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  1. Hey! You! Stalker! You aren't supposed to be here!
    This is my area of secrety testy stuff! If you are looking for tons of help, this is not a great
    place to do it! I suck at explaining things!

    Here are links for me because I suck at remembering things, and I don't want to have too!
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    Anari Silverwood





    Human or Wolfblood


    Wild or Tame





    North Wind


    Alpha Female-Only Dominant Female


    Anari has quite a few scars along her stomach, and thighs. She stands
    a little over average at 5'7". She wears casual clothing outside of school, almost
    always combat boots or sneakers. She likes to keep her blue hair short cropped. She wears it up mot of
    the time, keeping it away from her face. She often wears a moon or wolf necklace, to show her love for her
    pack, and her family. She loves her jeans, and her sweatpants, and if you ever see her in a skirt without
    shorts underneath it you better take advantage of it.





    Fighter, dominant, there are a lot of ways to think of Anari. She seems harsh, sealed off. She is
    to an extent. But her pack is family. She protects them first. She isn't afraid to face
    any wolf to drive them away from her territory. She is more open to her pack mates,
    laughing, running, playing. She loves nothing more than to be with her pack.
    To those a little closer to her, she is a little more open, but still often pushes them away.
    She doesn't like people seeing her so down because it upsets them. So often
    times she likes to pry on other people other than herself.


    Anari grew up in the rural city of Bridgewood. She hasn't left. She knew she was a wolf
    from day one, considering both her parents were WolfBloods. Her family has been in the same house
    for centuries, and Anari wasn't about to leave just because her family broke up. Her mother had died in
    a car accident when Anari was 14. Her father did his best to try and help her, but by the time she was an
    adult he got remarried and got a new job, and moved on to other places. Her large house on the hill
    is now her own, though her father helps pay for the expenses. It is the pack safe house, and
    is open to those who wish to be tame or have no place to go.


    Rain, Lavender, and the Forest



    Running, Being Free, Quiet, Rainfall, Meat, Music, Art, Sculptures, Her pack


    Rebellious souls, people who challenge her, aggressive pack mates, South Wind Pack, Manipulative People,
    Liars, Being Alone.









    A small owl named Echo
    A Wolfdog named Spike



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  3. NO MOON

    Tonight is a no moon. The pack of the South is sound asleep. The North, however, is begrudgingly heading for their day jobs and classes. Life isn't easy for a tame, most wilds take that for
    granted. More BS about clans, Yada Yada

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  4. [​IMG]

    Morning dew, pine, and the smell of fresh grass flooded Anari's nose as she looked around her settings. She was standing on the balcony to her room, letting the scents and smells of a morning after rainfall sink in. It was one of those rare sunny mornings in Canada. She could hear woodpeckers somewhere off in the distance working away at the local pine trees. Grinning, Anari stretched her arms up to the sky. Normally waking up wasn't a pleasant thing for the young adult, but when you got to smell everything swirling together it was hard to resist. And she had the luxury of feeling it every day. It was only three days away from the full moon too, and Anari was feeling it. Through her blood pumped energy. That was also why this morning was so nice.
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  5. Verse: Wolf Blood Au
    Date: 8/26/16- ?

    Full Name: Anari Primrose Silverwood
    Pronunciation: A-na-ri P-rim-ro-se Si-lver-wo-od
    Nickname/Alias: Ana, Ani, Prim, Fang, Alpha
    Meaning: Powerful, Complete, a beautiful even in the cold, Strong, a lost city
    Origin: North Wind Pack, a flower blooming in Febuary, North Wind Pack
    Title: Alpha
    Pet Name: +Anari, A-chan, An, Ana, Ani, -Fang, Pup, Kit
    ID Number: 1247
    Signature: Messy, uncaring, different every time, illegible

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Gender Role: Middle of both, varies from time to time
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Real Age: 21
    Age Appearance: early 20's
    Birthday: January 13th
    Deathday: "Depends on when South Wind shows up."
    Birthplace: Bridgewood, Canada
    Astrological Sign: Capricorn
    Zodiac Sign: Tiger

    Immediate Family: Her Mother and Father
    Distant Family: All deceased
    Parenting: Loose, but strict enough
    Upbringing: Keep yourself hidden from humans, and always put the safety of the secret first.
    Infancy: Quite boring. She grew up like most children, if most children ate meat and howling in her spare time.
    Childhood: As a kid, Anari was quite a child. She spent most of her time exploring her senses and drawing. Though at first she wanted to hunt things down, she was strictly told not to go outside during recess. In later years Anari learned that she could only do it by herself. She was slightly interested in electronic music. She started cutting her hair short.
    Adolescence: Now mature enough, dick jokes were the new in, and she was often found cussing was a cool thing, at the age of 14, she transformed for the first time and it has only gotten easier since then. She hit a point in her life where she crashed, around 16, and slowly got back to her normal self but has never really been the same since.
    Adulthood: Anari was pretty much handed the responsibility of upholding her family name as soon as she turned 18. Going to the local college, her father fled to another place where he could be away from the painful memories. So for now Anari lives with some pack members in the large house, all alone.
    Coming of Age: At the age of 14, when she transformed for the first time.
    Evolution: She got more depressing as time went on, and more protective

    Species: Wolfblood
    Ethnicity: Canadian
    Blood Type: O+
    Preferred Hand: Left Hand
    Facial Type: Heart
    Eye Color: Green Blue
    Hair Color Natural brown, dyed blue
    Hairstyle: Currently chin length has been looking to get it pixie style
    Skin Tone: Pasty
    Complexion: Smooth, rough palms and feet, moles in a few places, freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her shoulders.
    Makeup: Foundation, eyeliner, though sometimes its none.
    Body Type: Between Mesomorph and Ectomorph
    Build: Muscular legs, slightly muscular arms, hips almost exactly the same width as her chest, legs stick out from muscle mass.
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 134 pounds
    Cup Size: A Cup
    Facial Hair: N/A
    Shoe Size: 9 Us
    Birthmarks/scars: Three claw marks across her right calf
    Distinguishing Features: Her bright hair

    Health: Pretty healthy, considering Will cooks most of her food because she is too lazy
    Energy: A decent amount, except for in the mornings. More around her pack mates or close to a full moon.
    Memory: She remembers things pretty well, especially depressing things and observational things
    Senses: Better than others
    Allergies: None, unless fire counts
    Handicaps: Depression, slight PTSD
    Medication: Depression meds
    Phobias: Fire, Being Alone, Her father dying, Vomit
    Addictions: Music
    Mental Disorders: Depression, Slight PTSD

    Style: Lazy punky
    Mode of Dress: Shirts untucked, lazily thrown together, not always matching, sometimes perfect and other times with alterations.
    Grooming: Messy, but well enough to where she is clean
    Posture: Slightly Slouchy
    Gait: Fast
    Coordination: Very fit, due to being a wolf blood, coordinated, muscular, a human is no match for her.
    Habits and Mannerisms: Head scratching, lip biting, ear scratching, stretching, popping her shoulders and back
    Scent: Rain, Forest Air, and Lavender. Pretty strong to wolfbloods, but most humans can only smell the lavender.

    Mood: Relaxed, slightly down, chill.
    Attitude: Usually quite neutrally, but as soon as one person says something offensive, she only gives them one more chance before snapping and walking away.
    Stability: Mostly stable
    Expressiveness: Openly expresses joy,, anger, and playfulness, but emotions like jealousy and sadness she keeps to only her close friends.
    When Happy: Grins, Laughs, Runs, playful contact
    When Depressed: Locks herself in her room, lake watching, napping, running alone
    When Angry: Growls, claws, snapping jaws, yelling, stomping, snarling, shoving, kicking, punching
    Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

    Current Residence: Bridgewood Canada, in her parents old house with her pack
    Community: Close since there aren't many people, friendly, relaxed, open to visitors
    Family: Her father who no longer lives with her. Currently her pack is her family
    Friends: Will, Dread
    Enemies: South Wind, Nikolai
    Bosses: No one, she is the boss
    Followers: Her pack mates, and Will
    Heroes: She used to look up to her mother, and now she just tries to do her best
    Rivals: Nikolai and the South Wind Pack. It gets bloody
    Relates to: Will a little bit
    Pets/Familiars: A wolfdog named Spike, who resembles a grey wolf, and a Owl named Echo, a owl native to Canada.

    Wardrobe: Her around the house clothing is pajama pants, most of which have one of her favorite bands or shows on them, paired with a large t shirt from random events. On the rare occasion she is trying to impress someone, she will wear a tank top, and a nicer pair of plaid pants. If it's hot, she wears a tank top and a pair of shorts. Out of the house Anari usually wears jeans and a t shirt. Sometimes its a nice put together outfit with a skirt, thigh highs, or any combination of cool things. Other times it's something she threw together as fast as possible to get out the door. Her semi formal clothes often involve a skirt, and a nice flowy blouse. She pairs it with light makeup. When it's very formal, Anari has a small selection of dresses, and a larger one in her parents bedroom which she closes off to everyone but her and her trusted friends. She has never taken any of the dresses out of it.
    Equipment: A large hunting knife, she trained herself to use a sword and a bow if needed. She usually just uses her teeth. Oddly enough, pepper spray, and a key ring grip
    Accessories: She does wear glasses, but often puts on her contacts because its easier. She does have the moons tattooed across her back. She has freckles that dot her nose and cheeks and a few moles. She has her nipples pierced as well, along with two in each ear and one on the left side of her nose.
    Trinkets: A tooth necklace her mother wore, and passed down to her when she died. It's the mark of an alpha female of the pack, and she has the other necklace that matches in a drawer, waiting for Anari to chose another leader.
    Funds: Full to the brim, mostly because of her fathers help with his job
    Home: A large lake house with so many rooms she can't count them all. She stays in a room near the Alpha room, which was once the place her parents slept. After her mother died it hasn't been touched. The area of their property is wide, and includes a private section of water, and goes part way into the forest.
    Neighborhood: There are no places for at the least two miles, she lives in the middle of nowhere in a town in the middle of nowhere.
    Transportation: The family car or her bike.
    License Plate Number: 445 MDC
    Collections: Various teeth from different animals, drawings
    Most valuable possession: The house
    Prized Possession: Her necklace that she got from her mother

    Lovers: Her Family, she had one person in the past and a few flings here and there, but not much
    Marital Status: Single
    Sex Life: Usually pretty dull, usually only people out side of the pack
    Type: Eros
    Turn-Ons: Strong willed, protective, loyal, cunning, has emotions
    Turn Offs: Pedophiles, Overpowering People, clinginess, desperation, aggressiveness towards partner
    Position: Switch
    Plays: She won't really tell
    Fetishes: ? She wont tell
    Virginity: Around 5
    Element: Water

    Occupation: Artist/Music Mixer
    Work Ethnic: She works really hard on her pieces because she loves what she does
    Rank: Moderately high
    Income: Depends on the amount of commissions per month, but usually somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000
    Wealth Status: Middle, but in just the town very upper
    Experience: Some experience making coffee
    Organizations/Affiliations: North Wind

    IQ: 82
    Education: College
    School: Hell pretty much, every single turn there was the chance of getting discovered
    Grade: Between C-A
    Special Education: She almost got held back once
    Social Stereotype: Weirdo
    Degrees: Art and Music
    Intelligence: Musical, and Kinetic
    Extracurricular Activities: Art, Music

    Religion: None/Believes in the power of the Moon
    Morals: Getting to know someone before asking questions, Not to kill unlawfully
    Crime Record: None so far
    Motivation: Love, Hope
    Priorities: Love, then Hope
    Philosophy: If you can't be happy, nothing feels right, and life doesn't have meaning.
    Political Party: "Does it matter? I am perused either way."
    Etiquette: Not the cleanest, but respectable
    Culture: She says Eh? a bit, and she makes sure people are all nice and warm. More about family
    Influences: Other artists like Cyrin inspire her to do better
    Relates to: Dread
    Traditions: Pack Dinner, Evening Routine, Shoes at the Door
    Superstitions: Putting on her necklace for luck

    Main Goal: To keep her pack alive, to actually have a pack, get her back together
    Minor Goals/Ambitions: Being a Alpha, Leading her Pack, getting south wind the hell out
    Career: Artist/Music Mixer
    Desires: Something to Make it Better, Someone to Love
    Wishlist: Meat, Security, More Land, More Tech
    Accomplishments: Becoming and Artist, Making money off of art, Making Money off of music
    Greatest Achievement: Keeping Her Pack Somewhat together, and hopefully driving out South Wind
    Biggest Failure: Running Away
    Secrets: She hates herself, sometimes she cries herself to sleep, some other things she won't mention
    Regrets: Running away
    Worries: Being a good Alpha, Being happy
    Best Dream: She suddenly snaps out of her funk, she keeps the territory, and finds a mate
    Worst Nightmare: She gets exiled, has no friends, and ends up getting discovered
    Best Memories: Her mother and father and her howling for the first time, her first transformation
    Worst Memories: Her mothers death

    Hobbies/Interests: Mix Music, Run, Do Art, Swim, Train, Fight
    Skills/Talents: High-Art,Mixing Music, Athleticism. Medium-Playing the guitar, singing. Low-Cooking
    Likes: Sleep, The Moon, Rain, Forest, Rocks, Lakes, her house, chew toys, meat, bones, deer, the smell of rain, plants, good food, chocolate, savory food, noodles, fish, making music, sound editors, a sound booth, a cintique tablet, paint tool sai, pastel colors, cuddles, crushes, sweaters, sweatpants, thigh highs, combat boots.
    Dislikes: People who push her around, spicy food, doing construction work, artichokes, too much vegetables, not enough meat, being hungry, being sad, being without a pack, assholes, Nikolai.
    Sense of Humor: Somewhat childish, wolfish
    Pet Peeves: People who chew with their mouth open, the sound of teeth on silverware, people who don't bathe.
    Superstitions/Beliefs: She believes in destiny
    Dreams/Nightmares: Being Popular, Unicorns, Running a pack, Romantic fantasies
    Quirks: Hand on the railing, Always bumps her leg while sitting, Crossing her toes, fiddling with her necklace, slight galloping when fast walking
    Savvy: Nature, Wolves, Wolfbloods
    Can't understand: Obsession with Football, Competitive food eating, Science
    Closet Hobby: Reading
    Guilty Pleasure: Taking a nice relaxing swim or bath

    Strengths: Calm Strength with a bright sense of humor
    Flaws: Territorial, Easily Angered, Super Depressed, socially awkward
    Perception: Pessimistic, assuming the worst
    Conflicts: Love, Happiness, Family
    Instincts: Protect those under her wing, mark territory, snap at people
    Lures: Helpless, Love, Attractive, wolves, Nature
    Soft Spot: People who don't have parents, the confused, the helpless
    Cruel Streak: Someone taking her packs lives, or telling her her parents deserved to die, etc.

    Powers/Abilities: Like most wolf bloods, extra jump, endurance, strength, and the ability to turn into a wolf by unleashing anger and forced on full moon.
    Origin: Birthright
    Source: Mental Capacity
    Ability: Very Adept, trained since birth
    Weaknesses: The Full Moon, Anger, Wolvesbane, Silver
    Immunities: None
    Restrictions: Her temper, the moon
    Alternate Forms:
    Extra Anatomy: Wolf tenancies, wolf transformations, a tail if wished

    Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Purple
    Favorite Animals: Wolf, Tiger, Lion, Owls, Snakes
    Favorite Mythological Creatures: Dragons, Mermaids, Shapeshifter
    Favorite Places: Bridgewood, The Perfect Pine forest
    Favorite Landmarks: Calling Cliff, also known as the Howling Hill or Roaring Rock, Cougar hot springs
    Favorite Flavors: Vanilla, Nutmet, Cinnamon, Sugar, Chocolate, Fresh Meat, Cooked meat
    Favorite Foods: Steak, Flank Steak, Pasta, Chew Toys, Bacon
    Favorite Drinks: Lemonade, Water, Soda
    Favorite Characters: Ruby Rose, Nora, Yang, and Ren from RWBY
    Favorite Genre: Fantasy
    Favorite Books: Fangirl, Cinder-Winter Series, Tigers Curse Series, Romance Fantasy Novels in general
    Favorite Movies: Avatar, Zootopia, Big Hero 6
    Favorite Games: No Man's Sky, Overwatch, Turmoil, Minecraft
    Favorite Shows: Kimi ni tokode, Steven Universe, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, RWBY, Miraculous Ladybug
    Favorite Music: Electronic, Vocaloid, Rock, Pop
    Favorite Bands: Vocaloid, Fall out Boy, Monstercat, Proximity, Anamanaguchi
    Favorite Songs: Innocence, Ms.Jackson, Runaway(U and I), Carrying Coffins, Lipstick Covered Magnet
    Favorite Sports: Soccer
    Favorite Stores: Grocery store, any store that sells stuff for cheap
    Favorite Subjects: Art, PE
    Favorite Numbers: 4, 14
    Favorite Websites: Deviant Art, Tumblr
    Favorite Words: quatywompus, Moonshine, Moon
    Favorite Quotations: "You're a Werewolf, and I'm the full moon."-Lipstic Covered Magnet
    "I've grown tired of this body, impossible and heavy body."-Body by Mother Mother
    "The soul that see's beauty may sometimes walk alone."
    "Love me for who I am, not what you want me to be."
    "Fate whispers to the wolf 'You can not withstand the storm.' And the wolf whispers back 'I am the storm."
    "I'm fighting through life with every Punch, Kick, Bite, and Slap, With a snarl and six words; 'Is that all you got?"
    "Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack."
    "You can't throw me to the wolves, they come when I call."

    Least Favorite Colors: Red, Puke Yellow, Puke Brown, Puke Green, Super Bright Yellow
    Least Favorite Animals: Cats, Porcupines, Birds
    Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Things with more than one mouths
    Least Favorite Places: The city, busy areas
    Least Favorite Landmarks: Anywhere hot, South Wind Territory
    Least Favorite Flavors: Spicy, Fowl
    Least Favorite Foods: Curry, Artichoke hearts
    Least Favorite Drinks: Fruity Alcohol, Milk
    Least Favorite Characters: Mary Sues, Roman
    Least Favorite Genre: Non Fiction
    Least Favorite Books: Animal Farm, To Kill a Mockingbird,
    Least Favorite Movies: The Bee Movie
    Least Favorite Games: Halo 4
    Least Favorite Shows:
    Least Favorite Music:
    Least Favorite Bands:
    Least Favorite Songs:
    Least Favorite Sports:
    Least Favorite Stores:
    Least Favorite Subjects:
    Least Favorite Numbers:
    Least Favorite Websites:
    Least Favorite Words:
    Least Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

    Languages: English Fluently, Some French
    Accent: Canadia
    Voice: High
    Speech Impediments: None
    Greetings and Farewells: Depending on Familiarity Dude, Sup, Or just starts talking.
    State of Mind: (Ask your character "how are you" and see how they respond)
    Compliment: (Have your character say something nice)
    Insult: (Have your character insult someone)
    Expletive: (Can be an actual cuss (Ex: Dammit) or some kind of substitute. (Ex: Darn it!)
    Laughter: (What does your character's laugh sound like?)
    Tag Line: (Something your character says a lot in everyday sentences. Can often be filled with a sound or vocalization. Ex: Lol, dude, uh)
    Signature Quote: (Something significant your character says. Doesn't have to be meaningful, just make it memorable.)

    Reputation: (What does the general population think of your character?)
    First Impressions: (What would you first think of this character upon meeting them?)
    Stranger Impressions: (If someone was told about the character but didn't know them, what would they think?)
    Friendly Impressions: (What do people who are friends or acquaintances of your character think of them?)
    Enemy Impressions: (What do people who can't stand your character think? If you can't think of anyone who hates your character, we have a problem.)
    Familiar Impressions: (What do people very close to your character think of them? Ex: Family, lovers)
    Compliments: (What are some good things other people would say of your character? [heroic, good listener])
    Insults: (Would anyone like to call your character a whore, jerk, or stupid?)
    Self-Impression: (What does your character really think of themselves deep down?)

    MBTI Personality Type: [Ex: ENTP, ISTJ]
    Temperament: (Chloric/Sanguine/Melancholic/Phlegmatic) May also be called color types, such as yellow, red, blue, or green)
    Enneagram: (The Reformer/The Helper/The Achiever/The Individualist/The Investigator/The Loyalist/The Enthusiast/The Challenger/The Peacemaker)
    Ego/Superego/Id: (Superego is aims for perfection, society, and the idea of right and wrong. Id is unconscious desires and instincts - Which of these are they most driven by?
    The Self: (The center/core of your character)
    The Shadow: (The opposite qualities your character themselves does not believe they possess, but do subconsciously)
    The Anima/Animus: (The part of the character of the opposite gender)
    Persona/Mask: (What they present to the world, or the side they use to protect themselves)

    Role: Alpha
    Fulfillment: Considering atm she has no packmates, not well
    Significance: She is supposed to create a new pack, but she doesn't know anymore
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Comparison: (Compare your character to some kind of animal, object, or anything else you can think of.)
    Symbol: Wolf Tooth
    Vice: Lust
    Virtue: Dilligence
    Defining Moment: Becoming the Alpha
    Tropes: The moody depressed girl
    Originality: Her specific quirks and bad decisions
    One Word: (Use a single adjective to sum up your character in a nutshell)
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  6. Hathaway Highschoool

    Hathaway Highschoool

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  7. Color Scheme





    Wild Winds

    Wolves are traditionally known as pack animals. They usually
    come in shades of brown, or grey, or red, depending on the area. But there is a space in this universe that can hold something much more interesting. In a land where the elements
    take part in genetics, wolves live, run, and even fly freely.
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  8. #A7FFD2









    Camp Kilawaka


    Camp Kilawaka has been in the making for the last ten years. Coming up on it's eleventh summer, there is quite an interesting group of people arriving. A camp for ages 8 to 18, the kids are split up into groups of similar ages. They offer all sorts of activities day and sometimes in the night. Meals are given as a whole, and there is a strict curfew on the younger tenants. However, the older teens ages 14 to 18 often go out on night activities while the other sleep.

    Everything about this camp seems normal. But lately, things have been getting a little weird. Some of the younger teens have been passing around a rumor that something fishy is going on with the counselors. Entering the last session of camp, they promise a large camp wide game. A treasure hunt competition with all sorts of different things, but any time you talk to your counselor about it, they seems to get a little dodgy. What on earth is going on here? And why do you have a sinking feeling it involves you?

    The History of this camp isn't long. It popped out of the blue ten years ago, and though strange seemed to be in running condition. At first it didn't draw much attention, but after the first batch of kids the camp just grew and grew and grew. And now they are coming up on the eleventh year of the camp, the second session. Mid July to August is the time range. There are a couple roles already placed in, but some are completely random. We will be playing an older group, minimum age is 15, max is 18. The exceptions are counselors who are a little older. There will be one to two.


    1.I am the GM of this roleplay I have the right to kick people from the rp, reject characters, ideas, etc. I also have the right to this story and anyone trying to rip it off or copy paste it now, or in the future will be violating site policy. If you want to use some bits, you have to ask, and usually my answer is no but it depends on what you ask for. That being said I usually play to the audience, and like to keep things nice and relaxed. Don't be afraid to ask me anything! Getting my clear on something you aren't sure about doesn't hurt. Gives me a heads up.
    2.All people participating in this rp should be comfortable writing romance, and be able to accept some plot hurdles I will be throwing at you. This is not a regular have fun summer camp rp. There is a plot, though however strange it might be will somehow make sense.
    3. This rp was crazily based off a fever dream I had that Seiji is helping me make sense of. Things might change as they go along, and some might not make a lot of sense. Hopefully it all will when the time comes to it.
    4.Yall better like animals, because there is going to be some relation to that. The camp does have stables and farms etc. Mostly for food or riding.
    5.We all can't help that we don't get along with certain people, but the last thing I want to happen is people talking about ideas out in the open, and other people assume, people get upset and drop for the sake of others, feuding people take over the rp, etc. So if you got issues, there is a fancy ignore button, or you can speak to a staffer about it. I do not want any feuds in my OOC
    6. Post all the character junk in the sign ups, because that way I don't have to go sifting to find them
    7. Try and keep as little BBC code in the posts IC and OOC as possible. A lot of the time I am working away from home, and it's hard for me to read. I know that's redundant because this post is BBC code heavy, but this should be the only one. I also tried to keep as few images as possible on one page.
    8.There are some roles that have more specific requirements, but others are open range. It all depends on what kind of characters you play, but I do need the slots filled before we start. You can talk to me about any of the spots, feel free to ask questions.
    9. Read the stuff I type. I don't just type it to fill space. It's there for a reason. If you don't, I usually end up having to reject ideas and characters because someone didn't read it right.
    10. Most important, have fun!

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  9. Color Codes





    Brawl Bash

  10. Color Coding





    Sky Riders

    Ages ago, in a land that seems almost distant from our own, creatures of wonder roamed the skies, clinging to the cliffsides and to the tips of the trees. They came in all different shapes, not just the marveled ones with pairs of wings and breath of fire. Some burrowed under the dirt, hiding themselves in the deepest depths rock, others caved high in the mountains. Some traded their wings for strong gills, and swam the depths of the ocean. They were everywhere, in many forms.

    Now days it's rare anyone even see's one. People think they are just fairytales that their parents tell to scare or excite children. A few people live in a quaint town, and by quaint I mean pretty busy. It's one of those sides cities that some talk about but not many know of. The city lies between the mountain ranges, and has plenty of good things to do and explore. However a few citizens of this certain town will be in for a shock when one night out in the forest, Mirage's henchmen suddenly break loose.


    • I highly suggest reading all the background even though it is quite long, but here is a quick list incase you forget important points later.
      -Four Dragons Created Earth
      -From there Four dragons gave their bodies to create creatures in their likeness
      -From there minor gods formed
      -The Great Purge brought about Mirage, the goddess of chaos
      -The Successors of each god Banished Mirage back into a different dimension
      -Humans now having connected with dragons to defeat Mirage stand up and push back against the dragons.
      -Dragons go into hiding
      -Fast forwards to regular life, Mirage's seal is breaking since the dragon population is disappearing
      -Humans must awaken the dragon spirits inside them and find their other half to defeat Mirage.

    • Few things seemed to run this society, yet it flows smoother than it did back in the day. It was mostly due to a strict system of gods. At the start of time, there were only four. Life, Death, Space, and Time. Each of these four lived in harmony. Fiore, dragon of life wished to create a space where people like them could live and give praise to all the dragons. He wooed and charmed his fellow gods Archeus, the god of Time, and Morter, the god of space. Reluctantly, Life asked Death to join in. Mortana, the goddess of death was not as inclined as her brethren. Quiet and more withdrawn, she chose to watch from a distance, giving aid only when she felt it was necessary. When dragons had reached their prime, death stepped in to pass them on to the stars, where Morter would gladly care for their souls after death. Time created planets so the small place they called Terra wouldn't be lonely. The sun would rise and fall over parts of the land, creating the passing of time. From there, the dragons were born.

      Along with Terra came four more powerful gods. Fergo, dragon of fire, rose first from the cracks of dirt, spewing fire and hot ash into the air. It was said that he could create a flame so bright that it outmatched the sun. Not long after rose Isiris, the goddess of water. She filled the lands to the brim of cool liquid, sealing the cracks that her fellow god has so rudely created. They obviously did not get along, being two opposing forces. But much like life, Fergo could not help but fall for Isirs, a sleek dragon of blue. Her body danced with the colors of the ocean, creatures resembling herself in some ways floating on the inside. While Fergo had large broad wings which barely supported his body, Isiris had a long winding body of water, scales of ice. Jewels of sea foam green laid upon her head, dancing like stars in the sunlight as they hung from thin trails of ice. Her large dark horns stretched far above her head, rough and fins trailing from head to tail. Her body almost blended into the cool gifts she brought, shifting from the deepest blues of the large ocean, to costal waters full of life.

      The third dragon to arise, mostly from the two warring forces, was Ignatus, the dragon of earth. Having risen from the harsh rocks created by the two feuding lovers, he brought color to the land. He enjoyed both the gifts the others gave, though he tended to favor more on Isiris than Fergo. The two gods got along well, Isiris letting her gift rain from above over the soil so the vines of bright green and arboreal lanscapes could form. Fergo did not like being pushed aside, considering how well the other two were having it. Fires began to rise and Fergo took to the land, setting anything green and full of life ablaze. Naturally, it angered Isiris, the beautiful treasures the other two had created together turned back to ash. She lashed out at Fergo, bringing a tempest of water and ice down on him. She nearly put out his flame. By the time he was standing at death's door Isiris calmed herself. The darkening skies above reminded her that they were not here to lay waste to each other. Without fire, there would have never been land for the tree's to grow. After the trees had grown life seemed to start to grow. So she spared Fergo, in return for him giving a inner fire to every creature venturing over this earth. But how were the creatures to come about? Naturally, they were born from the will of the three guardians of the moment. But without a fourth member the dragons were failing. They were not strong enough alone to create such life. It required the flowing energy of four souls continuously to keep it up. All three had already decided to give up their mortal selves to help keep the world alive. They just needed one more.

      The three sent out on a mission, to search the newfound land to find their last brethren. They knew he was somewhere, the tingling sensation of energy still lingering in all their hearts. They searched the valleys first, coming up with little but more pools of water. By the time the trio had reached the highest peak, they had given up hope. But up on that hill, amongst the ice and the frost, they all felt a tingling of something against their scales. An unfamiliar chill, soft and somehow comforting. But when reaching for it, their claws came up empty, like whatever the substance was kept slipping through their fingers. Out of the fluffy and still white clouds came a winding figure, long body winding around the free space. He moved off the ground effortlessly, his body coiling and winding down towards the peak of the mountain. Jilasan, the goddess of the wind. Her body appeared lithe and attractive, however no wings did she carry, nor heavy plated scales. A single set of legs sprouted at the front of her body, following up to a sleek head not adorned with jewelry or horns. A long line of thick hair grew down her back, and as she moved every inch of her light grey body seemed to catch in the light. All three of the land dragons were in awe. She flowed with such grace, such skill, almost like she had been born with it. Yet when the dragoness drew close, they could feel the winds pick up more, her front claws landing on the peak. Her dark three toed claws sunk into the fresh snow. Fergo was the first to reach out to her. Charmed by the new dragoness, he expressed his thoughts of her beauty and grace, to which she stated that she know not why the force obey her, she simply knows it is hers. She was quite shocked that there were others like her. When Isiris, the more level headed one since she wasn't thinking of trying to woo the new dragoness' feelings, approached her she explained why they had come. They wished to give life to the world. To have others like them, so that one day they would follow in the footsteps of them and keep this world alive. They had their way of surviving, and wonderful lands to explore. They had the fire in their bellies and their hearts that fueled them, now all they needed was wind beneath their wings. Jilasan, mostly charmed by Isiris' dedication to this world, agreed quite quickly to devote herself. She had been roaming the skies alone for decades, and living on with people who loved the world as much as she did made her own heart leap with joy.

      And so, on that very peak did they burrow, creating a cave system they called Illani. This was where the four of them lived for a short while. They prepared this world for new life, and their own departure. Creatures of other kinds had already been forming, not ones in their likeness but things suitable for mortal bodies to live on. Each created their own den, where they where to give themselves up to the spirits. Jilsan made a room that looked as if it was empty, though through small holes a whirlwind of air would rush in and out of the room. It could be as soft as a breeze, or as violent as a windstorm. Isiris made her room deep and hollow, filling it with the finest water she could offer. Fergo filled his room with pouring pits of lava, the same substance that ignited his own fire within. And Ignatus filled his room to the brim with life, vines hanging off of every corner. Each with their own room to go to, so the children could live on each in their name. Some would follow one and some the other. And so there they sat, and gave up their bodies. They turned to stone. Jilsan's statue still swirls around the room, large body twisting and curving throughout. Her claws still hold onto a large orb at her feet. Isiris is said to be at the back of her room, tail draped gently into the pool while her maw is still open to this day, flowing crystal clear and pure water through it and into the basin below, which houses all sorts of life. It is said if you drink from the pool, or look at your reflection you can feel her guiding spirit follow you. Ignatus was happily relaxed under a tree, and vines now grow from his elk like horns. His strong bark created face still carries a youthfulness to it. Fergo was positioned emerging from the boiling pits of lava, maw open and roaring at the heavens. It's said if you can put your soul into a roar, you can hear him roar back from the other side.

      After the passing of the four dragons, others started to appear all over. Most were brought up by the will of the previous four, but some others were more unique than others. The child of Jilsan and Isiris is Naviris, goddess of the moon. She rises in the night sky, giving a calming light to the world, and at the same time moving the worlds bodies of water. As a lesser god, she first roamed the world as a simple dragon, living under everyone else. It is a ritual that each dragon must visit the Illani to receive their blessing. Each dragon would get a blessing from one of the eight great dragons. Not long after the four dragons passed, the four creators rooms were revealed slightly above that, each room decorated respectively for each god. It is said you can feel the pull of your guardian. Some its faint, and for others they cause the fire to erupt from the belly of each dragon. Some had seen the dragons almost stir, but when Naviris walked into the room, she couldn't tell where to go. She was being pulled both up to the four gods, and towards Isiris. She shook her head and went to Isiris' room. The statue lit up, the fountain of water halting. A roar rose to the air. The rock around her shook. The statue burst into life, Isiri's glistening teal eyes staring back at her before another more distant roar came in. Bursting through behind her came Mortar, his large expanseful body of stars filling the room. Isiris cooed at him, and they seemed to nuzzle together slightly before they wrapped around Naviris. She could feel her crest glowing with wonder and pride. She watched the two dance around her, before they touched her forehead. Her soft fluffy forehead touched theirs, and they disappeared. A small dark blue crescent dawned her forehead, almost shimmering in the light. Her white fur seemed to glow. The dragons who saw her walking out swore they could see Isiris and Morter soaring happily through the sky around the mountain as she walked. The clouds cleared and out came Naviris, fur shining in the moon along with the rest of her long scaled body. They swore she looked like a god. All the dragons bowed before her, praising her as the new goddess. And so underneath the second four did Naviris make herself a den. She ruled many days on earth, but one day she knew her time had come. Lying inside the cavern, in the middle of a full moon Naviris gave herself up to the heavens, becoming one with her forefathers.

      Such the cycle went on, god after god coming along. All was well in the lands, and as each god was born the variety of dragons did increase. Some looked more like birds than dragons, some didn't even have legs, some had many sets of legs. Soon dragons came in all shapes and sizes, and the land was plentiful. As many dragons as there were, a few humans appearing on earth, at first they were curious about these large creatures. Some of the creatures disliked the small frail fleshy new creatures, while others found they were great at doing small chores that displeased the dragons. A select few, the Successors, were very indifferent about the new creatures. New creatures came along all the time. But when a few started clinging to the backs of their kind, the Successors had to step in. At first they used their powers to banish the humans to a far off corner. They were in no shape to fight against creatures of fire. And so there they stayed.

      The humans were in constant fear of the dragons for years, until a chaotic cloud started sweeping across the nation. First, it was only a spark, squabbling in the lower regions. Murmurs of dragons going wild. The Successors had noticed that something was beginning to take over the land. And one night, the murmurs turned into chaos. Erupting from the earth, dragons of swirling black shadows and putrid red flame rose up, seemingly out of nowhere. The dragons fled, taking to the skies. They called it the Great Purge. When the sun rose again the ground was laid to waste. The creatures, far from fearing the sun, took to the skies. Among them, waiting in front of the sun with her black wings poised at the ready. Mirage, the goddess of Chaos.

      Mirage laid waste to the land, vowing vengeance on the mortal world. Mirage had once been a dragon of great proportions. She was said to be great, and powerful, and most likely a successor of the First Four. But on the day of her choosing, she could feel nothing. She was empty. She was the only empty they had ever seen. She was quickly banished in fear of her power. She spent her years building an army, and when the time was right, and there was no moon in the sky she attacked. For a few long years the dragons lived in fear. Some even connected to humans, resenting their fear. But the belief was they were still above them. The successors focused on banishing Mirage and banish her they did.

      The battle was epic, one that got written into the stars. The Successors bonded together and sealed Mirage into her own cosmic prison, where she would stay for all eternity. The dragons, now rejoicing and happy, found themselves beginning to rebuild society. And about halfway into that came The War of the Races. The humans had had enough of being slaves. They revolted. In the time the dragons had been hiding the humans had found their weaknesses. As a mob they took over the dragon's land, and pushed them out.

      Time went on and soon humans started forming societies. As the numbers of humans grew, the dragons dwindled. With barely enough left to have successors, the seal is breaking, and Mirage is slowly creeping back.

    • Warning-Some gods are loosely based on photos, others are combinations, some have none.
      Fiore-God of Life
      Fiore is the dragon of life. He takes on many different forms, most of them white. It is said his scales shimmer like gold. His large wings let the light through, and it is said not only does he cause things to grow or glow in his presence, he brings along the light of day. His feathered wings never seem to dull. Long and nimble body, more fluffy than scaly. He is almost birdlike.
      Angelic Dragon

      Morter-God of Space
      Morter is the god of the galaxy. His stature is the largest of them all and it's said his wings reflect the stars. With a dark skin speckled with some different colors, Morter is mostly black. He sports large horns that are layered like the rest of his body, fanning out in almost a solid webbed pattern. His tail ends in a curved mound like a scorpion. His wings match the rest of his body, dark and thick, its a wonder how he can even fly with how heavy they look. The only thing stretching through the skeletal structure is a thin web of a wing that from below lets him blend to the stars. He uses his wings as front legs, and only has a pair of back legs to support himself.
      Zodiac Dragon . Scorpio

      Archeus-God of Time



      A large dragon of green, her


      Mortana-Godess of Death
      Dark and brooding, Mortana's body is dark and soft, her scales flexible and smooth like a snakes. She has two long twisting horns on her head, and fluffy long hair that runs down her back. Small dim grey lights run along her spine, tail, and bones of her wings. She has three sets of legs and grey speckling around her face and body. Her tail ends in a tuff of fur, and her ears flick around like a horse, long and nimble, and slightly fluffy. She is quite calm despite being solitary, and enjoys watching life's work. Very depressed, can sometimes be sent into a manic.

      Death Dragon

      Earl-God of Tea
      Earl is a kind, wispy dragon. One of the smallest dragons, he is quite common. His room is small, and is filled with tea leaves. He has small stubby front legs, and has small tuffs of grey fur. His body ends in whips of steam. When he's around, it always smells like tea, and people find themselves very relaxed. He doesn't have many powers, but boiling water is one, and creating perfect tea being another.
      Earl grey tea dragon (open)

      Mirage-Goddess of Chaos
      Ripped up, horned, cracked skin, Mirage oozes red and black light. Her grey skin is leathery and sharp, almost everything ending in points. Her wings are a subtle red and black color, ripped in many places yet somehow she still flies. A horrible mutation, she has four sets of large horns adorning her head, along with one in the center. She has adornments of bones and small skulls hanging from both her neck and horns. She has four pairs of legs, a massive body, her legs seem like they are loosing flesh yet she powers through tree's like they're twigs. Her body ends in a thin tail with long spines, which is often thrashing around. It splits about halfway down, doubling the damage. She seems to have six eyes, the bottom left seems to constantly ooze a black substance that glows slightly red.
      Death Dragon

    • Successors and gods are the only dragons who are in tune with the originals. They can often go into states of deep meditation to try and reach for help. All gods have one special talent, and they excel so well no one can match them. Successors are highly trained in their gods power, but may also have elements of other gods, and sometimes see or receive guidance from them as well. This mostly applies to lesser gods.
      Ex: Fergo's successor could also be partially able to draw up columns of light to distract and blind enemies temporarily.
      Successors and Gods are the only ones who can entice a reaction out of the statues in Illani. Gods will cause a reaction from their connecting gods. Ex: Naviris entices both Isiris and Mortar, as her powers rule over the moon which controls ties, and is both a mass in space, and a physical stretch of earth.
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