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With Shinigami defeated, the cities across all the lands were finally free to do what they wanted. The looming threat over all life as they knew it was eliminated. But if there was anything taught during the age of war it was this: "The threat never truly vanishes."

Shintaion had returned to order, the city borders established with parchment rather than bloodshed. The continents around the world were being explored and delegations between the Underworld and the Surface had been wrapped up. The jurisdiction of all this fell under the single most politically powered being in the world, Alastor. His knowledge of the Forbidden Beasts' government, the code by which the Dark Beasts lived, and being a demon himself had helped promote him to be ruler of Coltier. Yet, as his kind hand swept the nation, he soon found a needle amongst the hay.

A powerful religious movement had taken Southern Shintaion like it was meant to be. They were called The Saints of Meno to those that had respect for their leaders and the religion itself. Those in opposition to them called them cultists, a rapid fad being used to control political agenda, etc. In all ten years of Alastor's new world he couldn't shut down the movement. First it claimed Lynor, then Faris, eventually Serenda was to follow. The only contact in the south was the home to the morphling, a media producing creature based on their abilities to change into people and objects.

With no legal bounds broke but his power dwindling smaller and smaller Alastor needs a third party to intervene in the workings of the suspected evil cult.


As you probably figured out you'll be signing up to be part of this third party. Now most will be explained in the first post but I can do a bit of explaining here to save a bit of time. This group is made up of people detached from the government but still for it. In other words there will be no military backing to this so NPC's won't be as easy to slaughter as in the past. Sure we have our "god" moments but this is a slightly more realistic version. Other than that here are the character sheets you'll need as well as some information as to what Forbidden Beasts are.



Specie: (Demon, Elf, Human, or Forbidden Beast)



Abilities: (This is where you list the general description of your powers. Things like elements can be manipulated many ways and what your proficient in should be written here.)



Humans: Magic and trickery.

Elves: Specialize in magic far more than humans, beasts and demons.

Demons: Wielders of weapons primarily, channeling their magic/abilities into weapons directly, enhancing them(Ie: Making an axe grow larger in size, empowering a knife with fire)

Forbidden Beasts: Masters of elemental energy but varied in terms of speed/strength and other abilities depending on race.

And a small explanation on Forbidden Beasts.

King Weavel said:
Forbidden beasts are best described as people with some beast like traits and behavior. They walk up right. They have tails. They have claws in place of nails. They are cold blooded creatures and have live young.

They are able to use elemental energy based on what type of beast they are (IE: Ice beasts use ice energy). They attack by forming weapons out of this energy(IE: Light Spear, Ice Hammer, Fire Claws) and can also use projectiles like beams/blasts with it. However, this energy is not infinite, it can run out and once it does, they are left to fight the battle without it. It is replenished by rest/eating, thus beasts must manage their energy carefully so as not to run out during a heated battle.

There are 8 breeds of Forbidden Beasts: Fire (Survive and easily walk through Lava), Wind (Able to fly with their wings and have lungs capable of surviving high up in the sky), Earth (The most defensive of the beasts, very sturdy skin), Ice (Can also use a mild form of healing but more physically weak than the other beasts), Water (Can easily survive and breathe underwater with their gills), Thunder (The fastest of the breeds), Dark (The strongest in terms of physical strength and able to command versatile dark energy) and Light Beasts (Light energy and the most powerful healing abilities).

They are rather civilized and friendly creatures despite their name but they do have beast like habits and prefer to speak in an animal language of barks, grunts, roars etc but they DO have the ability to speak English. As of late they have become more humanized so as to communicate with the other races.

Their culture is one of respecting and paying tribute to nature as they draw their elemental powers from it. They prefer to live around nature (IE in forests, beaches for water beasts, high altitude mountains for wind beasts, etc) but many now live in cities, towns and villages no longer being as feared as they once were. They also have much more respect to females of their race than humans do, thus both genders are more equal in Forbidden Beast society.

They were once feared for their power, hence the name Forbidden Beasts, creatures considered unholy. While most of this fear has gone away, the dark beasts in particular still seem to strike fear into most average citizens.

Enjoy Original ICSYL's Final Installment.
Do you want the character sheets posted here?
Yes character sheets should be posted here :) .
Name: Lucette Arceneau

Age: 28

Specie: Forbidden Beast-Light Beast.

Appearance: Yellow skin, Green eyes. Slender and also on the short side. She is dressed in a black uniform that only has a small Forbidden Alliance logo on the back, it is rather thick and coat like. She wears boots meant for moving during combat. She wears a pair of glasses to alleviate her rather poor eye sight.

Equipment: None.

Abilities: Light energy, primarily offensive ranged attacks with some healing abilities as well. Her main signature moves are heavy guns, cannons, muskets and things of that nature, weapons that require her to charge up for a considerable amount of time but have a large amount of power for the most part. Her healing abilities aren't her main specialty but she can use them to heal minor wounds.

Personality: Lucette is generally pessimistic, having seen many tragedies committed before her very eyes during her time as a United Surface Army soldier and having lost her father. She is sometimes hesitant to trust people, she questions her comrades and superiors and watches her back just in case. While she may have a negative outlook, she will help people and is still can be a somewhat caring and warm person, just rather sick and tired of history repeating itself and peace only being a temporarily thing. She has grown weary due to all the conflicts she has been involved in.

History: Lucette's life began pleasantly, she enjoyed a rather sheltered life with her parents and was the only child. Both her parents worked for the Forbidden Alliance, the Beast's government. She aspired to follow in their footsteps, hoping to enforce justice and make a difference in the world. She herself joined the Forbidden Alliance when she turned seventeen. She however, had to move away from Arcadia as they had enough officers, she was stationed in Azull. Her life hit a turning point when her mother, Lucile was killed during the suspected dark beast attack that destroyed the previous Arcadia, she had been trying to evacuate as many people as she could but could not escape herself. This upset both Lucette and her father. Together, they defected to the United Surface Army, hoping to avenge her and stop the dark beasts from terrorizing Shintaion.

Lucette's father, Regulus was an airship captain while she was a foot soldier. However, as she journeyed into the Underworld she saw the United Surface Army was essentially attempting genocide aganist the Dark Beasts, attacking civilians without reason. The Army ignored the real threat, the Zaka Clan dark beasts whom were terrorized the people of the Underworld for years and were intending to conquer Shintaion and all other continents afterward. Lucette did also see however, the brutality on the side of the dark beasts as she saw the ruins of a United Surface Army convoy savagely decimated, no survivors at all.

Lucette was torn. She questioned whether she was doing right or not. Whether all the dark beasts were evil or not.
Her breaking point was when she was ordered to kill an elderly dark beast woman and a child, she refused the orders and helped them escape to safety. She then rebelled aganist her superiors, attacking them and promptly fleeing the scene. The truth was clear to her that the United Surface Army was in the wrong.

Regulus also rebelled, having heard of Army's plans to drop a bomb capable of wiping out all dark beasts in the Underworld. He knew his daughter was on the ground and would be killed along with countless other United Surface Army troops. He failed to stop the operation however but fought until the very end, deciding that his desire for revenge aganist the dark beasts wasn't worth sacrificing his daughter for.

As she hid out in the Underworld for a few weeks after, she helped with the relief effort, treating some of those wounded in the last battles aganist the Zaka Clan. When things were settled in and the rebuilding effort began however, she returned to Shintaion, hearing word of the United Surface Army disbanding and knowing she would no longer face a court martial.

When Lucette heard of her daughter's death and it saddened her greatly, knowing he died for her sake and was one of the sole voices of reason amongst the United Surface Army. Yet she had to move on in life, she had to make a living again as her family's estate in Arcadia was no more after the attack. She was approached by Greg of the Forbidden Alliance, whom heard her story and even spoke to those she saved. She was offered a job in a secretive division specializing in national security, in dealing with threats to the entire continent. She accepted, knowing fighting is her true specialty and that she has to atone for working with the United Surface Army. For nine years, she has been part of that division, rising in the ranks and becoming one of their best.

Currently living in Azull, she has been assigned to deal with the cult, recognizing them as a threat. However, instead of her usual comrades, she is chosen to work with the two Underworld Guard members dispatched by Jackal to help deal with the threat of the cult. The rest of her team is unknown to her as well, although she is told there will be others. Working with dark beasts brings her no joy, knowing she has to work with the creatures whom she believes killed her mother and countless others. Though she realizes they are not all evil, she cannot shake her mistrust towards them. Despite her doubts, she revolves to complete her mission and prevent a full-scale war aganist the Cult from coming to pass, hoping never to see another war in her life time.
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