Ice or hot coffee?

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Make your choice

  1. Iced coffee (frappe, ice Capp, ice mocha, etc)

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  2. Hot coffee (Cafe au lait, cappuccino, latte, etc)

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  1. assuming you are a coffee drinker, which would you rather have? Also assuming the temperature is middling and the weather is also neutral (like, half sun half cloud)
  2. Iced coffee. Cold. Smooth. Creamy.

    It's probably why it tears it's way through my intestines. But it's still delicious.

    Starbucks has pre-sweetened iced coffee. Add water and ice. A splash of creamer and aaaaaah. Need one now.
  3. I'm a sucker for iced coffee on hot days.
  4. Hot Coffee.
    Yes, even in 100 degree weather.
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  5. Hot, cold, doesn't matter to me. Coffee is delightfully delicious. ;D
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  7. Hot coffee is the only real kind :)
  8. I prefer my coffee to taste like lava. If it's not hot enough to melt my table and set my home on fire, it's too cold for my tate.

    I love me a Starbucks milkshake though. I can't deny that. xP
  9. Hot coffee 90% of the time, I've got a particular soft spot for mocha coffee. Cold coffee drinks are yummy the remaining 10% ^^
  10. Hot. All day any day.

    I mean iced is not as bad as ice tea (mostly due to cream) but the loads of sugar thrown in on top of caffeine makes it akin swallowing a timebomb.

    Also I like my coffee black. So. Yeah...
  11. I don't feel right in my skin without at least one cup of hot coffee (ok, so I may have a problem!) no matter the weather. I do also like iced coffee, but as its own thing, not as a substitute for "real" coffee.
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  12. Intravenous, please.
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  13. Iced. Anything hot will either make my stomach upset or I will burn my mouth. I hate soup, hot tea/coffee/cocoa... iced it is, even in the dead of winter.
  14. I prefer my coffee iced, but I'll drink it any way I can get it! :D
  15. Iced, all the time, every single time. When it comes to hot coffee I can just never seem to find a middle ground, it's either too strong or too weak; but with iced coffee, it's always just how I like it.

    Edgar Cayce, has said it is bad for us to mix Milk/Cream with coffee. That coffee should be taken black. Though it maybe a drink, our body coffee as a food. And is very good for us black.

    BUT! As much as I love the man, that will not stop me. I will take my coffee with milk.
  17. I tend to prefer it hot. But I won't drink hot coffee when it 120 outside lol
    Unless it's really early in the morning and the sun hasn't toasted the world yet, then it's still good hot.
  18. Iced. Caramel. Orgasm. In my mouth.
  19. STARBUCKS' WHITE MOCHA FAPPUCCINO, WITH 3 SHOTS ESPRESSO/COCONUT MILK, NO WHIP CREAM! THAT IS MY DRUG OF CHOICE! I go to mine so regularly, I don't even have to say anything. When they see whites of my eyes, someone has already started making it..OR! if they see me getting out of the car, they will start making it. True story! No Lie!

    P.S.! @God I love your pen-name, and your title status, they are just so diametrically opposed. Mind you am not an Atheist, nor do I have any certain religion that I follow..I just personally believe in a God. BUT HELL! When something is funny and clever, I have to say so! <3
  20. <3 much respect.
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