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  1. Hey!^^

    My OC



    ICSYP- Alphys, Toriel, Papyrus, Chara, Flowey.​
    Seihou- Asgore, Sans, Undyne, Mettaton.
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  2. Frisk slowly opened her eyes, squinting slightly as she saw a few weak rays of sunlight shine down on her face. She blinked, feeling the coil, soft petals of flowers under her and in her hands. Sitting upright, she looked at the familiar flowers with a small sigh. The buttercups were still present, like she expected, which reminded her to expect someone else in mind...

    Now standing up, Frisk began to walk out of the entrance that she had fallen into, making her way out of the doorway and into another, darker room. She spotted a patch of grass in the mist of the dark room, and braced herself.
  3. Frisk waking up had also meant the waking of someone else. Chara. "Oh great, another reset" he'd droned on, seeing the world through Frisk's eyes. He'd known that at the moment only Frisk could hear him but he'd slowly felt himself gaining more control over the body they both inhabited. It had started off very small but Chara could feel their hold becoming stronger and stronger with every reset. "When are you just going to give up and kill them all and be done with it already, what? Are you already feeling bad?" Chara was asking as Frisk had stood up and had began walking to the same entrance.

    Flowey had appeared once again, just like every other reset. "Don't you have anything better to do?" Chara could've laughed, having felt just about the same way as Flowey had gone into the same explanation all over again about their stupid 'friendliness pellets'. "So what is it this time Frisk? Are we going to fall for this again?"​
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  4. Frisk sighed audibly, her face turning into a tired frown. "Stop it Chara.." She muttered under her breath, even though she knew that no one is around to judge her for talking to herself. "I'm not going to kill anyone."

    Frisk sighed again, as the familiar yellow flower appeared before her. She crossed her arms as he spoke, while imagining how Chara would react to the question.

    "I'm planning to make this the final reset, though not in the way you BOTH," She emphasized the last word to make sure Chara knew who she was talking about. ".. would want me to end it. This time I will save everyone..." Frisk had quietly said the last part, before looking at Flowey. "You better not start following me again!" She exclaimed, starting to walk ahead. "You creep me out whenever you do that!"
  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]Chara felt a laugh rip through them as Frisk had said they weren’t going to kill anyone. “[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Yeah, sure. Let’s see how long this new righteous Frisk survives[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent].” Chara, of course, was not convinced. It wasn’t their first reset and they weren’t going to fall for the good girl act. That’s how all the resets had started, intentions for good drowned out by the need to protect themselves and then they end up killing everyone. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Flowey’s face had turned into a dark smirk, “Just gonna cut to the chase are you? You won’t be able to save anyone. In this world it’s kill or be killed.” Flowey had said, getting their attack ready. “Well I mean I don’t hate to say it but the flower is right.” Chara agreed as the attack was thrown at them. Chara had been able to give just enough pull to get them out of the way of the attacks. “Why won’t you just die already?” Flowey had seemed to shout as they were now surrounded with the attack. [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Chara had went to fight back in some way when Toriel’s attack had come out of nowhere like normal. Flowey was then sent away as Toriel had approached them, smiling. Chara had hardly even paid attention to Tori’s words anymore as she was now offering to lead them through the ruins just as she always had.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
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  6. Frisk flinched at Chara's laugh. She knew that in the previous resets, she had killed many monsters before. Some by mistake, others on purpose. She wasn't proud of that, and she didn't need Chara and Flowey to remind her. This time, she swore on not killing any innocent monsters.

    "I'm going to save everyone. No matter what it takes, I will save them." She repeated, trying to stay away from Flowey's attacks, though she knew that Chara could've had something to do with her agility to help her out.

    Frisk watched as Toriel attacked Flowey, coming in to the rescue, as expected. This had brought a smile to her face. She was happy to see Toriel again, even though she herself had no past memories of Frisk. Happily, Frisk followed the woman as she led her through. This time around, Frisk wanted to make sure that she does things right.
  7. [BCOLOR=transparent]While Chara wasn’t convinced, he knew better than to continue to bring up the situation so had decided to not talk about it anymore. If and when Frisk changed her mind she would do it on her own. “Yeah, yeah ok.” Chara still felt weird every time they’d seen Toriel. Heck, he had even felt what others might call guilt for the times that they had ended up killing the woman but every time Chara made his way through with it anyway. “This old woman again? I wish she could just remember us so she would know not to bother us anymore” Chara commented.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Toriel had been as kind as loving as ever as she was guiding Frisk through the ruins. “I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t been there in time… It’s not often that I find human children in the ruins and when I do.. I try to take care of them to the best of my abilities” Toriel told Frisk, her smile warm and comforting. It had even made Chara feel relaxed even though he would never admit to it. “That reminds me, I need to get something at my home. You can wait for me here I won’t be long” Toriel said, soon moving through one of the short cuts that had led her to her own home.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Chara had then sighed, happy to not be around Toriel anymore. “So… Onto the ruins” Chara said, waiting for Frisk to get going on their own.[/BCOLOR]
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  8. Frisk relaxed slightly as she heard Chara's response, happy that he at least decided not to push her anymore. She already knew the decisions she had made in the resets before this one. She didn't need reminders, especially from Chara.

    Looking up at Toriel, Frisk smiled, holding her hand when asked. Hearing Chara comment about her nade her smile falter slightly. She continued to listen to Toriel, nodding at her request of staying where she was.

    "I wish you didn't say things like that about Mom..." Frisk blurted out in a small whisper, though she instantly regretted the way she had called Toriel "Mom" with a small flinch. She began walking, adding a small "Sorry." before it was too late. Frisk was glad that she got to have some time by herself for a while. It gave her some time to think, or at least, think if Chara allows it. It's still foreign to her the fact that Chara is inside her head. She didn't know how that worked exactly, so she decided to ask while she still had the chance.

    "Hey Chara, how are you inside of me again? Are you some type of ghost or something?" She asked in a tone that little kids have when they asked the silliest and most bizarre questions. Frisk continued to walk through the ruins, being wary not to run into other monsters like Froggit or something.
  9. [BCOLOR=transparent]“What? Every time she treats us so nicely. It’s so stupid. Does she even realize how many times we’ve… killed her? I bet she wouldn’t like us if she knew that number would she?” Chara had asked though it was clear she’d held some kind of affection for the old woman. After all Chara had a hard time killing her or even talking about killing her. “And if anything I have more of a right to call her mom than you do” Chara had muttered under his breathe, hoping Frisk wouldn’t talk anymore about what he was saying. Chara wasn’t in the mood to go into those feelings.[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Chara had then sighed, “I hope we’re not actually waiting on her. This is the part where we’re suppose to meet her at her house, remember? Let’s get going” Chara reminded Frisk. “And honestly I don’t know. I tried possessing this body and honestly I’m as stuck with you as you are with me. Until I can find a way to completely take over of course” Chara had been completely honest. There was no doubt that they had wanted full control over the body to kill everyone, get out of the underground, and just get things over with. Chara had been relieved when Frisk had started to walk. So far Frisk had been trying to avoid all the monster which was beginning to get really annoying until a moldsmal approached them. “Ok, this is your chance. Easy exp” Chara reminded Frisk, trying hard to be able to pick the fight option for the both of them.[/BCOLOR]
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  10. Frisk silently listened to Chara talk about Toriel, wishing that she had different company. "Yeah, okay, I get it now." She replied once he stopped, not wantig to talk about it anymore. She flinched at the next response he gave, getting a chill down her spine with the idea of how he'd take over her body. What would happen to her then? She didn't want to think about it. She shivered slightly causing her to hug herself before she ran into a moldsmal, taking her by surprise.

    With a triumphant hmph, she said "No way am I gonna hurt him! I don't want ANY exp!" Confidently, Frisk took a step towards the moldsmal and put her hands on her hips, before starting to wiggle them. She tried to hide her grin as she waited for Chara's reaction to her antics.
  11. [BCOLOR=transparent]Chara would have face palmed if it were possible. “That’s it. I can’t help you. You’re going to get killed” Chara decided. He had then noticed that the moldsmal was dancing along with Frisk, seeming to be much happier than when they had found the monster. The monster had then spared Frisk, letting them continue along. “Not all monsters are going to be like that Frisk…” Chara reminded Frisk though just didn’t like the idea that Frisk was already right so soon. Chara would just have to work on taking the body for himself then getting out of the underground no matter what that meant. [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They had then gotten to their first few puzzles, Chara helping Frisk like always to find the solutions. It had been weird, in each reset the puzzles had reset themselves. Chara didn’t know whether or not she should be impressed or wonder what was going on. “Ugh this reset is already getting so boring with you not killing anyone. How did I convince you into it the first reset again?” Chara had asked.[/BCOLOR]
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  12. Frisk smiled brightly as the moldsmal let her through by sparing her, allowing her to continue her journey and get to the puzzles waiting for her. She did was Chara told her to do on the puzzles and sighed as he spoke.

    "You mean convincing me into killing the monsters..?" She asked quietly before continuing, finishing the puzzle and continued to walk. "I think you basically told me that I had to do it for self defense because the monsters can kill me... and back then I was so scared." She replied, her face slowly turning to a look of shame as she recalled that time.

    "Never doing that again.." She said under her breath, huggig herself as she began to shive, suddenly feeling cold.
  13. [BCOLOR=transparent]“Oh come’on Frisk, it’s not like these monsters have changed. They’re still going to attack you” Chara had still guided Frisk through the puzzles though they were getting harder this time just like Flowey had been a little harder to beat this time. It seemed like the game was acknowledging that they weren’t going to kill any monsters so had begun to make puzzles and everything else harder on them. That’s when they’d made their way to the ghost laying in their path. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They had been given the decision to with nicely wake up the ghost or try to shove it out of the way. “Well I think we know what we’re going to do now” Chara said easily, trying to make the option to push the ghost out of the way with Frisk’s approval and while it almost allowed him to, it didn’t quite yet. Chara had then looked at Frisk, "Ok, just move the monster out of the way before it wakes up and attacks us. This is the clear better option" Chara had tried to reason with Frisk this time, maybe that would work.[/BCOLOR]
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  14. Frisk sighed. "Maybe, but that doesn't mean that I can treat them better then the resets before.." She mumbled, noticing how the puzzles were getting harder than before.

    As expected, Chara had to comment about what choice she should make. Frisk almost smiled, but with a straight face she said, "Yup. Wake him up nicely is obviously the best choice." With that, she squated down beside the ghost and poked it gently. "Um, sorry to wake you, but I kinda need to go through..." She said politely in a soft voice.
  15. "You're going to get us killed! You're being so stupid Frisk!" Chara had screamed in the back of her mind. Chara needed to get control of this body before Frisk really put them in a bad situation. Would the world be perfect if they could all get along and not have to fight anyone? Yes, but that's not the way the world worked. Chara knew this was going to end up being a fight just a little harder than the others but was happy that they weren't to Toriel yet with the kind of attitude that Frisk had about saving all the monsters. Maybe Chara could convince them by then..
    The ghost had then gotten, blocking the way again as the monster had challenged Frisk. "I'm not suppose to let any humans through" Napstablook said, though they hadn't really seemed like they'd wanted to fight. Regardless the ghost started to send attacks Frisk's way. Chara did his best to try to make sure their body was dodging the attacks but Chara only had so much pull and the fights were getting harder. "I'm going to need you to start being smarter Frisk" Chara commented but he knew all his comments were doing was making her upset which wasn't the goal.​
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  16. Frisk closed her eyes shut, trying to block out Chara in some way. She opened them and looked at Napstablook before he spoke to her. "Wait, why can't you let humans through..?" She asked before moving away from the attack. She had been meaning to ask that before but never got around to it. Especially with the unmentionable actions she made.

    She sighed as she listened to Chara's comment. "Just because I don't think like you do, doesn't mean that I'm stupid." She replied in a low tone, focusing on moving away from another attack while feeling Chara helping her.
  17. [BCOLOR=transparent]Napstablook had looked confused, looking around. “You’re not suppose to get by me” was all he’d repeated as his attacks had started to come towards them again. Chara had continuously helped Frisk to dodge the attacks. It had been a lot of work on Chara since she didn’t completely take over the body yet. It had been a lot of work even to move a bit without Frisk’s consent on it. “I’m suppose to capture you and bring you to Asgore” Napstablook finally decided on though he hadn’t exactly looked like he’d wanted to be fighting. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Now’s your perfect chance Frisk, he let his guard down. You just have to attack him with the stick that we picked up” Chara continued to try to influence. It would take a lot for Chara to realize that Frisk didn’t want anyone hurt, especially when Frisk had been hurting these monsters for so many different resets. Chara was sure he could convince Frisk once again to kill all the monsters, it just might’ve taken longer than he would’ve hoped or thought.[/BCOLOR]​
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  18. Frisk continued to dodge and swerve away from the attacks that the ghost threw at them, beginning to get a bit tired. She blinked when she listened to the ghost's response to her question, then groaned out loud once she heard Chara insist on killing him. For a brief moment, she could feel an eerie and faint urge to just start killing monsters again, to kill everyone and morbidly enjoy the dust that she had created by a killer blow of a monster. Frisk felt herself turn pale at the thought, before suddenly snapping herself out of it.

    "No, Chara!! How many times do I gotta tell you, I'm NOT going to hurt anyone!!" She exclaimed, taking out the stick and tried to throw it away, but ended up just throwing it up and made it hit her head, causing hwr to blush in frustration. "I won't kill anyone!!"
  19. [BCOLOR=transparent]For a moment it had felt like Chara had been fully taking over their body again like he’d done the first few resets. Chara had smiled, laughing a little as he was getting ready to take back the body as the feeling had stopped and he was pushed right back into place. Only this time a little more frustrated. Apparently Frisk had managed to snap out of it before Chara had been able to take advantage of the situation. Chara would have to be quicker next time. [/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Fine, don’t hurt the ghost.. Just let it kill you then” Chara mocked, knowing he wasn’t exactly being the best person at the moment but he didn’t feel he needed to be. “Oh smart move Frisk, so what are we going to do if we’re not going to fight? Blook keeps attacking” Chara asked. It had been true, Napstablook had kept attacking though it didn’t seem that they’d wanted to.[/BCOLOR]
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  20. Frisk huffed, dodging the attacks as she looked for something to use, or anything to give her an idea. She couldn't find anything after a while, making her clench her fists.

    "H-Hey, Napstablook?" She began, trying not to get herself hurt. "I-I don't want to fight, I just want to..." She hesitated, not knowing what would make the ghost stop fighting her. Suddenly, she got a crazy idea that could work. "U-Um.. I want to be friends with you! I really don't want to fight!"

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