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    The year is now 2245, Earth as we know it is in shambles. Nuclear war after Nuclear war has left the land decimated and the atmosphere almost unlivable. There are few who have survived by living in well-maintained vaults under the ground. Long before the wars had officially started a prophet by the name of Oma Mioati spoke about a prophecy she had foreseen:

    "When the fabric of dimensions rips apart,
    Only the ones with the divine heart,
    May wield the power to build a new,
    An expanse for them and their people too."

    One eccentric scientist by the name of Xristofer Jurgatt, had a suddenly inspiring idea to transform volunteers into these divine heart beings that could help the forsaken people. He selected only the best and wealthiest to aid his research and experiments. Not a moment too soon did he disappear with them into his underground laboratory.

    Now several years later, you the volunteer, awakens in the cryo chambers Dr. Jurgatt emerged you in after several painless tests. Before you were put into a frozen state, Dr. Jurgatt urgently explained for you to find him after you have awoken. This is the very first thing you should do. The chambers are clustered together in a tight group, beyond this is several lab tables and equipment. Up into the far right corner is the door to Dr. Jurgatt's office. There were other people with you when you went under, what will you do?

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  2. [​IMG]

    All was quiet and calm in the lab, a few comers and goers, assistants that would check the cryo tanks every so often if ever. Memories of that day, whispers in the minds of those who knew the harsh reality, where new dreams would bud and come true. The day that some particular specimens had been put in their containers was one day that none would forget.

    Two girls, one of which was barely old enough to be allowed to even be part of the experiment, stood hand in hand defiantly. Not parting from each other for more than a minute before they would start to fuss. The girls would not allow each other out of sight, and had, as always, had to be tested together, just like the many tests before. This was the final test though. And the researchers begged and begged them to separate. Though they had prepared for the worst case apparently.

    Aphrodesana and Valentina had explicitly said that they would have to do everything together. That even meant being put into the chamber's together. Everyone knew of their past, of their loss of their parent's. How they raised each other and worked really hard to stay together. So when it came time to have put them in, they were walked to the biggest chamber and asked to stand in the positions that they wanted to wake up. They decided to hug each other.

    When all was set and ready, everyone backed away and the caution alarm went off. They whispered in each other's ears, some last words before they relaxed into each other's arms. The door slowly shutting at Dr. Jurgatt urgently told them to come find him and then he ran off behind the yellow line right as the door closed. The moment the doors closed, was the moment they were frozen in time.

    Looking back on the whole situation. It was probably a good thing that they had been put in together. They would wake up together and be able to support each other if need be. Not that anyone but them thought about that. For the hundred and forty five years of sleep that they'd gotten being in the cryo chamber was going to leave them a little weak.

    Now it was 2245, and the first cryo chamber to open, would be the twins. The caution alarm went off again. This time to warn for opening doors and the cool air that would be coming out of the chamber. The sisters' first breaths back into the world mingled with coughs. The girls were shaking even in the thermal dresses they were given to wear to help them warm back up once they chamber had done it's duty.

    Slowly they started to walk out. Holding each other, though Valentina was doing more of the supporting while Aphrodesana was clinging. Tears stung their eyes as their eyes readjusted. But the worst of it all was the growling of their stomach from being empty for over 100 years.

    "Lentiiii.. they better have a buffet set up for us" Ro complained as her stomach wouldn't stop growling.

    "Now now Affy." Lenti smiled. "I'm sure they'll feed us, but don't you remember we have to go see the doctor. He seemed to think it was important for us to go see him right after we woke up."

    Ro slapped Lenti's arm. "Don't call me that!" she pouted even more and whined when her stomach grumbled again. "Well fine! But he better make it quick or I'm going to have to chew on his fingers... or something!"

    Lenti just laughed and kissed Ro's cheek and helped her to stand up straighter. "Just nibble on mine if it get's to that point. At least I won't mind." She smiled.

    Pouting, Ro re-laced her finger's in her sister's. "Not gunna happen. You know I can wait a bit.. But.. not too long." She bit her lip. Hoping she could handle it just for a talk. Maybe he'd have something to snack on? Even just a piece of candy or a mint to keep the hunger at bay for a moment?

    They looked around and wondered for a moment, but said together at the same time, "Must be in the office." And they started to make their way up to the solitary room at the end of the walkway. Passing by a few other containers that looked like they were about to go off.

    Ro smiled at her sister, "Wakey wakey every body." They giggled and kept on moving forward towards the beginning of their journey.

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  3. From the beginning Arianna understood little of what was actually occuring in the lab. Between the various tests, and the (to her) rather abhorrent conditions. Ari held a bit of disdain for going through it. Only one thing held true in her mind and drove her forward; the pursuit of perfection. From a young age, Ari had seen the inherent imperfections in humanity. Our lack of physical prowess, or inability to keep up with nature's strongest, Ari found it odd that humans were considered the top of the food chain. The only quality she ever truly admired was the power of the human mind. Perhaps it was this attraction to the mind and all things relating to it that brought her to the program; a place of science.

    Despite Ari's obvious disdain for the human body, she would still treat others with civility, as it was in her interest to not distance herself from others. That would leave her alone, and she had already tasted of that cup one too many times. During the tests Ari would follow every order to the T, striving to be the perfect subject. She would even become angry with herself for not being prepared ahead of time for any repeated tests. But, over time, she grew used to the environment of the lab. Then, came the day for the final test. She was to be frozen. As they asked her to get in a position to awaken in, she stood, with perfect posture, as if she were having a long-exposure photograph taken. It was just before she was to be frozen that Dr. Jurgatt came and told her to find him as soon as she had awoken. She nodded, and prepared herself.

    One hundred and forty five years later, the first thing Arianna heard was the depressurizing hiss of the cryo-chamber opening. Followed by a voice, "Wakey wakey every body". Immediately after hearing that Ari mentally berated herself for not being the first to awaken. She stepped out of the cryo-chamber and slowly managed a smile, trying to hold in coughing as it would break her poise.

    "We are to meet Dr. Jurgatt, no? Shall we not keep him waiting?" She got out these words before finally her throat gave way and she coughed to the side.
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  4. [​IMG]

    It had taken much persuasion to get Ophelia on board with the experiment. She hadn't wanted to leave her small group of friends and family. Seeing as she had always been drawn to help others, it wasn't surprising that she would want to stay. But eventually, after much huffing and a few tears, the young woman decided to go. At first, at the beginning of all the tests, Ophelia had wanted to scream as she thought about how many people on the outside world would be needing help. She didn't care whether it was mental or physical, she just wanted to be there. Ophelia was spoken to occasionally, and after about three lectures, she had managed to get it through her head that she had to stay here. And, she had volunteered. It wasn't like she was forced to do anything.

    When faced with her final test, Ophelia already knew she would be doing something good later on in her life. She sensed this, of course; she hadn't been directly told that she would be doing anything amazing. She was placed in a cryogenic chamber and told to get into the pose she would like to wake up in. So, the young woman decided to close her eyes and fold her hands in front of her, standing perfectly straight. She looked quite serene. One hundred forty-five years later, Ophelia was unfrozen. She stood there for a moment, listening to the others that had awoken speak. "Oh... What?" Lia said, quite groggily, as she stepped out of the chamber. It was like she had just been in a deep sleep, woken up by an alarm clock. The redhead watched the others walking towards the office and decided to follow.
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  5. [​IMG]

    It had been years, who knows how long, since Nadia had been shoved into this freezing cold tube to wait, and wait till someone opened it up. And today was apparently the day. Opening her frost laden eyelashes, Nadia looked around her, trying to find something to distinguish where she was or what year it was. But all she could see were muddled shapes through frosted glass. Caution sirens slowly came into earshot, as her system began to wake up.

    A sharp groan came from Nadia's throat, and as the door opened she let out a series of sharp coughs, her lungs not quite used to the warm air outside her cryofreeze tube. "Ouch." She grumbled, her feet wobbling a bit underneath her. It had been so long since she had used her muscles, she had to flex her fingers and toes to remind herself that those were still attached to her body. Her senses felt heightened, which might have been because of the tube, or the experiment. Either way it was weirding her out. Hearing a cheery voice calling everyone awake, Nadia looked around and noticed that she was the last one up. "Great...." She grumbled, rubbing her cold eyes again. "Well it looks like I am the last one up, for now." She grumbled, walking forwards with some unease.

    The floor under her feet felt boiling, slowly singing away the cold skin as she walked. "How do ya do strangers." She said sarcastically, looking at the rest of the being around her. "Isn't this lovely. Here we all are, just standing here. What are we even waiting for? Let's get a move on, I don't want to stay in this freezing room anymore. It's bringing back dark memories." She said, rubbing her hair which was currently tied up in a bun atop her head. She decided to keep it that way, because there was no way she was getting that tie out without breaking it before it thawed.

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  6. [​IMG]

    Dr. Jurgatt was thrilled to hear the caution alarm going off at precisely the right time he had set it. He of course had already experimented on himself long before this, so his life would never end. This allowed him to lovingly observe the cryo chambers years after the subjects had been frozen. His office was in the very back of the laboratory and he had kept his door open specifically at this time to make sure the subjects knew to come in.

    Excitement overtook the man, however, and he dashed out from behind his desk and into the doorway of his office. He was thrilled to see all subjects alive and well (all be it cold). Of course, the subjects didn't know that it was only him left. His scientists chose not to undergo any experiments and they died with most of the humans in the war. But that was no matter now, he was more than capable of directing his subjects rightly. He clasped his hands in front of him eagerly observing their movements and talking.

    The experiments he had conducted before they were frozen was indeed successful. He could already tell that all of them had immortality and that they were divine in their own right. He only hoped they could save what was left of the humans. Dr. Jurgatt cleared his throat before addressing the now close subjects.

    " Ah, you all look wonderful. Thank you, so much. If you couldn't tell already, your life is different now. All of you will never feel the embrace of death. As well, depending on you individually you may have unique powers waiting to be unlocked within you. I'm sure all of you have many questions, but first you all must eat. It has been long and I bet you are hungry. Follow me through my office into a special room, I have prepared it as a feast for your awakening. "

    As they all neared his office he turned on his foot and beckoned for the group to follow. He took them into a secret passageway hidden by his bookcase and that hall led to a gigantic room full of hot food that had been prepared only an hour prior. There was a table for all of them to sit at and Xristofer sat at the head.
    "Now, one at a time..tell me how you all are feeling?"

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    The girls giggled more as they walked on, hearing that the other containers and more people were waking up. They weren't standing still though, they were in motion. Always in motion. Almost as if there was a dance that only they were invited to. Their vibrant eyes looking around the lab. It looked a little dusty, and some things looked like they could use some attention. It was weird how empty the place was.

    Ro and Val had no clue why everyone kept saying they were standing around. The sisters were already on their way towards the office. But that was okay. People were groggy, they were hungery, and some were probably grumpy from all the time they had spent sleeping. Ro just smiled and Lenti chuckled.

    It was Lenti who spoke up first to the other's. "You're the ones just standing around! Get you're butt's up here. Team meeting!" She giggled some more.

    "Yeah! Team meeting! And hopefully some food!" Ro giggled. The girls were holding hands. They always seemed to be inseperable!

    As the girls got closer to the door to the office, they were almost knocked over with the surprise of the Doctor just popping out of the room. Looking.. Just about as old as he did when he had put them in the chambers. Odd. The sister's looked at eachother confused and then looked back to the Doctor as he spoke.

    Never feel the embrace of death? Unique powers. They recalled him going over something like this before, but it still felt weird to hear it as if it were a fact. How could one tell if another was truely imortal. Maybe the Cryo chamber's just stopped their time and made it look like they might never age.

    It was rediculous to think that nothing would change over hundreds of years right?

    But Ro's thought's were distracted by the fact that the Doctor seemed to think it would be better to talk over a meal. Ro squealed with joy and Lenti just smiled with a soft chuckle.

    "Just the words I wanted to hear Dr. Jurrgaut!" Ro jumped and hurried to follow the Doctor. Dragging Lenti along with her.

    "Ro! Ro! Chill sweety! The food isn't going to just dissappear!" She giggled and they took seat's next to each other at the table. Lenti next to the Doctor and then Ro one down the line.

    Ro was litterally salavating once she got into the room amd was bouncing in her seat. She had grabbed an apple for now, knowing that Lenti would be mad if she went off and grabbed a whole bunch of food right off the bat. Though she was secretly hoping that the Doctor would tell them it was okay to walk around the room to grab food while they talked!

    Then the first question from the Doctor's lips fell. How were they all feeling? Ro and Lenti looked at each other and then at the others that had come in after them.

    Ro spoke up first. "Hungry!" She bit into her apple and crunched on it for a bit. "And a little tired.. Though that doesn't really make sense! Since we slept for so long!" She giggled

    Lenti smiled at her sister and pet her head, "Disorriented a bit, a little worried. My senses are on overdrive.. between all that, I can understand why Ro's so tired." She smiled softly at everyone one at the table. "Though I was really glad that I woke up with Ro, or I would have been a lot more freaked out."

    "Lentiiii!" Ro blushed at her sister, "You ar... are sooo embarrassinnng" She blushes more. "S.. Stop petting my head please.." She looked down at the table.

    Lenti chuckled. "You're just as embarrassing little sis, but I'll stop petting you.. For now." She smiled softly. The teasing in her voice evident. And it was made more evident in the pouting face that Ro had. She took another, loud bite of her apple as the sister's listened to the other's responses.

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  8. [​IMG]

    Ophelia wrapped one of her red curls around her finger absently, walking towards Doctor Jurgatt. Her left eye twitched a few times, and then the spasms moved to the hand hanging at her side. She shook it, attempting to make it stop. It didn't really work, but the twitching did become less violent. The woman droned out most of what he said, accidentally of course, only hearing the words "death", "powers", and "feast". She perked up as the group was led to a room full of food. Although some of the others had sat down with the Doctor, Ophelia walked around and picked at the food. Everything tasted so good!
    The redhead finally sat down opposite from the sisters, on Dr. Jugratt's other side. She looked over at him as he asked his question. She noticed how he hadn't aged since the last time she had seen him. Her vision became blurry as she got deeper in thought. How exactly did she feel? Then, a response slid from her lips. "Groggy, helpless, and confused. I was hungry, but uh, I went and ate a few things." Lia blushed slightly, then smiled sweetly.
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