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    Fate's Rhythm



    Welcome to The School of American Dance.

    For many years, you have toiled and poured your heart into your craft, your medium for expression. Dance, the one thing that occupies your life. You gave up friends and love and a normal life for the slim chance to one day perform here.

    And you have succeeded.

    The smooth glass windows that arch above, both intimidate and welcome you. It seems to good to be true, that you have been accepted into a company far beyond your dreams.

    You are young, talented and sometimes too headstrong for your own good. But you have been accepted as a revolutionary new idea, to allow fresh dancers to fulfill their dreams.

    There only a few of you, compared to your old dance class, a little under 30 you think. Some are clearly foreign, with such beautiful skin and smooth lines of dance, that you are intimidated. Though you are talented, you see so much talent that you never know if you will make it.

    But: you hold a secret. A secret so complex and fantastical and unbelievable, you doubt anyone would believe it. Some are you are half human and their secret ancestry is not human, so to speak. Angels, demons and spiritual creatures far beyond imagining that dwell beyond the rhythmic beat of the dancer's life, the blood of these creatures dances through the veins of some.

    In a place of intrigue, which become mysterious as time passes and the spiritual and mundane mist clash in the most intimate ways. Love and hate, War and peace... These and more will be decided, as humanity and the secrets in the world clash and mix.

    Is Fate's Rhythm always to be obeyed?


    There is now a apartment block which will be used by the Characters, information will soon be provided per rooms, designs and such.


    Loose Schedule for Introduction Day

    Morning-ish: Director's address to entire company
    Late Morning-ish to midday: Mingling time
    Midday to early afternoon-ish: Lunch and more mingling
    Afternoon-evening: Whatever you want (party, dinner, dance practice, etc)


    It is the very first day of the dance year, a time of new beginnings and for many more dancers to start at the Prestigious School of American Dance.

    This is a day for meeting everyone you will be in contact with for however long you stay with us, to meet friends and perhaps find love?

    Meet the teachers and staff you will rely on now, there is time enough to get used to the schedule tomorrow and every day after that.

    Today, you are invited to explore our building and learn the ropes.





    Timetable so far: Sorry it's so small....
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  2. [​IMG]
    Jae:: Dance Instructor ::26 :: Male :: Bakeneko :: omnilingualist ::

    No matter how familiar the glass walls of the School had become to him over the past years, Jae hated Introduction days. He was by no means shy, far from it, but so much went on at these events. Major companies attempted to scout out, visitors plagued the principals for autographs or a mere handshake... He only truly disliked the morning, having to deal with the masses of onlookers as the Principal dancers performed in the public gallery and the general publicity the company gained from it. He most enjoyed the mingling to be frank, the politics of the dance and theater world irritated him to no end but the friendliness he found among the new and old dancers was worth it.

    The Director's speech wore on, inviting in the new dancers and saying farewell to the old, of which there were a few this year. The new class was large, as many older dancers hung up their dance shoes and took on a new life. The speech itself was nothing new, the same old diatribe that was spoken every year.

    When the social mingling began, he wandered the room and sipped on champagne, mindful of the fact that he still had a class to teach that night and not wanting to be inebriated even slightly. What a bad impression he would make upon the newest of the dancers with his wild ways?! He grinned to himself and sipped the last of his drink, as he surveyed the newest dancers standing in strangely close group, obviously waiting for a sign of what to do. They seemed nervous and he could sympathise, he really could. So many famous faces, once he himself had been afraid of, would make anyone nervous. With a bright grin, he placed his glass on an empty table and sauntered over to them.

    "You don't have to be so nervous! We don't bite..." Jae inspected his fingernails and if possible, his grin widened. "Much."
  3. Shai Yasashi - ballet|| balroom-Shapeshifter

    She had been accepted into the school of her dreams, Shai couldn't believe it. For years had she dreamed about this. She was standing in one of the hallways, not feeling ready to be under so much social pressure in her condition. She sipped at her water and looked at photos, trophies, medals, certificates and all sorts of thing in the hall. One day she promised herself that those would be hers and today was the start to that one day.

    Shai decided that she was ready and fresh to go meet all the other new dancers, she walked into the room just in time to hear the one instructor Jae if she remembered correctly, telling everyone that they won't bite. She stood drink her water, but after a while she felt a little off and decided to go look for a peaceful place.

    Shai found an emty dance class to be in, she took of her boots and put on her ballet shoes staring to warm up.
  4. @HollowEastWord
    Though in her 2nd year, Leilah had already learned a very important lesson: get out of the foyer before the Principals danced. Either that or you would never get out unscathed. She had crept out during the introduction speech, carefully and slowly following the crowd. She headed up the stairs to the closest classroom, ballet and costume bag slung over her shoulder as she entered the studio. She was already halfway through putting her shoes on before she noticed the girl on the other side, obviously of Asian descent and quite graceful.
    She was slightly embarrassed at intruding upon the other's practice session but continued to tie her shoes, quickly stitching the end so it would sit properly. She stood at the barre and stretched gently, glancing shyly at the other dancer as she did so for both legs. With her basic stretching done, she stretched her arms and began to walk over to the other girl.

    "Uh, hi. Sorry to barge in on you, I hadn't thought that anyone would be here." She smiled brightly at the Asian girl and tugged at the top end of her stockings, as they had bunched a little near the top. "I'm Leilah, a 2nd year student. I haven't seen you around before, I'm guessing you are a 1st year student?"
  5. Shai was lost in her sall world of dancing until she was startled by a voice "Uh, hi. Sorry to barge in on you, I hadn't thought that anyone would be here I'm Leilah, a 2nd year student. I haven't seen you around before, I'm guessing you are a 1st year student?" the voice said.

    Shai spun around so fast she almost fell over, but steadied herself. "Oh, umm...Hi, I'm Shai. Yeah I'm a first year student" she said then something hit her "Oh! You want to practice, I should probably leave then, I didn't want to intrude, I should have asked for permission to use the class" she said blushing a bit.
  6. @HollowEastWord
    Leilah giggled at the other girl's reaction, it was amusing to see the new dancers sometimes as they were nervous and on edge by the senior dancers around them. She smiled encouragingly and began to do barre work just a few feet down from Shai. "Don't worry, they don't really mind if us low dancers go off and practice. It's really nice to meet you, where are you from?"
    As the other girl panicked slightly, she grinned and let a laugh slip out.
    "No, don't go! I really don't mind and besides, we are going to in classes together tomorrow! Might as well practice together, neh? I can give you survival tips!" It sounded funny but sometimes, it was a matter of survival. Dance teachers were strict, terrifying beings most of the time who had very little regard for the dancers themselves. There were a few exceptions, such one of the 3rd year students who doubled as an instructor, Jae.
  7. Clara Wright had escaped the goings on of the mingling. She was new, and while she would love to make friends, she didn't want to risk bumping into someone and getting skin contact. That would be a flood of emotions she did not want to deal with. Pulling on her shirt's sleeves, the brunette looked through the school, trying to find some place to either practice or maybe just relish the fact that she was there. Her dream school... it felt surreal to be walking down the halls of the one dance school she had never thought she would get into. Looking around, she nearly skipped up the steps and opened the door to the nearest classroom, freezing when she found two people already there. "Oh! Um, sorry, I didn't think people were already using a classroom. I'll just go." She started to leave, hiking her bag higher up her shoulder.

    Micah was having fun, this being his second year here. He always loved mingling with the fresh meat and old friends. Catching sight of Jae scaring the new kids, he smiled. "Having fun with the new dancers, Jae?" He smiled as he sipped from his pop can. "Don't let him scare you. The other teachers are far, far worse." He winked, looking back to Jae with a smile. "How you doing, bro? Had a good summer away from here? Did you miss me too much?" The brown eyed boy had missed the school and all of its ups and downs. It was good to be back.
  8. Tamika Gale Animal Spirit

    As much as she wanted to be a model student and sit there and listen to the speeches, Tamika couldn't sit still. The new setting and the new people was causing energy to course through her veins. She was sure that if she stayed put she would start shooting energy bullets every which way. So Tamika shot to her feet and quickly strode from the room. She needed to dance.

    Dance halls and rehearsal rooms weren't really her thing, she could dance anywhere if the surface was somewhat flat. However, she figured that if she did start letting loose with the energy spurts, she should at least be somewhere where she couldn't hurt anyone accidentally.
    Flinging the door open to the third studio that she came across, Tamika sighed in relief when she saw that the room was unoccupied. Setting her things to the side, Tamika breathed in deep and then flung herself into her dance, starting with a bit of shuffling and then launching herself onto her hands and started spinning.

    Logan Dutta

    Logan was sitting a table sipping water and watching the proceedings. He saw quite a few students slipping out of the room and running off, but he didn't follow. He was in no hurry to start dancing, besides, all of the spotlight was here. Staying here gave him the potential of being photographed. Well...More than he already was. It's not like the photographers could ignore the fact that a celebrity was in their midst.

  9. Dancing always made Zelda feel good. Ever since the accident it seemed like it was the only thing that made her feel like she was making people happy. Her mother especially. Zelda had always loved everything about what she did. Not that she did it for a living; but she loved it. It was around 7:30 am when she left for the dance studio across town. She took the city bus, not wanting to burn gas. It was bright and sunny outside, which made her cringe a bit. The sun hurts, it's very discomforting so she always has an umbrella.

    As she entered the dance studio she noticed that it was empty. The best time to come! She always loved being alone while she danced here because she didn't have to be so self conscious and could be as silly as she pleased. But it wouldn't hurt to have a partner every once in a while. She was so excited! She'd finally gotten into the school of her dreams. Zelda figured she'd leave at around 9 to get to the school for introduction day. Zelda danced around the room, losing herself in the music, and before she knew it, it was 10:15.

    She rushed into the bathroom to change into some more formal clothes. She put her hair into a sock-bun as she ran to the bus stop. As she rode the bus to the academy, Zelda listened to her music with her ear-buds. Planning dance steps as she rode. She made it to the dance academy in 25 minutes, rushing inside to see everyone mingling and such. She would have to meet new people and make some new friends, which was kinda easy for her. She hesitantly walked into the room full of people, not knowing whether to sit at a table awkwardly, or sneak off somewhere and continue her dancing.
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  10. [​IMG]
    {Kai|16|Human|Ballet|Lyrical|Bon Odori|Nihon Buyo|Ballroom|Friends-Open|Crush-Open}

    Glancing nervously around the room, Kairi quietly stood a slight bit apart from the others as she watched the welcoming process. The younger girl looked around with huge, almond-shaped, brown eyes. This was the Japanese teen's first time in America, and although Kai was more than thrilled to be a part of this school, especially at such a young age, she couldn't help but feel slightly overwhelmed by her new surroundings and all of the things happening around her.

    As the staff seemed to be welcoming all of the first years and returning students Kairi noticed a few people sneak out of the room quietly. Although she was tempted to follow and explore this amazing school she wanted to stay for this too. The last thing Kairi wanted to do was make a bad impression on her first day, learning everything she could about the school seemed like a wonderful idea to her at the moment.

    Pulling a pastel green object out of the white handbag she was holding, Kairi quickly flipped the simply looking device open and quickly typed something into her translator. While she was fluent in english, Japanese was still her first language, and she still tripped up on English words every so often.

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  11. Jae turned to see Micah behind, nonchalantly drinking from a soft drink can. "Aw, way to ruin it man! Besides," He grinned at the brown eyed dancer. "I wasn't scaring them per say.... We really don't bite." His grin morphed into a smirk, as he cocked an eyebrow at the younger dancer. "Missed you? Nah, who'd miss you! Besides, I spend my holidays here, remember? I'm a teacher, gotta keep my skills sharp. Did you do anything over the holidays or do I have to whoop you into shape again?"
    His eyes roamed across the room, seeing a few fresh faces who looked rather nervous in the face of all the people in the room. A young looking Asian girl was on the edge of the room, with a translator of some sort in her hand and a dark haired girl with her hair in a large bun was near the doorway, having just come in. Part of his job was student relations and as such, it was his job to make all students feel welcome in the new year. With a brief wave to Micah, he made his way over towards the door. He wracked his memory, having out some names to faces for the newer students.
    Jae turned to the young Japanese girl first, a welcoming smile on his face. "Welcome, you must be Kairi-san, correct? You are our Asian transfer for this year, so I am so glad to have some company! I'm Jae." He turned his head a little toward the other, not sure whether she was a new student or not.
    "Hey, I'm Jae. A teacher here, as well as the head of student relations for 1-3rd years. I don't recognise you, are you a new student here?"

  12. @Many Faces Many Names

    Shai looked at Leilah and smiled at her own habbit of over reacting "Thank you, sorry have this habbit of over reacting a bit as for where I'm from, I'm from here" she said and giggled lightly. "I don't mean to look like I don't want to be around people, I just don't handle stress well sometimes" she said and started to warm up again.

    After dancing for a while Shai stopped and went to her bag to get a bottle of water and a small bottle of pills "I've been meaning to ask you, if you're a second year, why are you here? Isn't it just us new students? she asked and swallowed one of the small pills.
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  13. Amber stood breathless as the principal made a "Heartfelt" speech about the new and old dancers.. and that was her! Well, Amber wasn't an old dancer, in fact she was a newbie to the school. She couldn't have been more excited about the chance the school had offered her. Now that she had graduated high school she was free to explore and advance in her true passion, dance.

    As wonderful as the speech was, Amber was hoping she could get to explore the new building and maybe.. ya know dance a little? She adjusted her sock bun a little and bit her nail, it had always been a nervous habit of hers. She thought back to her struggles and sweat just to get to where she was standing today. She had given up her social life, friends, parties, boyfriends just to be the best dancer. Now, she was surrounded by people who had done thee same thing.. maybe, just maybe she could make a friend. Amber had given up on finding a boyfriend, since most dances where females, and the few males are gay or taken. But, Amber's eyes did lean more towards females anyway.

    Amber giggled slightly as she glanced around the room, so many brilliant dancers, so little time to meet everyone. Amber didn't know what to do, so she stood there, looking a bit awkward as the others mingled around her.
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  14. Evan, Gold
    Evan had recently transferred to this school after doubting that he could ever make it into a school like this one. He was a second year in that regard, but he had no idea how to get around. He had a back pack slung over his back on one shoulder. He wasn't sure where he was supposed to be but there was a commotion coming from one of the dance rooms. Perhaps he was supposed to be in there. Very quietly he approached the room only to see that there weren't many people there at all. However, seeing the instructor was enough to throw him off. He was shorter than he thought, but then again, Evan was 6'8. There were not a lot of people taller than him to begin with. He came in on the last bits of the conversation.

    "Excuse me, but could you show me where we're supposed to be? It's my first time here and I got a bit lost," Evan said offering one of his charming smiles to everyone.

    He was a little embarrassed that he had gotten lost, but it was his first time at the school. Besides, it wasn't like he couldn't learn where everything was. There was always time for that later. He just knew he needed to get to where they were having their opening ceremony or whatever it was they liked to call it.
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  15. Micah laughed at Jae's response before holding his chest. "Oh, you wound me, Jae! I think people would miss me very much when I'm gone! And, you never take a break, do you?" He saw a girl standing by herself. "I'll see you later, Jae." He waved back and walked over to Amber, noticing her in the crowd. "Hey! I'm Micah. What's your name?" He held a hand out to the girl. She seemed to be new, if her awkwardly standing in the middle of mingling students. Maybe he could get a class with her, see how well she moves.

    Clara left the dancers alone and looked for another room. A girl breakdancing caught her attention. Breakdancing fascinated Clara. She had never dared to try those kinds of moves, but seeing them executed was quite exciting. She always wondered just how people like the girl dancing could keep their balance while doing such complicated and strong dance moves. She watched, trying to keep out of sight so she could keep watching.
  16. [​IMG]
    {Kai|16|First Year|Human|Ballet|Lyrical|Bon Odori|Nihon Buyo|Ballroom|Friends-Open|Crush-Open}
    Looking up when someone talked to her she was surprised to see it was another Asian person, that was reassuring. One of her older sisters, Emi, had been telling her how horrible her time was going to be before she departed and how everyone would think she was weird because she was Japanese. Of course, that was just because Emi was jealous and envied Kairi for getting into the school.

    She said looking up at the male "It's nice to meet you, you can call me Kai" she added simply, pleased with herself. She had started to learn english when she was nine and felt that she had mostly mastered the language three years ago, when she turned thirteen, but it still felt amazing to be able to actually use everything she had learned.


    {Tom|Tommy|21|Third Year|Human|Jazz|Ballet|Tap|Ballroom|Friends-Open|Crush-Open}

    Thomas wandered around the halls after a bit. He had stayed for the initial 'welcome back' speech thing, but basically, it was the same speech every year. Seeing that this was the male's third year here he was pretty confident that he wouldn't miss anything. As he wondered around, Tom wondered if his little sister, Oleysia, had received her acceptance or rejection letter yet. Of course the sandy haired male hoped the sixteen year old was accepted, he did miss his family and those two were especially close, but Ollie was still young, their parents hadn't even wanted her to apply until she turned eighteen. He decided he would send them a call later... when it wasn't the middle of the night in Sweden perhaps.

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  17. Amber looked up, startled by the voice that seemed to speak to her. "Oh Hey! I'm Amber, I'm uh new.. If you couldn't tell" She said with a sheepish grin.She shook his hand and looked down. His hand was large and strong compared to her danity hand. Amber looked over the boy, Micah, and smiled. He was super cute and Amber turned on her flirting with the boy. "So, are you new here or have you been here for a while?" She asked as she batted her eyes ever so lightly at the boy. "What's your favorite style of dance?" She questioned again as she was curious about the boy.
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  18. Jae grinned at Kai, happy to see at least one other Asian in the school. "Awesome, nice to meet you Kai. It's good to see another person from the East here finally. I'm from Korea... I'm going to guess you are from Japan?" She looked Japanese to him, her mannerisms were unique and the movements of her body were quite similar to the Japanese Ballet styles.
    "Your English is quite excellent by the way, very well done."
    She was definitely a ballet dancer and he could see it in her movements, he hoped that perhaps he could see how the Japanese were training dancers now and update his style.

    Leilah laughed, amused at the younger dancer. "No, no. Everyone comes to Introduction Day, to meet old friends and meet new ones of course!"
    She kept dancing then, tightening her pointe shoes and then began stretching her feet out a little more. She started with an arabesque and then quickly progressed into the main role for her last year, Odette from Swan Lake. She had trained for years and studied most of 3 months, with 8 hour days, to master this role and it showed now. She loved this role, the floating feeling such light techniques felt exactly as a bird would fly. She danced only the opening scene but could feel the dancing in her heart. She had missed this so much and as she stopped, leaning against the barre and smiling in happiness.
  19. [​IMG]
    {Kai|16|First Year|Human|Ballet|Lyrical|Bon Odori|Nihon Buyo|Ballroom|Friends-Open|Crush-Open}

    "That's a very good guess"
    she smiled warmly at him before nodding "I'm from Shiga, Japan, and thank you, I hoped I spoke it well" she said lightly "Are you a student here too?" she asked after a moment. It was blatantly obvious that Jae wasn't a first year student, but it would be nice to have a class or get some tips from him or something. After all, Jae seemed like a nice guy and she never could tell how many nice people she would meet or how many who would just try to get her to 'drop out'.


    Thomas' Post (open)
    {Tom|Tommy|21|Third Year|Human|Jazz|Ballet|Tap|Ballroom|Friends-Open|Crush-Open}

    Thomas wandered around the halls after a bit. He had stayed for the initial 'welcome back' speech thing, but basically, it was the same speech every year. Seeing that this was the male's third year here he was pretty confident that he wouldn't miss anything. As he wondered around, Tom wondered if his little sister, Oleysia, had received her acceptance or rejection letter yet. Of course the sandy haired male hoped the sixteen year old was accepted, he did miss his family and those two were especially close, but Ollie was still young, their parents hadn't even wanted her to apply until she turned eighteen. He decided he would send them a call later... when it wasn't the middle of the night in Sweden perhaps.

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  20. @Many Faces Many Names

    Shai Yasashi - ballet|| ballroom- Shapeshifter

    After taking her medication Shai took of her Ballet shoes and put them back in her bag and putt on a pair of white slip on shoes, she didn't want to over work herself not in her condition and not after what happened the last time. "Okay, I think that's enough warming up for me" she said look at Leilah while getting up and putting on her white jersey

    "I'm gonna go back to meet some of the other dancers, I left so quickly, I didn't even speak to anyone, wanna come with me?" She asked looking at Leilah expectantly while slinging her bag over her shouler and making her way to stand by the door.
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