Ibaraki-doji no Hyakki Yagyo

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  1. [​IMG]

    Ibaraki-doji no Hyakki Yagyo
    The Night Parade of Ibaraki-doji

    Every year, one of the four most powerful yokai, Nurarihyon, would lead the grand Hyakki Yagyo throughout the lands. This great march of a hundred different demons would occur at night. It was not reccomended to get in their way, as there were tales than humans who did got whisked away. They have a reputation for fighting other yokai in grand battles for what they refer to as 'honour and justice' for humans and yokai alike.

    One fine day, Ibaraki-doji, an oni with a reputation of being the second-hand oni of the one of the four most powerful yet evil yokai, Shuten-doji, decided to join the Hyakki Yagyo, much to the dismay of many. However, Nurarihyon let her partake.

    After many years, Nurarihyon passed his position of leader of the Hyakki Yagyo to Ibaraki-doji, much to everyone's shock. After a few months, he disappeared, leaving Ibaraki-doji to lead the clan by herself.

    Unfortunately for our new leader, the clan is not very fond of her, and thus it is her job to show that she is worthy of being leader! With new threats and wacky adventures, she knows that she must lead the clan well...

    Known Clans and Members

    Rules and Notes (open)

    I will allow up to 6 clans including the ones I have displayed.
    Usual Iwaku rules
    While your choice of species is limited depending on your clan, I will allow each clan leader to judge any exceptions with valid reasons. Too many 'exceptions' on the other hand would defeat the purpose. And please be logical. A yokai, especially a 'demonic' one, joining the Tsuchimikado clan is pure suicide.
    This RP occurs in modern day Japan.
    I won't limit your species choice THAT much, but please, don't go overboard. I know mythical beasts can do cray cray things like shoot time-crumbling laserbeams as their natural abilities but don't go too far.
    Have fun!

    Applications (open)

    Name: Duh. If you're an Eastern yokai, have an Eastern name.
    Gender: Obviously.
    Type: Yokai, Human or Others?
    Race: If yokai or others, please do state.
    Age: In human years please.
    Appearance: How do you look? If you have multiple forms, feel free to display them. If you use a picture, I would prefer an animesque picture
    Powers/Abilities: What skills and abilities do you possess?
    Weapons: What weapons do you wield?
    Noteworthy Possessions: Optional.
    Clan: You can choose, or you can choose to be neutral/bystander
    Position in Clan: Needless to say.
    Clan Description: Exclude this if you aren't the leader.
    Clan Emblem: Only if you are leader.
    Personality: How does your character act?
    History: Your past.
    Others: Anything else that doesn't fit up there?

    Clan Positions (open)

    Each clan has positions. These positions differ depending on clan. These are very basic, primary positions that do not neccesarily cover the entire clan. You can make your own(e.g. strategist or weapons maker) and the Roleplayer who plays the clan leader can decide if it is alright.

    Leader/Clan Head - One only. They are, needless to say, the leaders on the clan.
    Second-in-command - One or two only. They are second only to the leader, and call the shots should the leader be temporarily away.
    General - they are under the leader and second-in-command. Under the leader's commands, they will send the troops. There can be up to five per clan
    Warrior - The troops.
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  2. Awesome!

    Name: Kai, Junren (or, in Japan, Bakumono, Tomomi)

    Type: Yokai

    Race: Baku (i.e. a dream-eater) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baku_(spirit)

    Age: 561

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: It should be noted that despite his appearance. Jun is a good spirit. He often laments that being a "nightmare-eater" exclusively tends to make his form take on such a dark aura.

    Jun (open)




    Powers/Abilities: He wields the ability to enter the nightmares of humans, defeating and dispelling the horrors that plague them and thereby capturing the creepy crawlies as his slaves forever more. In battle he is very effective in using his dark minions to do his bidding, considering humans have the innate ability to think up the most terrifying things sometimes. However, if by chance his little goons are defeated, which rarely happens as there are literally hoards of them since he's been at his job for a very long time, then his opponent will have the misfortune of facing him one on one.

    Weapons: His weapon of choice is a scythe. It makes him get mistaken by his peers and "clients" as a shinigami. It offends him greatly as he finds death-dealing a classless job.

    Clan: Hyakki Yagyo

    Position in Clan: Technically, he is a warrior. However, he pretty much controls a small army on his own, so one could argue that he qualifies as a general.

    Personality: Jun is eclectic. His moods shift with bipolar swiftness from calm and no-nonsense to playful and flamboyant around friends. (tbc)

    History: Junren made his living well drifting throughout the vast lands of China. It wasn't hard to find nightmares, especially amongst the the villages more prone to folklore. During the occasional drifting of people, he found himself in Japan some time around the 15th century and marveled at the proverbial jackpot that he had stricken! And he thought the Chinese had weird dreams. They had nothing on the civil and generally kindly island folk that were the Japanese. It was through his gallivanting that he met different members of the supernatural Japanese population and eventually one of the Hyakki Yagyo clansmen whom prompted him into joining after many an encounter. He didn't complain. It was nice to have a bit of companionship after years of "loning it". In fact, he eventually picked himself up an alias for whenever he mingled with the humans or new yokai. It was tiring to receive strange looks when his name gave away his Chinese origins. It was, after all, a really long story to get into after so many years.

    Others: His scythe is called Tsurugimaru or "perfect blade". He picked it up throughout his travels in Japan. The clansman that he met happened to be the Nurarihyon. And because that was quite some time ago Nurarihyon is the only one that knows his real name. Although if you interact with him enough and become friends, he'll probably tell it to you, if you inquire.

    Noteworthy Possessions: Tsurugimaru
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  3. Name: Kenta Kikarou
    Type: Yokai
    Race: Karasu Tengu
    Age: 1267
    Gender: Male
    Appearances (open)

    Human (disguise):


    Tengu (true form):


    Over the course of his years alive, he has changed his perspective on life, losing his arrogance for humility. When working for others, or in battle, he is often patient, and focused, tactically, and accurately taking out his foes, rather than mincing words or trying to be flashy. He is efficient at fooling others, however, and can sometimes be hard to read. When outside of a serious situation, his demeanor entirely changes, and he becomes kind, and even playful, using his powers to play tricks on people, all in good spirit.

    Sword mastery
    Superhuman agility/strength


    Weapons: Uchigatana, or, Katana/Wakizashi combo, Tanto
    Noteworthy possessions: Japanese Crow mask (only of sentimental value), Hoshi no Tama ( Star-ball, usually used by kitsune, but, a Tengu may impart pieces of their power into things such as scrolls and balls as-well. This is how they impart knowledge and power to other Tengu)
    Clan: Hyakki Yagyo
    Position in Clan: Second-in-command
    History: Despite Kenta's young looks, he was in his thirties when he originally died on the battlefield. Of course, as an extremely arrogant person at the time of his death, instead of being granted permission to the heavens, or, sent immediately to hell, he was granted the opportunity to prove his humility, and earn a chance at doing his life over, as most men like him did. He went through the process of gaining 'humility' by learning from another Tengu (at the end of it's lifespan), learning life's virtues, and, the wisest skills and magic that he could use as a Tengu himself. After his training, he secluded himself until he had mastered them, and came out a different person. He is now at the span in his life where he must do good deeds, and practice humility to gain another chance at humanity.

    Others: nothing, at the moment
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  4. I'll look over them later, but for now, do add an additional 'Personality', 'Gender' and optionally 'Noteworthy Possesions' section to your apps. Thank you.
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  5. Name: Nikki Ishikawa
    Type: Yokai
    Race: Kosenjoubi
    Age: 159
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (I couldn't find any good anime pictures sorry)
    Normal form:
    Warrior form: image.jpg
    Friendly and caring. Nikki is always looking for someone pleasant to spend time with. Despite his past life as a warrior and his long age, he tends to act like a child and is easily scared. He can't stand it when people call him useless or weak but hates it even more if one of his friends is being bullied. However, when he changes into his warrior form he is like a different person, silent, emotionless, and generally doesn't care about anything but his opponent.

    Warrior form only:
    Sword mastery
    Legendary agility and strength

    Normal form only:
    Healing powers
    Can transform into Warrior form

    Warrior form only:
    Duel katanas

    Clan: Hyakki Yagyo
    Clan Position: "Warrior" More of a mobile healer.

    Nikki was once a famous and feared samurai known as Shibō buringā or 'death bringer.' Trained from birth, he was devastating on the battle field. Some said he drank dragon blood, others said he defeated a army on his own, however this man was not immortal. In a battle so mighty that it left the land it was fought on completely lifeless, Shibō Buringā met his end in the form of one hundred arrows being shot at him all at once. The army he followed was defeated and the empire it fought for was destroyed, left to fade into legend. The blood of the warrior became a kosenjoubi and, unlike a column of blue fire as everyone expected, a very small ember and childish one at that. Poor Nikki was shamed and denied the right to haunt his own body as he was not 'worthy'. He wandered for a bit, only looking for someone to be nice to him. Eventually he met a rather nice member of Hyakki Yagyo who didn't need to haggle him much to join.

    Nikki can not control his transformation into his Warrior form. It only activates if one of his friends is in dire need.
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  6. Junren and Nikki are in.
  7. Finished mine. Willing to make edits, if you wish.
  8. I added 'Clan Positions' for confused ones. I think I'll want to see your Personalities but so far it looks alright.
  9. I added all the things listed. Is mine appropriate?
  10. It's all good to roll.
  11. Name: Kiritsu
    Gender: Male
    Type: Yokai
    Race: Namahage
    Age: 711



    Powers/Abilities: Kiritsu is a large and powerful creature, being at least as tall as two men and capable of cleaving through many lesser foes.
    Weapons: Kiritsu possesses a “Deva knife” for use in personal combat with a foe more in his weight region, or for anything that moves too fast for a heavier weapon. For anything else, he uses a two-handed blade that makes an excellent crowd clearer.
    Noteworthy Possessions: Kiritsu carries with him a wooden bucket he uses to carry his knife and other smaller objects.
    Clan: Hyakki Yagyo
    Position in Clan: General

    Personality: Kiritsu is a nice enough creature, insomuch as he does care about the cause of the Hyakki Yagyo and would never antagonise anyone without a good reason. However, he has a reputation for being a complete hardass when it comes to work, and will get on the case of anyone he finds slacking off and being less than attentive to their duties. He can be quite humourless and doesn’t take kindly to people joking around with him or mouthing off. Kiritsu is of course dedicated to working hard for the clan, and when given instructions carries them out to the letter and to the best of his ability.

    History: As a Namahage, Kiritsu spent most of his early years roaming Japan in order to encourage discipline, obedience and order in the villages he visited. In some places he was welcomed, but to others he was a nuisance and a bully. Nevertheless, he felt it was his duty to “better society”, as he always put it. In his wanderings, he came across the Hyakki Yagyo led by Nurarihyon, and was inspired to join its cause of ‘honour and justice’ for human and yokai alike. Through his diligent efforts, he acquired the rank of general, a role he took to with some enthusiasm. When Nurarihyon passed leadership of the Hyakki Yagyo to Ibaraki-doji, Kiritsu was among those who did not approve of the decision. However, while Kiritsu may not like the idea of serving such a questionable leader, he is nothing if not loyal to his commander, and intends to honour Nurarihyon’s wishes and carry on as has been.
  12. I kind of would like to see a little bit more power elaboration, but it looks alright.
  13. May I make a second character?
  14. Yes, multiple characters are allowed.
  15. Name: Ibaraki-doji

    Gender: Female

    Type: Yokai

    Race: Oni (unknown variety)

    Age: At least 1500

    Appearance: Ibaraki-doji is about 1.4 metres tall, and has a bust size nearing an AAA. She looks like a child despite her ancient age. She only has very slight curves and is very tiny and slender. Bloodcurdling red eyes lay on her face like ruby gemstones, and her hair is as dark as the world without the sun, only a few centimetres above ground when she stands. One distinct trait about her is her curved, white horns that emerge from above her forehead area, measuring about ten centimetres. She has a cute fang to display. She is about 24 kilograms.
    She wears a traditional black yukata with a white ribbon. She dons geta sandals on her feet. There are other outfits in her wardrobe.
    Imagine the below picture, except her yukata is black and her obi is white
    In her Primal Form, she is a gargantuan, red, hulking oni, about 4 whole metres tall. She is no longer 24 kilograms, but a whopping 500 kilograms. She appears very bulky and muscular in this form. Her two initial horns have grown in size, and two more have emerged. Her jaws are sharp and powerful, with two prominent fangs. Her eyes are a bloodier hue of red, and ger hair is now white like clouds. Her eyebrows are bushier as well.

    Powers/Abilities: Ibaraki-doji possesses an array of abilities
    Her main ability is vast strength, being capable of exerting strength of up to ten tonnes per hand, which makes up for her tiny build, and allows her to wield the heaviest of weapons like nothing. However, she prefers to exert her usual strength of about a hundred kilograms, making labour a breeze.
    She has great weapon-wielding skills, but is still learning more moves.
    She possesses the ability of levitation
    She can manipulate thorny vines and trees, a rather specific form of chlorokinetic capabilities, of up to a 100 metre radius
    Her vast strength grants her enhanced defense.
    She had enhanced reflexes and senses, being a yokai.
    Her speed is rather high, and it is on par with a speeding motorcycle. It is reduced to that of a cheetah's speed when handling the limit of her strength.
    She can unleash an internal energy source within her via an attack known as 'Qigong Burst' and other varieties of this move. It releases bursts of energy at her opponent in different forms.
    She can access her wilder, more berserk Primal form, where her abilities are multiplied manyfold. However, she prefers not to utilise these abilities, as her primal form is very, very aggresive and dangerous, and hard to control. She will unwillingly access this form if her arm is cut off, however.

    Weapons: Using her vast strength, she dual-wields the Akagarasu and Kurotsubame, two very heavy odachi-type blades that are about 4 tonnes each. They are often placed in odd, magic scabbards that make the blades weightless until fully unsheathed. Their combined weight makes them heavier than the weapon of Sun Wukong. Due to their weight, they can be used for both smashing and slashing damage.
    As an alternative, she uses a blade made from the fang of her late father. It is known as 'Doji Tooth'.
    She can choose to wield a pair of katar-shield hybrid weapons known as 'Kamekiri', which seem to be made from tortoise shells based on texture. These are so heavy, a stronger-than-average human would have mild difficulty handling just one with both hands.

    Noteworthy Possessions: She has a pendant with unknown properties. It contains an image of her and her late father Shuten-doji
    She also has a half-broken katana, the Onigiri, once wielded by her father.
    She possesses a bizarre, mystic pistol of sorts acquired during battle. Ibaraki-doji's full power cannot destroy its shell, and it is unloaded.

    Clan: Hyakki Yagyo

    Position in Clan: Leader

    Personality: Ibaraki-doji is a pretty cheerful and carefree young one. Just like her old self, she enjoys having fun. However, as of her new leadership roles, she has a serious side, taking great priority in her position. She is not one to abuse power, which is why she chooses to do many things by herself, even particular jobs. She wants her clansmen to trust her, and she also wants to trust her clansmen, thus she acts very friendly.

    When she goes berserk in her Primal, more oni-like form, her mind is out of control and she will attack anyone in her way, friend or foe. She cares for nothing but great destruction. After transforming from this form to her regular, human-like form, she will usually begin to cry.

    History: Ibaraki-doji was born from human parents, but was born an oni. She grew up very fast, learning to walk, talk and grow in mere weeks. Fearing that she might be an oni child, her parents decided to abandon her in the mountains.

    After a month of survival, the hardy, homeless oni was given a home by Shuten-doji, reputed for being one of the four most powerful yokai. Shuten-doji raised the young oni like his own daughter. In fact, he believed that deep within, Ibaraki-doji was his daughter, even if they were not related by blood. He taught her many skills, abilities and tactics to be used in combat. Together, they lead a great oni army and went on massacres in villages

    Her final moments with Shuten-doji were at Mt. Ooe. After seeing Shuten-doji and a great deal of his army get ultimately slain by an oni extermination squad, she chose to escape.

    After a few rounds of being pursued after this event, which eventually stopped, Ibaraki-doji's actions would be reduced to pranks, as opposed to crimes. At the same time, Ibaraki-doji would occasionally reflect on her past, which was what eventually lead to her making the decision - the decision to join the clan of the Nurarihyon, one of Shuten-doji's old foes. She chose to join the Hyakki Yagyo as a chance to turn over a new leaf. The one thing she did not expect, however, was to gain leadership...

    Others: According to various Onmyoji Yokai Encyclopedias, she is a very famous, powerful yokai, and she has various depictions. Most depictions depict her as a him. However, none of them depict her youthful-looking human form face.
    Despite her abilities, she is not always using her full strength, and limits it.
    She is not very good at using modern day technology or modern speech speech mannerism.
    She is a heavy drinker and can really hold her alcohol, typical of an oni
    Being the daughter of Shuten-doji, she is effectively the granddaughter of the Yamata-no-Orochi, a very powerful eight-headed beast.​
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  16. I updated the first post. Feel free to change the Tsuchimikado emblem if you are the leader.
  17. I should be posting a Tsukumogami member sometime today. ^_^
  18. That is a good idea. The other side needs more squadrons.

    Should I make one more clan - Phantasmagoria? It's basically an evil Hyakki Yagyo with Western demons, holding their HQ in Japan.
  19. You might want to think about that after I post my second character...
  20. Name: Yamata no Orochi
    Gender: Male
    Type: Other
    Race: Dragon
    Age: At least 8000000

    Appearance: In his current state of... well being dead, Orochi takes the form of a deep black shadow. The shadow can change its size from three miles long to five inches and everything in between at will. The land above the shadow will become cold and dark. If he were to return to his normal form he would look like this: image.jpg
    A eight headed, eight tailed, eyeless dark green serpent the size of a mountain. His underbelly is covered in blood and flames.

    The air above the shadow will become cold, all lights will become extinguished, and natural light from the sun will darken. The shadow can become a reflective surface showing the looker's true self or hidden form. Orochi his self is much more fearsome. In addition to eating smaller creatures whole and constricting with the force to crush rock, he has several breath weapons at his disposal. He can breathe out toxic gas, blazing fire, freezing flames, focused lightning, and a devastating beam of dark energy. Orochi is extremely strong and can flatten a city with a few sweeps of his tails.

    Weapons: None.

    Noteworthy Possessions: No one knows why, but swords of the finest quality lay in Orochi's belly.

    Clan: Za Teikoku (Translates into The Empire)

    Position in clan: Leader

    Clan Description: A fearsome army of oni ,other yokai, and even some western demons. Led by the late Orochi, this rather nasty clan has only recently made themselves known. The members of The Empire are either servants of Orochi, mercenaries, or not really given a say on the matter. The identity of their leader is kept secret for unknown reasons.

    Clan Emblem: image.jpg

    Personality: Orochi is cold, prideful, and short tempered. He can be calm and convincing to get something he wants, but the second he gets a definite no he will loose it. He despises all living things that stand in his way, especially humans.

    History: Yamata no Orochi was once a powerful beast who would be fed the fairest maiden in Japan each year or he would eat a third of Japan's population. Then one day a god named Susanoo was banished from Heaven and swore to kill the monster in return of the maiden, Kushi's hand in marriage. The clever god had massive barrels of sake placed around Orochi so that when he awoke, the serpent swiftly chugged down the drinks. Poor Orochi was such a lightweight that he could get tipsy on a few 10% alcohol drinks, so after drinking all that sake, he dropped dead asleep. Susanoo then sliced off all his heads and tails, got the girl, and lived happily ever after. Orochi, however, was not ready to die. He formed a clan to help him regain control of Japan, naming it The Empire. He quietly built his army and has only just recently started his conquest.

    Other: As stated before Orochi is a absolute lightweight but is unstoppably addicted to alcohol.

    The one thing that can resurrect Orochi is oni blood. But only the blood of a extremely powerful oni.

    As powerful as Orochi is, his is not without his shortcomings. He is very slow, doesn't have the faintest how to deal with modern technology, and relies on his sense of smell to figure out where his opponent is.
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