I'd like to find a partner

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  1. I'd be interested in finding a partner for a onexone or two. I mostly do romantic RPs, and I've been looking for a HumanxMermaid one.

    The plot is this: The human is a pirate, and is hunting down a treasure from the city of Atlantis, which has been inhabited by merfolk after its sinking. The treasure is in the mermaid themself, so the pirate crew kidnaps,them and plans on selling them when they get to land. The lover pirate is put in charge of the merperson, and ends up falling in love. The only problem is...the merperson doesn't.

    It has potential to be comedic, and I'm open go straight, yaoi and yuri for this. If the pirate is a woman, maybe she could crossdress...? I don't know, please let me know if you're interested!
  2. This sounds pretty cool! I'm up for it~
  3. That would be awesome! So, that's a yes?
  4. Awesome! :D

    So, I've come up with another plot, if anybody's interested~

    It's like Much Ado About Nothing-there are two rivals who have issues with being #1, but they are friends with a pair who already are together. Then deciding they would make a good couple, the couple decides to set the two up.

    I'm open to any genre for this, and I could even use it for a fandom RP. If it's fandom, I'd prefer Super Smash Bros. or Pokemon.
  5. *Claims SSB Fan Pairing* X3

    Any particular pairings you had in mind? I'll admit, I'm a fan PitxAlmost Anyone, though I lean towards yaoi pairing. It's my niche, but I could do a straight pairing if need be. I can't rp girls though, so no Yuri :/ Got nothing against it, I just have a hard time playing females.
  6. Okay, great! :D

    My current favs are RedxPit and FoxxSamus...want to PM this to discuss further?