you are going to ask, what sort of unneeded emotions, let me answer to you right away, distractions, stress, lust, unneeded wrath, hunger and sleepiness are among some of the things I can eliminate from my mind. The only draw back is that I can not eliminate them from my body, only from my mind, making my body still vulnerable to run out of energy or being overloaded by it. It has nothing of robotic in it expect the contraption itself, its merely a mix between surgery, some mechanization and magic." as he finishes his explanation he puts his glasses back up into their spot "Any more questions?"
  17. Well, boo. Throughout the ghost's whole joke, E.C.N. didn't laugh nearly as much as Entras did. In fact, he didn't even laugh at all! Entras was sure that joke was wonderful, laughter-inducing even! Yet the crossed-arms roommate of his was stone-faced. Even a rock the ghost could find on the floor would have more expressions and life to it than the scar-covered brunette. Maybe Entras was just bad at telling jokes...? Nah, this one was fool-proof.

    Listening as attentively as he could, Entras nodded at the explanation, making genuine "ohh" and "ooh" sounds at some of the things the rag doll said. It was interesting. Having a bolt that controls emotions to an extent and can help to improve concentration. Several hardworking teens who study too much would pay big time to have that installed in their heads. Entras laughed at the last thing E.C.N. said, "I think we've gotten to know each other preeetty well at this point, E.C.N., new buddy, new pal. I'm toootally sure that you know by now that I almost never have enough questions." Stopping and thinking for a moment to gather all of his questions together as he revisited the explanation he listened to in his head, he had a stupidly serious expression on. Serious never looked right on such a goofy face. "By 'unneeded wrath', do you mean to suggest you are dangerous and you use the bolt to make sure you don't go wild... At times? Secondly, if just blocking the necessary needs of a living human body from your mind is useless because your body still recognizes the need for these needs, why don't you just eat and sleep like a good living human? Food and sleep are good, y'know? If the bolt required surgery, mech-y stuff, and magic to make: did you operate on yourself, did you make the design/functions of the bolt yourself, and can you teach me a magic trick?"
  18. Entras was taking this more seriously...good. At least that was a beginning of the ghost's ability to know when one is playing serious or when it is time to joke. E.C.N. grabbed on a black notebook and on a few pencils stuffing them on his pockets, he headed towards the door motioning for Entras to follow. "Supposedly we still need to get to take a look through the school before class start, correct?"

    Entras started to make a few more questions, as he asked, E.C.N. walked as he thought on how to explain them to the ghost. "Hmmm...lets see...By unneeded Wrath I mean when one is teased or mocked, normally those sort of insulting behaviors from other beings lead you to lose your temper, or when you are playing a game and constantly lose, you might enter in a deep state of anger in which you just want to destroy everything in your way. The bolt allows me to stop such desire. True. My body will still recognize human needs such as sleep and hunger, it is good to sleep and eat but when you have important work to do both of those don't matter and only the progress of your success. But that is just my opinion and method of work. About the bolt, yes...I made it all myself. Its my own design, my construction and it was I who did the surgery upon myself to install the bolt into my own skull and brain to deliver its full capacities to me. About Magic tricks...You probably mean illusions...Not every human or being is able to use actual magic..."
    E.C.N. thought a bit more over any sort of explanations he could give but so far he couldn't think of anything else for now.
  19. Entras nodded as E.C.N. gave him a signal to follow, walking right behind him. Maybe a little too close behind him, since he ended up walking through the ragdoll's body a bit. He mumbled an "oops, sorry" and then stepped back a few times before saying, "Yup. Otherwise we'll be lost and late to every class tomorrow. What classes do you have? Maybe we share some of the same ones." The ghost's nose wrinkled as he yawned. Which was funny because he didn't need sleep. Reflexive action, he guessed.

    Once E.C.N. started explaining the answers to Entras' question, the transparent boy nodded, smiling. "So you have a short fuse and the bolt helps. You look like the type to get angry easily from such things, so I have to warn you, I'm not the... Least irritating person in the world," Entras' grin widened. The more he was learning about his roommate, the happier he felt inside. It was almost funny, really. How E.C.N. looked intimidating, but was actually rather normal. Imagining the other beasts and monsters in the school looking like scary misfits and supernatural delinquents, but actually being like any other person made the ghost chuckle. "Not only do you have a short fuse, but you're a workaholic too? Sounds like the perfect perfectionist and mad scientist! The scientist part makes sense too, since you made that on your own. It's an impressive feat, especially considering I could never build a birdhouse in workshop," his eyes closed as his mouth pulled into a smile. As E.C.N. explained that the magic he was talking about wasn't the same one as Entras was imagining, the ghost nodded a bit, understanding what he meant and not wanting to ask any more questions... For now.

    "Where to now?" Entras glanced around and down the halls, looking at all of the rather empty classes.