Ice of War

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  1. When the God of Shadows fell in love with a mere Princess and gave up his immortality for her, the Sun God grew angry and refused to shine on the Shadowlands anymore. In doing so, the Moon Goddess showed mercy upon the abandoned land. She thought it was romantic that the Shadow God had given up his very essence for such a woman, and thus his lands deserved to be watched over.

    After seeing the lovechild of Shadow and Fire, the Sun God decided to forgive them. He let his light upon the Shadowlands once more and was in awe of the beauty that had transpired during his absence. The flowers glowed under Moon's light, the trees also shown in her beauty. The Sun instantly felt foolish, but the Moon didn't fault him for it. Instead, she chose to love him. They combined their energies together and gave them to one of their most loyal Priestesses, who carried and bore the child. She raised the precious Prince within the Essol Castle walls, safe from any of the harm the war might have brought upon them. She acted as his immediate mother, though the Priestess did mind his true parents still. She was honored to serve them in such a way.

    The young Prince Cydel was energetic, if not rambunctious. He insisted on going to every meeting with the High Guards, even if he wasn't quite sure what was going on. He made them explain to him so he could understand, and so he was introduced very early to the war. The more he learned about it, the more serious he became. At the tender age of nine, he was ordering protections on the border and provisions for the refugees. Fourteen years later, he now had a stone-cold exterior, despite the warm elements of Light he'd been born under.

    "Slann," Cydel greeted his adviser without looking up. He'd been standing at the war table in the council room for hours now, deliberating over the next moves they should make. Dawn's Ice was closing in on them, and they needed to act soon.

    "Majesty," the adviser bowed to him. "Priestess Echea worries you have not eaten."

    "I am fine," he replied absently, walking to the North side of the table. Perhaps he'd think of something from a different angle... "I will be down in minutes."

    "Yes, Majesty. But, you said that hours ago. Our King has almost set," he added, motioning to the sunset happening on the horizon.

    At that, Cydel finally lifted his head to gaze at the sun. His neck was sore, but he showed no signs of it. "I see... Then I shall come now."

    "Also, I have some news, your Highness," the adviser added, and continued at the Prince's stare. "The oracles have found where the Shadow Queen and her child are. We can go fetch them-"

    "No. I will go," the Prince said, seeming much more animated than before. There was a spark in the Prince's eye that his adviser hadn't seen since he was a child. "You may accompany me, Slann. You know more about that world than I do. But we must go quickly. Dawn will be here much too soon."

    "Yes, your grace," the adviser bowed deeply before leaving to make the necessary preparations.

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