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  1. Fieldset in the blood of assassins, (IBA) here you are either an assassin, (vampire mix breed) or a hunter (killer of vampires and their mix breeds that have gone for lack of a better word insane.

    The story is completely your own. No one can tell you how the story goes, so go with it.


    It's actually set on an island north of Cuxhaven (city in Germany) it's an old abandoned church re-designed for students to come and learn to kill and control their hunger.


    Basically- vampire
    More complex- born as aliens. They thrived on a planet that had no oxygen and no light (sensitivty to light comes from this and the inability to NEED to breathe aside from basic functions ((ie talking, laughing, crying)) they have lungs but do not benefit from them. They came to earth after a long disputed war between them and their closest neighbours, eventually they sent two of their strongest to the nearest inhabitable planet and this one happened to be earth. They evolved and eventually started to drink human blood to sustain life. They can die, but not by a steak to the heart or a crucifix, but rather by specially crafted diamond crafted blades that are essentially strong enough to cut your soul in half. Their breeding instincts are not limited to themselves ((if you cannot stomach this than do NOT read any further)) but how a dog breads with a dog becaus they are like-species does not matter to a Noctiuagus they breed like normal have a normal gestation period (unless mix-breed- read below) they feed off human blood are sensitive to daylight, electricity and have heightened strength and speed

    Mix breed- basically neko, Inu, Kitsune, ect, ect based creatures that are also Noctiuagus.


    They kinda speak for themselves, most are human, some animal based others not, they wield diamond crafted weapons usually passed down through the gentoations of their hunter families, some are Noctiuagus looking for revenge of the ones that changed them. They live and thrive by the three laws put in place by the four founding families (if you are from America, then you get the joke. XD)

    So. Welcome to IBA, whether you are here to avenge your family, join a family or learn to control your thirst all is welcome, who pass of course

    And remember,

    "An assassin is only as good as the blood on his hands"
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