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Hello, I am Ice. Nice to meet you. I've been writing and role playing for over 6 years. I am looking to start some 1x1 role-plays with a partner who is well-versed in the English language and enjoys the genre of the roleplay. I will write the ideas I have down. Some will just be pairings/fandoms, while others will be a fleshed out story I have.

Most ideas I have can be for a character of any sex, unless detonated


Fallout Universe
Survivor X Survivor

Game of Thrones/Anything Feudalistic
War Hero X Nobel (M X F)
War Hero X Nobel in Hiding (M X F)

Star Wars Universe
Jedi in Hiding X Mercenary

Percy Jackson Universe
Greek Hero X Roman Hero
Greek Hero X Greek Hero

Zombie Apocalypse
Survivor X Survivor
Bandit Gang Member X Survivor

Original Idea(s)

Cancer Patient X Friend (M X F)
This takes place in a high school setting. You will play a girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her personality and history is up to you. On the other hand, I will play a guy who doesn't really have any good friends in school. However, he is acquainted and accepted by most people in school. He ends up hearing about the girl being diagnosed with cancer and decides to talk to her. Not out of pity, but in order to get to know her better, well before her death. They should strike up a friendship, maybe a romance.

Trouble Maker X Smart Student (M X F)
My character is considered to be terrifying due to his glare, strength, and demeanor; however, on the inside he is a sweetheart, but rarely shows it. After being suspended from school,and after he refused to show up at school once the suspension finished, your character comes to give him notes from class and try to convince him to come back to school. He immediately attempts to befriend her. Start of a romance or doomed friendship?

Let me know if any of the ideas are interesting to you.
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I would be interested in Trouble Maker x Smart Student, if you're still looking. :)


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Hello! I would like to do the Trouble Maker x Smart Student RP if you're still looking. I would choose the other but it has potential triggers for me (a family member recently died from cancer and I'm still struggling with it) but if you have any other original ideas that you would like to do please let me know!
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