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I have several favorite flavors, mostly by Ben & Jerry's. I think they make some amazing ice cream, very innovative and quality.

My favorite, at the moment, is probably their Strawberry cheesecake. It is amazing stuff.

What is your favorite ice cream...Brand and flavor?

Breyers maple walnut or breyers french vanilla. Both are absolutely delicious.
Cookies and Cream! Childhood favourite that still lives on. Don't care what the brand is. XD

I am a big ice cream lover, though. I will seriously eat any flavour!!! Except peach, because of my allergy.
Cookies and Cream.

A close second is Mint Chocolate Brownie.
Caramel and pecans is evidence of infinity.
I get a different pint of ice cream every time I go buy groceries. XD

My current favorites are the Mud Pie and Cheesecake Brownie! I also like Irish Cream... French Vanilla, Cherry Garcia, Mint CHocolate Chip, Dark Fudge Chocolate, Mocha Latte..

eer... I just really like ice cream. ._.;
Although most any ice cream is good, my two favorites are both Blue Bell specialties: Moo-llenium Crunch and Happy Tracks.
I have moo-lenium crunch in my fridge right now... creepy.

My favorite flavors are chocolate and cotton candy icecream together.

Shut up, it's delicious to me.

Also, Mint icecream is yummy, and coffee or "French silk" icecream is DELICIOUS.

I love icecream, though actually, my favorite thing is DIPPIN DOTS.


This is one of my favorite flavors: Rainbow Ice.
It's all about Ben & Jerry's for me too! That stuff is heavenly. My favorite is a constant tossup between Imagine Whirled Peace (sweet cream and caramel ice creams with fudge and toffee bits) and Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream (vanilla with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl). SO GOOD
Brand-wise, I'm not picky. But my all time favorite flavor? CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH.
Cookies and Cream or Double Dutch. And then there's Mint with Choco Chips.

Brand wouldn't matter as long as it pleases me.
Looks like Cookies and cream is the favored flavor!

@ Char - Yea Dude, I LOVE that "American dream" flavor.
Ooooh and my fav Ben and Jerry's is Phish Food.
I go through phases with Ben&Jerry's, for a while it was the "Smore" then it was their "Milk and cookies" <<<,Freaking amazing!
I admit, I only have 4 faves. Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange Sherbet and Neopolitan.
None of you have mentioned PEPPERMINT CANDY CANE! I wait all year long for the holidays so I can get that ice cream! I also love cold stone creamery ice cream, mint fudge brownie
Yes, Peppermint candy cane is amazing. I had that not too long ago. Another good Holiday flavor is 'Hot Coco'