I'd like to try this

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  1. As the title says, I'm new to this one-on-one RP, but it looks interesting, really!
    Um, as of now I don't have any concrete plot in mind; I wouldn't mind fantasy and adventure. Not too sure about the romance, though...
    I RP girls, I don't know anything about RP-ing guys. (haha!)
    So yeah, if you want to RP with a beginner like me then go ahead and reply; if you have any plots or whatever, go mention it, too!
    [Yay I'm excited!]
  2. Hey :D Interested in any zombie related RP by any chance? I could try anything if you're not into the apocalypse thing, I've got other ideas... if you're interested, that is :3
    Let me know.
  3. Whoo!
    I'm not exactly the biggest fan of zombies, but I'd like to try something new, like that one! :>
  4. Haha in my idea, it's not all about the zombies in the RP, it's ore about surviving and love and loss >:D Can you PM me?
  5. Already did~
  6. Did you guys ever get started? I'd like to have a go.
  7. Well, we started, but it's via PM. Wanna RP with? :> Though whatever plot you like is OK, doesn't necessarily have to be apocalyptic.