(IC) Sword Art Online: A story of a group of players.

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    The day had finally come, thousands of players finally got their hand on the first VRMMORPG and just the first few thousand copies were sold in no time, all the players started playing and like with every MMO there was a huge variety of players, not all were hardcore players. The game started normally for everyone or better saying as normal as VRMMORPG would get it was a far distant dream a few years ago and everyone was excited. When most players were logged in, creating their characters and playing their first hours of the game a few noticed that something was of already, others realized the second they were teleported into the first city of the game, they heard about how the game had a rather odd feature, nobody would be able to log off until they beat the game and if they would die they couldn't just respawn they would be dead, not just inside of the game, but also in the real world. Now it was upon those players to beat the game and find their way back into their lives, but not everyone was interested in leaving this world and others would also not believe this was real...but what will the inhabitants of this new world do with their chance?

    Yukio looked at the ground, what he just heard couldn't be true! They were trapped, in this world...he had to take care of his sisters, his parents would not be home for another hour. He calmed himself down as he sat on a bench, most other players were freaking out even more than him and he decided to leave this place, it was too much for him to see everyone go crazy. Yukio made his way out of the city and out to the road, he knew it was important to level up, but he was lost at this point, what should he do? He would die if he lost to a monster.
    "Damn it! Thats crazy! Madness!" he complained for a while before he fell on the grass and sighed, he just didn't know what to do, should he try to find a group, or go on alone?
  2. The second Nado realised that he was really trapped in this game he had a short panic attack. As soon as he calmed down he started overthinking the whole situation. To be honest, it wasn't sooo bad. He was the very best player in the world after all, so what could happen to him? Smiling that he would soon be able to show everyone how easy it would be to beat this game with him on their side he left the city.

    He wandered around a bit to see if there were any players worthy of grouping up with him, when he saw who he would soon know as Yukio sitting in the grass on a small hill.
    "Hey!" he called out to him. "Watcha doin?"
  3. Sighing, Akira had plopped down on the grass, watching the new players in the Town of Beginnings panic as they realized they couldn't get out. However it was odd. Very. Odd. She saw two figures, two males, conversing with each other. Liu leaned against a tree, letting out a deep breath as he tried again to log out of the fictional world. She brushed black hair out of her eyes, picking herself up and unsuccessfully trying to rouse her now snoring brother. Akira gripped the default weapon she was given, the though of approaching the two flashing in her mind. She shook it out, silently heading towards the boars that roamed the fields just outside the town's walls. In a flash of bright red, she dispatched it, watching the digital animal shatter into pixels. She glanced back up at her brother before sighing and beginning to approach the two players nearby.
  4. Yukio looked at the boy approaching him, he sighed and got up shaking the worries up and setting up a smile. "Hey there, I guess I'm still a little...confused...with the change to my life that just came up." he mustered the other person and realized someone else walking up, did he somehow draw that much attention? "I was just thinking if it is worth it to group up with more players since I doubt running of alone will work on a long way like this."
    He looked around the area, he would have to get up with farming soon, it was important to level up fast and not fall behind too far.
  5. "Well then you're speaking with the best person you could meet in that regard." Nado flashed a wide grin at him. "Grouping sounds like a lot of fun and I guess you could need some help." He noticed the person approaching them as well just a second later and soon realised it was a girl.
    "Hey there, would you like to join in on us? One can always use some extra beauty in a group. Even I can't make up for everything." He laughed cheerfully.
  6. Akira sighed and her cheeks turned slightly pink at the comment. She brushed some ebony black hair from her eyes and nodded. "Fine, but you may have to include my idiot of a brother, pointing the default sword towards the tree in which a figure lay, still snoring. "He might as well as gotten PK'ed by now with all his sleeping," She glanced back at them. "I'm Akira, and my brother's name is Liu. Nice to meet you." Akira said with half of a smile. Her smile flickered as she heard a couple of snorts and squeals.

    "Now, do you know how to use sword skills?" Grinning now, Akira gestured her thumb towards the digital animals roaming the field and lifted her sword. "If not, i'm going to teach you."
  7. "You want to show me something?" He snickered. "I know what I'm doing sweety." With a bright smile he added, "But thank you for considering me worthy your teaching mylady, even though that is obvious. I mean, who wouldn't want to do me a favor."
    He started walking towards the animals. "We should go farming and leveling though. Try to not fall too far behinded." He winked. Then he suddenly realised something.
    "Oh, I didn't even introduce myself yet. My name's Nado. You can call me sexy beast or simply Nade."
    He bowed slightly.
    "And might I get your name?" He called out to the guy he met first.
  8. Yukio sighed as Nado kept talking, he had an overflow of confidence apparently, but that wasn't entirely bad. "I'm Yukio, nice to meet you." he introduced himself to the other person as well and smiled as she explained she could teach him about the skills, he wouldn't mind some help actually, his eyes went to her brother, which indeed seemed to just sleep after hearing all this. "I want to get some tips then...I'm rather new to this game and I'm not too used to this game just yet."
    He got out his two handed sword.
  9. Mashiro hid her teary eyes under her red hood as she listened to the panics after the announcement.Like almost everyone there,she was quickly filled with fear,but she tried to put it behind her since fear will never get anyone anywhere.She wiped her tears with a hand and headed for the city's exit,keeping the hood on that hid her face and let the cape flutter behind her as she walked.There was no point in sticking around in the city.

    As she walked,she spotted a group of players in a distance."...a guild?" she mumbled to herself as she kept walking,still eyes on the group.She's not sure if she should join a guild or go solo,just like how she does on the other games she play.Guilds are nice and all,but if she goes solo,she would only worry about herself in battle.
  10. Akira tossed a pebble at the boar, attempting to get its attention. A small damage was inflicted on the animal's now slightly indented health bar. The boar charged at her, and Akira lifted her sword. A momentary flash of red appeared, and she was standing about six feet from where she was before, black hair blowing backwards from the movement. The pig froze and shattered into millions of pixels and a pleasant ding sounded, signifying she had increased her level to five. Akira turned back to the two boys and gave them a closed-eyed grin. "And that's a sword skill, boys." She had said before glaring at her sleeping brother stuck at the tree, still softly snoring.
  11. Yukio manage to use the skill as well, it was less of a big deal he simply lost some confidencey
    He smiled at the small group he somehow managed to get.
    "What are you guys planning to do? Will you go alone from here on?" His look went to his level, 4 was the current number displayed, he knew it would start going a lot slower from level 5 onwards.
    Yukio noticed another person approaching them and walked up to the girl, he smiled at her "H-hey!" It sure was a new thing for him to be in this world, but he tried to stay the same as in the normal world.
  12. "You call that a swordskill? Watch and learn." Nado finished off his own bear with an attack that looked much more spectecular - even though it was technically weaker. He didn't know that of course.

    "But don't worry, being as good as me is not easy, if not impossible. If you train hard enough and let me teach you some stuff, you will soon get better. Not perfect like me of course but improving shouldn't be hard especially for you." He winked.
  13. Mashiro stopped walking as she saw the guy walk up to her.She turned towards the other player and smiled back."Hello" she responded back.She would've pulled her hood off by now to reveal the rest of her identity,but she felt like her eyes were still a bit teary from earlier.She quickly followed her greeting up with a question."Um...did you need something?" she asked with a kind tone,her head slightly tilting to the side.
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  14. Yukio shook his head "Uhm...no...I really didn't wanto ask anything...I just had those two approaching me before and well I wanted to be first to say hello for once....if that makes sense..." he laughed awkwardly and scratched his head "I'm Yukio...nice to meet you.."
  15. "Oh,I see" Mashiro giggled,and at the same time wiping the tears off her eyes completely."Well,that's a nice thing to do.I'm..." she stopped midway.Introducing herself with most of her face hidden wasn't much of an introduction at all."I'm Mashiro.It's nice to meet you too,Yukio!" she smiled.She pulled her hood down as she said so,revealing her long brown hair and blue eyes that glimmered a bit because of the tears from earlier,though signs of her crying were unseen.
  16. "It was a tough day for everyone huh?" he smiled when he saw her wiping the tears, he didn't actually know if she did that, but he guessed it when she took of her hood and looked slightly stressed out too. "I hope we get along well, I hoped to find a group of players to go through this...I am not the best player and it would be useful." he turned to the others and spoke to them too about making a group. "Would you guys want to join a group? At least for the time being?"
  17. "First of all, I think we should farm here a bit and then scout out Floor 1.Also, my brother and I would like to join, especially if he can not sleep right now. I'll grind out some experience point and stop when I reach level 7 and wait for you two," Akira said thoughtfully. Her eyes kept snapping back to her brother sleeping still. She swore he was in a different position than earlier, he must have sleepwalked and came back. Akira said before her eyes returned to the new girl. "It's nice to meet you Mashiro. I'm Akira, and that man over there, is my idiotic brother Liu. If he tries to flirt with you, I'll knock his lights out." She turned back to Yukio, brushing black hair from her leaf green eyes. "Now excuse me as I wake up my brother," Akira said before marching up to the tree where her brother was laying.
  18. Mashiro simply gave an awkward smile at Yukio when he noticed her wiping her tears off."Mmh! I hope we do get along" She looked over at Akira,then shifted her glance to the sleeping Liu."I-I see..." she responded with an unsure smile.She wasn't sure if she should be thankful or be scared.Her face quickly lighted up when Yukio mentioned 'join a group'.Now that she thought about it,it would be a bit handy to be with some people...maybe just until they get more stronger and used to the environment."I-I'm willing to group up!" she said,looking up at Yukio with both her hands locked with each other."And to be less of a burden,I can cook for everyone!".Cooking was one of the skills she chose right on the start of the game,pretty much because she liked to cook in the real world as well.She wasn't quite sure how to cook complicated dishes in the game yet,but she knows that she would manage.
  19. "No... No... Where is she!" Again and again, Yosuke was checking for Erika's name. Every time it was not there. He then felt slightly hopeful, perhaps she hasn't joined yet! He then remembered that he had received a text before he even got his system... She was just about to start... She had already made her character then... "I... Can't... Believe this... I'm... isolated..." Though he was surrounded by other people, he felt alone, and powerless. What good was he without his only friend? Even when making his character, he had keeping her safe in his mind, and he failed that... "No... she isn't dead... She's not dead!" Distressed, and confused Yosuke ran outside of the town, tears falling on the streets behind him. The fields were flooded with people, as would be expected. He soon found a group of players, who all seemed to be discussing what they were going to do, they seemed surprisingly calm. "Have... Have any of you seen someone by the username, Kera?... Please... Please tell me she is alive..."
  20. Ari listened to the announcement that was made about how the players would not be able to leave unless they go through all the floors of the game, and she met the statement with a sigh. She shrugged before walking through the town with her hands behind her head, wondering what she would do now. It was obvious that she wouldn't be able to beat the game by herself, but she wasn't the sociable type. She was very shy, and it was shown. She walked out of the town, still contemplating her future actions but she didn't know what she would do. She saw a group of players by a hill and she decided that she would try to interact with them. Ari slyly walked over to the group before talking quitely.

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