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  1. [​IMG]
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    Current Date - Sunday, April 6th
    Current Event - Entrance Ceremony
    Current Time: 8:00 AM
    Current Weather: Sunny

    Task List
    Everyone enters the school
    Everyone collects assigned dorm room key, schedule, assigned class schedule, and assigned homeroom
    Everyone goes to their dorms to unpack
    Everyone goes to the assembly at 10:00 am
    Everyone goes to their dorms by 7:00 pm
    Everyone has lights out by 9:00


    School Calendar (open)

    Please note that this section is very unfinished and will constantly be changing as this roleplay grows and the story progresses

    Spring Break: March 26th - April 6th

    • Entrance Ceremony - April 6th

    First Trimester:April 7th - July 20th

    • First Day of School - April 7th
    • Club Day - April 10th
    • Measuring Day - April 20th
    • Golden Week - April 29th - May 5th
    • Picture Day - May 10th
    • Spring Festival - May 24th
    • Tanabata Festival - July 7th
    • END OF TRIMESTER EXAMS - July 16th
    • Athletics Festival - July 17th - 20th

    Summer Vacation: July 21st - August 31st

    • School-Wide Summer Trip - July 30th - August 5th
    • Obon Festival - August 15th

    Second Trimester: September 1st - December 24th

    • School Play - September 29th
    • School-Wide Test of Courage - October 31st
    • Culture Day - November 3rd
    • END OF TRIMESTER EXAMS - December 20th
    • Fundraiser Carnival - December 21st
    • Winter Formal - December 24nd

    Winter Break: December 25th - January 7th

    • New Years Obon Festival - January 1st

    Third Trimester: January 8th - March 25th

    • Valentines Day Celebration - February 14th
    • Valentines Dance - February 14th
    • Senior Prom - March 10th
    • White Day Celebration - March 15th
    • End of Year Exams - March 23rd
    • Graduation Day - March 25th

    School Schedule (open)

    Monday - Friday

    7:00 - 8:00 Breakfast
    8:00 - 8:25 Break
    8:30 - 9:20 First Period
    9:25 - 10:15 Second Period

    10:15 - 10: 30 Break
    10: 35 - 11: 25 Third Period
    11:30 - 12: 20 Fourth Period
    12:20 - 1:10 Lunch
    1:15 - 2:05 Fifth Period
    2:10 - 3:00 Elective
    3:00 - 4:00 Club
    4:00 - 5:00 Break
    5:00 - 6:00 Dinner
    Must be in rooms by 7:00
    Lights out by 9:00

    Weekends, Holidays, and Breaks

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are open to all students in cafeteria. But you do not have to as you are free to do as you wish on the weekends.
    Must be in rooms by 9:00
    Lights out by 11:00 - on Saturday
    Lights out by 10:00 - on Sunday

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  2. Alistair Cross

    ⇒ Current Mood: Excited
    ⇒ Current Location: Outside the school gates
    ⇒ Current Action: Obtaining his room key and other things
    ⇒ Currently Talking with: No one
    ⇒ Currently Mentioning: Izumi Yukiko Tojima, Vivan Lee Monroe @Wander

    Today was the first day of high school... Well almost the first day. Yet somehow, Alistair was extremely excited. In fact, he was so excited that he could feel the adrenaline running through his veins. He knew that Yuki-chan was going to this school and so he was glad that he'd be able to see him again. They were childhood friends after all... But speaking of friends, that reminded him of Vivian. He went to this school too, Alistair was certain about it. He was glad that he'd be able to talk with his friends again.... Oh how he missed them....

    But on a lighter note, he would also be able to make new friends! Oh how he just loved to make new friends. He enjoyed people a lot, so this school would definitely be in his element. All the clubs, all of the school activities, and the fact that he would be rooming with other people! All of it sounded just so perfect!

    So maybe that's why he was so excited for this school. He happily walked through the schools gates and approached one of the tables where the student council was giving everyone the information that they needed for the school year. His eyes lit up excitedly as he obtained the items and gripped his bags happily. He was officially a student at Rosedale!

    Izumi Yukiko Tojima

    ⇒ Current Mood: Slightly Nervous
    ⇒ Current Location: The Courtyard
    ⇒ Current Action: Walking to the dorms
    ⇒ Currently Talking with: No one
    ⇒ Currently Mentioning: No one


    Although the male was here last year.... He was actually a little nervous. What were the incoming freshmen like? Were they nice? Were they going to be mean? All of the thoughts were just killing him. He didn't know what to expect! In all honesty he just hoped none of them would bully him. As long as the other students didn't bother him, he was fine. Hopefully.....

    Although he was practically dreading everything, he was glad to be back. He liked how he could be so creatively expressive here without being judged. Or at least last year it was like that. He pushed the negative thoughts away as he stared at the dorm building. What would the other students in his dorm be like? He just hoped they were nice or at least didn't bother him.

    He let out a long breath, his hands shaking as they gripped onto his suitcases. Why did he have to be so nervous? This was supposed to be a safe place.... He let out another long, drawn out breath before slowly starting to walk to the dorms once more. This year was definitely going to be a challenge for the raven haired second year.

    Il-pyon Keitaro Park

    ⇒ Current Mood: Anxious
    ⇒ Current Location: Dorm Room 4
    ⇒ Current Action: Relaxing
    ⇒ Currently Talking with: No one
    ⇒ Currently Mentioning: No one


    So this was his last year... Il-pyon was quite glad about that. He could finally just be involved with himself again. Find a good university to go to. And he knew that once he was in uni no one would bother him unless they absolutely had to. He sat on the bed he had chosen in the spacious dorm room and sighed as he rested his back against the wall.

    But why was he in his dorm so fast? That was a simple question, he came extremely early. He wanted time to himself, just a while so he could unpack without eyes watching his every move. But now that he was alone his anxiety seemed to creep up on him, he knew he was sharing this dorm with others. He wondered who they were and what they were like.

    He sighed softly he didn't like thinking, it made him more nervous. He needed something to distract himself. So what did he do? He took out his violin. He was sure no one be coming in for a while, so if he couldn't bother anyone he could play at ease.

    He smiled softly at the beautiful instrument and quickly began to play one of his favorite song to play. It was a truly a beautiful piece. Of course it'd be nice to have the other instruments to accompany it and make it a truly beautiful piece of music, but he had to make do with what he had. The song was from a video game he quite liked. It was Zelda's lullaby from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

    Based off of this vid if you wanna hear it:

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  3. [​IMG]
    Current Mood ♦

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    Dorm Room Three

    Current Action ♦

    Currently Talking With ♦
    No one

    Currently Mentioning ♦
    Alistair Cross @xwolfex

    Sometimes he hated going away for the summer, because he had to pack up all of his stuff, only to unpack it once he got back. No, he didn't go visit his family. Oh, no, he went on a vacation. To America. Sometimes Vivian would visit his mothers grave, or sometimes he'd just relax. It didn't matter, he just did whatever he thought would keep him busy. It was always enjoyable, at least, until he got back. There were certain things he couldn't pick up, or place them where they had originally been because he was small. With that, he was also pretty much fragile. There was no need for the king to break a bone on the first day back, right? Humph.

    But hey, at least he came back. It was so tempting to just skip the whole year, but he knew that it really wouldn't be worth it to ruin his future career just because he didn't want to go to school. Which reminded him- for some reason-, who would be his new roommates this year? Vivian really hoped it wouldn't be the same assholes from last year. If it is, then he's going to immediately ask for a dorm change. But then again, he'd probably do that to anyone. Like someone he used to know, he believed the guy's name was... Alice? Alex? Alistair? Yeah, that was it. The guy annoyed him too the max, he was just so... So peppy, definitely too cheerful for him. But, then again, he'd also be so much better than the assholes. Still, he'd prefer to be alone more than anything to be totally honest. Apparently they didn't have enough dorms for that, which was a total lie, but he wasn't going to say anything about that.

    Vivian sighed softly, as he picked up yet another heavy box. It was filled with blankets, pillows, bedsheets, anything of that sort. Yes, he took that stuff with him, he couldn't use any of that nasty used stuff they gave you at Hotels. He refused to, they were just too gross for him. And every time he left the place he was staying at, Vivian would make sure to wash everything at least twice before feeling content that everything that could've possibly gotten onto it was gone.


    He sounded so OCD. Whoops. But he couldn't help it, just the thought of getting HIV or something really wasn't on his to-do list. No thank you.

    Current Mood

    Current Location
    The hallway, right in front of dorm room four

    Current Action

    Currently Talking With
    Il-Pyon Keitaro Park

    Currently Mentioning
    Il-Pyon Keitaro Park @xwolfex

    The hall was pretty much quiet, besides the few yawns that escaped the male. He was too tired, his mother, when he was still at their little house back in the city, had wanted him to go around giving everyone he'd ever offer to work for some cookies. Why? He didn't really know, and honestly didn't mind, but jesus, he was tired. It'd taken about three, maybe four hours before he finished, because he either had to run or walk to their shops or houses. Ira didn't own a car, and he hated buses, so he went everywhere on foot. It hurt from time to time, like today, but he still enjoyed doing it. Oh well.

    Now that he was back at Rosedale Academy for his very last year, he'd be sure to make it memorable. Unlike some, Ira actually enjoyed this school. It was so much better than the one's he'd been in before, and besides, most of the people there were nice. He honestly didn't want to leave, but after this year, he had to start his own life and go around the world or something. Staying in high school for the rest of his life really would suck in his opinion. But then again, wasn't he the one who seemed to be enjoying it the most? It was just so much... Fun? And, he had made so many friends there over the years, some even being younger than him, so he wouldn't be able to see them for a little while. Which was fine, but he'd certainly miss them.

    Okay, well, he spent enough time standing outside, he might as well go in and see who his new roommates were. If they were there already. With a small smile, he slowly opened the door.

    Only to see the one and only, Il-Pyon, playing his Violin.

    "Hey babe, what'cha playing?" Ira spoke with his german accent as he sauntered over to the other male, his smile easily turning into a smirk. Well, at least he got someone cute. Actually, the guy was way more than cute. He was adorable, and no, he didn't like the other guy, but it would be fun to mess around with him.
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  4. [​IMG]
    C U R R E N T
    LocationDorm Two
    Mentioning Il-Pyon / @xwolfex

    Who thought that Sunday was a good day to do anything? Let alone unpack suitcases and set up your dorm.

    Knowing that he was irritated enough, Chitose James Hazuki had decided that it would be best to come to Rosedale Academy earlier than what was normal. Of course, he didn't really think it through. Coming earlier meant that he had to wake up earlier. And what did that entitle? Less sleep, which resulted in an even crankier Chitose as he was driven to the school. The only good thing that came out of the entire situation was the fact that he didn't have to deal with all of the new freshmen or other upperclassmen. He didn't want to start off his day by telling someone off. Not today, at least. He guessed that it was also nice to be the only one in his dorm at the moment. It was peaceful and quiet, which is exactly what he needed at the moment. That, and a warm cup of tea.

    ❝I guess now is a good time as ever to do some unpacking. I have... a little less than two hours before the Entrance Ceremony,❞ he stated to himself aloud, getting to his feet after mentally forcing himself to get up. He began to finally unpack and put things where they belonged, claiming different dressers and such to be his own. Yet another pro to coming early. Maybe sacrificing some sleep wasn't all that bad, he thought as he continued his task. With nothing to truly occupy him, he let his mind wander as he moved about his dorm. The young teen started to think about who would be in his dorm. Would it be some of the new freshmen? Maybe some people he had already met before?

    Speaking of people that he has met before, Chitose's mind took a sudden turn to an old club mate that he use to have. Il-Pyon was his name. Chitose remembered that he was in Archery and Orchestra with him. Thinking back on it, he recalled thinking how cool Il-Pyon was, and how talented he was. He had been entranced with his nice piano and violin playing. Not to mention his archery skills, too. He wondered how he was doing, and if he would see him during the Entrance Ceremony. Maybe he could catch after the ceremony.

    Shaking his head, Chitose refocused on what he was suppose to be doing in the first place. Focus! The faster you get this done, the more time you have to relax! He told himself, folding up clothes and putting them in his drawers. He decided to hum a melody to get him through the tedious task.
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  5. Justin Ochoa

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    Dorm 3

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    No one

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    Justin Ochoa was happy to be back at Rosedale for many reasons, but the main being that he could continue participating in the Soccer, Volleyball, and Track club until he had to move on to university. He already had a scholarship lined up for him for their Soccer program, which was great, but dedicating oneself to just one sport could get boring. He didn't want a great sport to lose its luster in his eyes... Nor did he want to leave behind the accomplishments he had achieved in the other clubs.

    He wasn't the school's most amazing or perfect athlete; he's made his fair share of mistakes as well as the rest of them. But as a third year, he was going to be expected to whip the first years in shape. If the fresh newbies could make it passed the try outs (which was pretty easy, in his opinion), then they would get to face more training. Hopefully none of them were... how could he call it... gifted in sucking at sports. He'd hate to be the person to break it to them that they suck too much at the game to be accepted into the club. What a crap way to start the year, yeah?

    He had obtained his key and arrived to his dorm, Dorm 3. It seemed that he was the first one there, since everything looked unclaimed and untouched. So, he placed his luggage on the bed he claimed as his own and started unpacking his belongings. Hopefully he would be able to get along with his roommates, or tolerate them at the very least.

    Choi Matsuoka

    Current Mood-


    Current Location-

    Arriving to Dorm 2

    Talking With-

    Chitose @Kitsune


    Chitose - @Kitsune


    Choi had a lot to do today... Unpack all of his belongings, set up his laptop and scanner, then get to work on his doujinshis before the Entrance Ceremony. Why was that mandatory for all year students again? If he didn't make the "LovexLove High School" one he promised a specific ship fanbase, they were definitely going to be upset. Or tell him it was fine then secretly seethe in their rage. He didn't want his sales to plummet because his doujinshis took forever, but then again, he didn't want them to look rushed. All of them had to be carefully drawn with love and compassion...

    He had obtained his key earlier that day but had stopped by the pool for a bit. Not to swim, but to simply marvel in its glory. The Rosedale swimming pool looked so pristine and much cleaner than the last time he had been there. There was absolutely no pee in that pool; crystal clear... As much as he wanted to swim, he had to wait until the Swim Club meeting and try outs on Tuesday. And he, as the manager, would have to take down names, accept, or deny potential members. Last year, the manager of the Swim club graduated, and so left all the responsibilities of it in Choi's hands. So not only was he a swimmer and competitor, but he would have to train the guppies of his school club until they either quit or learned how to swim against the experienced members.

    Blowing a bubble, the gum popped making a loud 'snap' sound. Choi silently chewed the wad, stopping only when he reached the door. Though when he arrived, he could see that someone had already arrived before him, humming a tune as he had been unpacking.

    This person looked like a child, but no way would he mention that out loud. Was he a first year or something? Well, that didn't matter. So long as he didn't touch his artwork or ruin anything that belonged to Choi, they'd get along fine.

    "Hello." He said simply to this person, rolling in his luggage.

    He currently had on three, a messenger bag that contained his laptop, laptop accessories, and his graphic tablet. The second luggage, which was pretty large, contained all of his art supplies which included but not limited to watercolors, brushes, acrylic paints, pencils, pens, calligraphy pens, inks, stacks of drawing paper, etc. And the third contained his clothes, hygienic products, and everything else he would need for a dorm room. He rolled them over to an unclaimed bed and got to work unpacking.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh god. Oh god. To say he was scared was an understatement. He was terrified, but... He was also excited. New school, new people. It was a shock when he got accepted into the school, but his mom pushed him to come- Making him leave the friends he had at home-, so he could be much more successful in life more then she ever was. It was scary because he really didn't know anyone, but also exciting because he'd have a chance at making more friends. Maybe even becoming a little more out-going at this school, even though that was unlikely. Pulling out the phone from his pocket, he checked to see what time it was, and to see if he had enough time to go to his dorm to unpack his things before the entrance ceremony. With a sigh of relief, the boy glanced around to see where the dorms were.

    Right there, in big bright letters to the left of him, was a big sign that said 'Dorms'. He was about to take a step, before realizing just how many people were walking in and out of the building. Yes, there were just a lot of people in general but... Shin'ichi began to fiddle with his thumbs, already beginning to feel uncomfortable. Maybe he should've come a little later, maybe even missing the opening ceremony just so he wouldn't have to deal with so many people all at once.

    Honestly, all he really wanted to do was go back to his house, in his room, and read Manga. Yes, he liked Manga, he wasn't some hardcore fan though. He just read it from time to time. But now, it seemed to be calling him. This was just too out of the box for him, and he wasn't even sure if he was going to be able to last a day here. But... His mom would be so upset if he went home, so he should at least try to power through the crowds, the huge school, the giants, everything. He could probably do it with some practice...

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  7. [​IMG]
    C U R R E N T
    Action Unpacking

    LocationDorm Two
    TalkingChoi Matsuoka / @Jessica2477 // Current Relationship::Strangers — Zero
    Mentioning N/A

    Chitose was halfway done with his unpacking when he heard another voice besides his own, which had switched to a humming a different tune. It scared the ever living daylights out of him, causing him to halt in his humming and jump a foot in the air. Figuratively speaking, of course. The most that he did was do a wince-like jump and whip his head so fast that he was sure to get whiplash later on. Involuntarily, his eyes narrowed as he analyzed the male who had greeted him. So this is one of my roommates, huh? He doesn't seem like he'll be too much trouble. I don't see any problems occurring in our future, which is good! Sighing softly, Chitose let his face take on a blank expression after coming to a satisfying conclusion about his first roommate amongst some others. He had a good feeling already, which helped calm him from his earlier irritation.

    ❝Hello,❞ he greeted back before turning to his belongings once more, picking up where he left off. He began to hum again, but this time much more softly as to not disturb his new roommate. It seemed that they'd get along fine, as long as they stayed out of each other's way. Which Chitose was absolutely fine with. He couldn't think of anything more satisfying.

    [I'm sorry for such a short post >_<;;]
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  8. Alistair Cross

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    ⇒ Currently Talking with: Shin'ichi Yamada @Wander || Current Relationship: Strangers - 0
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    Upon finishing gathering all of the information that the council was handing him, he happily left the scene to wander around. Oh.... This was just so amazing! He couldn't believe he was here... He could already imagine just how much fun it could be and all the friends he could make. Maybe even become friends with a few of his seniors... He just hoped that everyone was at least friendly... He wouldn't know what to do if there was absolutely no one that he could befriend. Just the thought seemed to bum him out! Definitely uncool! He pushed the thought out as he sighted a blue haired male who seemed much shorter than him. He looked friendly enough... a little nervous, but he was sure anyone would be if they were coming to this school for the first time... Or at least that's what he was assuming.

    "Hey! Are you going to be a first year here to?" The cheery blond inquired in a happy tone. Maybe this could be his first new friend here! He was extremely hopeful of that. This guy looked really cute... He didn't mean that as a phrase of attraction, more of the cute you'd want to protect like a puppy of sorts! Alastair wasn't the type of guy to think about attraction. Hell, he didn't even know what love and dating really was. The subject completely baffled him. He just knew the basic kid stuff. You get married when you're in love and stuff like that. Not to mention he still believes that your first kiss is the person you marry. Completely childish, but oh so innocent.

    Izumi Yukiko Tojima

    ⇒ Current Mood: Anxious
    ⇒ Current Location: Dorm Room Two
    ⇒ Current Action: Entering the dorm room
    ⇒ Currently Talking with: Choi Matsuoka @Jessica2477 || Current Relationship: Strangers - 0
    & Chitose James Hazuki || Current Relationship: Strangers - 0
    ⇒ Currently Mentioning: Shin'ichi Yamada @Wander , Alistair Cross, & Il-Pyon Keitaro Park


    Izumi took in a deep breath as he approached the dorms. He was just so nervous! Every second he stalled and thought about it made his anxiety grow even more. But he was sure everything was going to turn lout fine. He looked around before entering the building and saw a familiar blond. Was that perhaps Alistiar? His old childhood friend? He blinked before shaking his head. He wanted to approach and start a conversation, but Alistair was in a different conversation with one of the new first years. He couldn't just intrude on their conversation, that'd be rude! So he sighed before walking away, maybe he'd get the chance to talk to him another time....

    He wandered through the familiar entrance, through the hall, and to his new dorm... Dorm room two. His heart pounded in his chest. Would his new roommates be friendly? He sure hoped so.... He let out a long sigh as he gripped onto the door handle and slowly opened the door before shyly peering inside. Two people were already inside! He quietly opened the door all the way and timidly walked into the room. He wasn't sure what to do.... Maybe he should greet them and then he could be left alone... Yeah that sounded like an awesome plan.

    "U-uh.... uhmm... He-hello!" He managed to squeak out. What a nice way to let his presence to be known. Ugh how embarrassing! At least he didn't greet them in Korean. Oh that would've been so terrible! He always a had a habit to go back to speaking his native language when he was uncomfortable, extremely nervous, or anything along the lines of that. It ran in his family... He wasn't the only one... His cousin, Il-Pyon, did it all the time too.

    Il-pyon Keitaro Park

    ⇒ Current Mood: Startled
    ⇒ Current Location: Dorm Room 4
    ⇒ Current Action: Holding his violin
    ⇒ Currently Talking with: Ira Frei @Wander || Current Relationship: Strangers - 0
    ⇒ Currently Mentioning: No one


    Il-Pyon held his bow firm, but still gentle as he played the song with a bubbling passion. His fingers gently caressing the strings as he changed the artificial harmonics on his violin. He loved this instrument and he loved playing it even more. This was one of his many passions. He hummed along as he played, the beautiful melody reverberating around the room. The sound was absolutely breathtaking. Il-Pyon had been playing this for most of his life, so it should be expected of such a talented male. But he had more than just the talent.... He had the passion..... He was so into playing that he didn't even notice the door open. He just kept on playing. The was until he heard someone speak.

    "Hey babe, what'cha playing?"

    Hearing the male's light, german accented voice, he was immediately taken aback. He froze, cutting his note short and dropping his arm that held the bow. It took a few more minutes just to process what the shorter ravenet had said, before his cheeks flashed a bright red. Did this guy really just call him babe? As the other male approached him he got a little more self-conscious and took a step away from him. His smirk just made him more embarassed causinbf Il-Pyon to shyly turn his head away. Did he have to answer? He didn't want to seem rude.... But he just absolutely hated conversations! Especially ones where he was obviouslly taken off guard like this! How embarrassing could this get?

    "I-I u-uhm..... I was p-playing......... Z-Zelda's Lullaby from L-Legend of Zelda....." He stuttered out. He let out a long sigh of relief that he got that off his chest. He just really hoped that the male wouldn't bother him anymore! If not he probably wouldn't be able to take it. He always tended to speak in Korean if too flustered. So hopefully Ira knew not to push poor Il-Pyon over the edge..... Hopefully
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