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  1. The darkness was like its own physical mass that suffocated what little light dared to trespass in its depths. Scribbled crayon of varying bright colors were the only things visible in the blackness. Few paintings wandered this desolate plain for even they feared what creatures their dear FAthEr kept hidden in the shadows. Light footsteps echoed unnaturally off the nothingness as a cloaked man walked down one of its colored paths. Red eyes followed his every move but they knew better than to try anything with the Blue King.

    Eventually the path began to diverge until it was a single thin scratch of white against the black backdrop. Walking further forward a light, warm breeze seemed to greet the figure. It gently ruffled his purple coat and carried the sweet smell of honey and lilac. A burst of light filled his vision as early sunlight fell upon his eyes. He blinked to clear the spots of white and examined the fields of bright flowers around him.


    Turning around slowly, the purple haired man faced the figured behind him.

    "Geurtena," He responded, acknowledging his FAThEr with a respectful nod of his head.

    The painter smiled at him and patted the empty seat on the wooden bench. Garry obediently walked forward into the cool shade of the oak tree and took a seat. Silence passed between them as the two quietly took in the beautiful view of the spring meadows.

    "It has been quite sometime since you last visited me," Geurtena stated.

    "I've come to visit you now," The other replied.

    "Because I sent for you"

    "I've been busy"

    "...I see"

    A hint of deep sadness could be heard in the painters voice causing a pang of guilt to reverberate through the Blue King. He was about to apologize when Geurtena suddenly rose from his seat and walked towards the towering tree, placing a hand on the rough bark.

    "Then it seems that you will be absent for quite sometime," He continued.

    A puzzled expression crossed Garry's face as he immediately asked why.

    "We will be having visitors today and they might require some assistance in navigating the gallery"

    The shocking news kept the young painting rooted to the spot. For a split second he wondered if she would be returning and perhaps he could keep his promise then. But hope quickly turned into irritation as he scoffed at such an idea. Such chances were a million to none.

    "I'll make sure to assist them," Garry affirmed before rising to his feet and making his way back to the gallery. He had taken only a few steps forward when he stopped at the call of the painter.

    "Yes?," He inquired.

    "Be sure that they abide by the rules"

    Garry turned slightly back but could not see the young painters expression as he had his back turned to him.

    "...Of course," He finally responded before walking forward and passing once again into the gallery.

    He would make sure they would follow the rules. That was his purpose as the Blue King. To punish the rule breakers and scold those who misbehaved. However, he wasn't so kind to humans.

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  2. The almost ghost-like girl sat in the Puppet Room, which looked like Rabbits of course. It was.. Almost against the rules of Guertena, since they have visitors from time to time in which this room was based on puzzles and possible insanity. Not that she really cared of course, Father didn't exactly scare her, the only one who was Physically able to scare her was Gary. When he gets mad, Mona makes sure not to be in the room. The thing is, he wasn't really that scary to most. She found him scary because of just how real he was, in a sense. Gary had meaning, a purpose. Whilst Mona was only supposed to help only little with the Visitors.

    A pink petaled rose sat beside her, holding her discarded eye dearly. This appearance was how she was created, but luckily she had the ability to turn her image around and look like an actual little girl. If you counted in the years of Guertena, she was in her teenage years. But in reality, the little girl would be stuck in her youth for many years to come.

    "Mona, dear, you need to stop playing with those Dolls. The Doll maker doesn't like you playing with his babies, and you know that Gary will get mad at you. Father might as well too, so please stop."

    A soft voice spoke in her head, making Mona stop for merely a second before registering who the voice belonged to. Her rose, Loui. Mona always listened to Loui, since the rose always seemed to know exactly what she needed to do and what she shouldn't do.


    No words came out of Mona's mouth, only silence as she set the Dolls back to their places and slowly walking out of the door. Her bare feet pattered against the hard floor, going into the direction of the painting in which everyone would be arriving in. From time to time, she liked to watch the people come and go from the painting, although she stared deeply into most's eyes, she normally just wished to trade places with them.

    Finally after what seemed like infinity, the young girl changed her appearance so she looked human. Her long, curly white hair fell down to the middle of her back, her small grey bow sat at the top of her head practically. Her feet lay bare, able to feel the universe in a way. This was how she liked looking at herself, normal. Although it would probably never actually happen, she was glad that she had the appearance. Everyone else who lived in the world of Guertena didn't have dead-like features, most actually looking more human than the actual humans. Pierre, one who showed true beauty, was one of them. Teimri was another, although she had more devil-like features. At least to Mona, since she didn't really like Teimri. Actually she didn't like most people, since they always do something to tick Mona off.

    A soft 'Sigh' left the girls lips, watching as everyone in the Gallery stare right at her, but not seeing her. It was like a one-sided mirror, forever closed until the humans become smart enough to realize that there's something hidden right under their noses.

    "Put a smile on that face, girl! You'd make friends if you'd show some emotion."

    Loui's voice piped up in Mona's head, making the young girl roll her eyes. What was the point? No one would really care anyways, it was just a dark gloomy world that she and her Father lived in. She didn't count the other paintings and creations as family, they were just... Acquaintances.

    Plus, they were all completely different meanings. The only thing that Father had made the same was their darkness, but that was all.

    Normally, she wondered if she was the only one who wanted to get out of this prison. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. But either way, that was her dream. Mona didn't mind being a painting, but she wished Father would've made her a beautiful... Teenager, and not just some kid. It made her seem weak, the only nice thing about it, was that she was more Crazy than most.
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  3. 'It's so beautiful...!' Melody thinks as she wanders into the Guertena Art Gallery and begins looking around, as she wanders she notices the elf eared girl with huge round eyes which she stares at the painting intently for awhile and smiles talking to the painting as if it could hear her, "Well aren't you so cute? You're a beautiful painting." She was giggling as she walked away and began exploring the rest of the gallery she stopped at another painting that resembled a prince, the color of his hair is a very unique color and so she looks closely at it; it was blonde but looked closer to silver if you didn't look closely, she didn't say anything about this painting just smiled at the unique colors and moved on. She passed by many paintings and closely examined each one, she admired them so much and wanted nothing more than to go home and paint herself, this is what she dreamed of, painting for her life because that's what she enjoyed.

    With a smile she kept walking but a painting caught her eye that she rushed up to staying on the other side of the line but barely. It was a little girl missing an eye, different from all the rest of the paintings and she was thrilled, talking to herself was just one of her eccentricities and she was never really talking to herself, she talked to paintings and art with her bright cerulean blue eyes glittering happily, "Oh this one is gorgeous, artfully done even though there's this element of death. Ah! It gets me so excited!" She attempts to tuck her long bright red hair behind one of her small ears, where it stays for maybe a minute then falls back into her face because her hair is just too curly, this makes her sigh even as she pulls out a little notepad and sketches something really quickly, it was a rough version of the girl in the painting she sketched it so she wouldn't forget the painting before smiling cheerfully and reluctantly moving on. "I'll definitely go back there before I leave...ah I love stuff like that." She talked to herself and giggled as she continued her little exploration.

    Melody passes by a large painting that appeared disturbing and dark with little interest worried she would get completely absorbed in the painting and not see everything else there was to see, so she passes it and goes into another room stopping dead in her tracks as she sees a large lantern fish creature and moves past that quickly, she hated sea creatures of any kind she never knew why it was just how she was, she glances at a piano painting and moves through rest of the lower floor and then returning to the second floor where she had seen the little girl painting and the beautiful almost prince-like painting, opposite ends of the artistic spectrum but she remembered those paintings well. She stops by the white haired girl's painting once again, "Uh...I can't get enough of this one, I wonder why...?" She returned to the disturbing painting after that little mumble and stared examining this one with a sharp eye, it was a little hard for even Melody to understand what was going on in this painting but it had entranced her.
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  4. Avril and her parents stood outside the Art Gallery of Guertena, honestly it was quite amusing. Her parents ushered her inside, the two of them immediately walking to the counter to get their tickets. Avril was allowed to go ahead, seeing as she was quite curious since she had never been to an Art Gallery before. It was like a new adventure, a new promise.

    Her eyes danced around at the paintings, smiling, laughing, tearing up. One, very intriguing, and very beautiful picture caught her eye. It was named as 'Fabricated World' which really caught Avril in a trance.

    "Wow.. Guertena's really good.. Maybe I can... Become an artist like him someday."

    Her words paused from time to time, since she hardly ever likes to talk in public. For some reason, she had a phobia where when she was in public, her voice somehow changed and.. Everyone would just begin to laugh at her, so that's why she hardly ever spoke. Her voice was actually pretty normal, no matter where she was. Avril's voice was soft, and very quiet. No one would ever be able to hear her, unless they're used to it. Most could easily tell what she was saying, if they had good hearing.

    Although she couldn't see through her right eye, doesn't mean that she can't just picture what she couldn't see. It was hard for her to see everything with one eye, especially if she tried to focus on two or more things. Most people thought she was just wearing contacts, until she actually showed them that she couldn't see through her green eye. Most people called her disabled, due to her limp, and her blindness. They weren't wrong, but at the same time, they weren't correct either. She was able to do things herself, maybe not run as well as others, and not seeing. But, that doesn't make her disabled. She wouldn't want to be labled that, until she was in a wheelchair with tubes going into her nose just to help her breath.

    Finally, after look at the painting for a few more minutes, she finally went to something else. It was a male, holding a blood-red rose. The name was 'A Princes Kiss'. Wow, that's quite a name. If some, hadn't seen the picture, they would have probably thought something of sexual intercourses to actual kissing. Though, the painting wasn't anything like that. It was actually quite beautiful, and she enjoyed it.

    "I wonder what your....... name is, Mr. Prince.."

    She spoke once more, a small giggle trailing after.

    Not only had she spoke, but she has twirled around a bit. For a mere moment, the weak foot was forgotten, causing her to fall almost immediately after beginning.

    Her hair fell onto her face, covering her eyes. She sighed, looking down at her foot. Gosh, why do you have to be so hard to maintain... Her thoughts began, the usual optimistic girl leaving for just a second. This always happened when something happened, which made her trip. Or, if people decided to tease her about her eye, or foot. Normally it brought her down to the point of becoming depressed, but then one of her friends would stand up for her.

    Normally, she would defend herself. But as she grows older, her strong personality seemed to be vanishing. Her parents were worried, but she wasn't. She knew that some day, her life would take a turn for the better, and she would become just as strong as she was before the teasing, and the bullying began.

    "This... Damn foot.."

    No one would help her, which wasn't surprising. She grabbed her forgotten cane and stood up, leaning on the wall for just a moment. Normally she tried to not use her cane, but when it came down to it, she would.

    It helped her navigate, in a sense, plus it helped her walk.
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  5. "... I'll be fine, Father," a soft voice slipped from pale lips, the girl's brows furrowing slightly in frustration as she ran her hands over the thick coat she was bundled up in. The coat was black, and the inside was lined with soft, silken smooth fur, something Liliane had to admit she liked the feel of, especially since she was wearing a black dress with thin straps, reaching just above her knees.

    But still... It felt rather excessive. A red silk scarf adorned her neck, her pale petal-pink hair, almost white from the top, looking even paler against the rich dark fabrics. Her skin looked almost moon pale, and her lips seemed to lack some color. And both her parents stood on either side of her, making her look - and feel, even smaller and frailer than she liked. She was ill, but it wasn't that bad... It wasn't... She was fifteen, she wasn't just a little doll that would break. Despite her appearance.

    Her father knelt down and firmly put his hands on her shoulders, staring at her in the eye. "Now, Liliane, I know we rarely allow you to get out." He saw her lips tighten slightly and her eyes glance to the side, the small girl choosing not to say anything. The tall man sighed and gently cupped her chin. "I know, my sweet daughter... But we will trust you on this. Mama and I will keep some distance away from you and let you enjoy yourself."

    Soft apple-red eyes darted to stare back into her father's brown ones, widening slightly. Really? Her father smiled a little at seeing the silent question in her face, and she flushed, a soft, barely there pink tint rising to her porcelain cheeks. Her parents' knowing looks always managed to irritate her and somehow make her feel warmer at the same time.

    They were going to let her - in a way, explore this art exhibit by herself... They were going to let her... A small smile curved the edges of her mouth despite herself, as she held onto her father's arm with one gloved hand, squeezing slightly, before she turned and nodded to her mother. She heard their slight chuckles, always with that slight sadness to it that she tried to ignore, as she walked off. They had already gone to the desk earlier, and now she wanted to see what this exhibit had to offer.

    There were many things, strange, beautiful, exotic and interesting - some same at once - and there were also the bizarre ones. She had never seen such a large, nerve-poundingly lifelike painting of a large, deep sea fish, something she had only seen in books. She looked at it, almost tempted to lean over the separator. The dark blue deepening into black depths... She wanted to see more. Somehow, she felt like her life was like that - she didn't know a lot of things, despite having all the books she could read at her home...

    Liliane paused upon a painting of a little girl, coming to a stop beside another gallery visitor. A pale little girl that almost reminded her of herself... "How morbid..." she quietly murmured both about her own thoughts and about the painting, staring at the lone bruised eye, then the skeletal hand and nose, the completely white cheeks. She traced a finger upon the girl's painted cheek, under her single eye, fleetingly, a gentle caress. Her lashes lowered over her eyes for a moment. "The feeling of being sick... And not being able to do anything about it..." That was the feeling she got from this painting. Perhaps this girl had a story of herself, maybe she was painted after someone in real life that passed away from illness... A young life forever gone because of the sick taint on it...

    She moved away from the painting and continued on, looking for anything that would catch her eye. An elf girl with a cheery background and a happy smile. She moved towards it, and stared. After a few moments, a slight discomfit passed through her usually soft and calm features, a slight tightening in her gut. The shadow... She thought with a slight shudder on the inside. Did no one notice this?She would never forget the dark implications she could feel just underneath, with that shadow and its wide grin behind the seemingly innocently smiling elfin girl. Were those spots of red she could see? "... Lovely." She murmured, not finishing the sentence. She would have added, Getting uncomfortable by a painting like this of all things...
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  6. At first, walking through the Gallery had been like re-experiencing every terrible memory of having been constantly chased around by killer paintings. Though now he's all but numb to such pointless recollections and what he had feared about the hostile paintings had evaporated a long time ago. They harmed only those who trespassed upon their territory, who broke the rules of the gallery, and treated their own kind as family. It had been an altogether strange day when the painting of the Lady in Blue, the one that had almost ended his life, had apologized and invited him to the 'doll room' to be re-introduced to everyone else. The strange thing was how Garry had integrated so well into the life of a painting. Especially under such circumstances.

    Though he was accepted by most of the gallery's population it took some time for others to forgive him about 'breaking one of the most important rules' and what made it worse was that it had caused the destruction of one of their own. Even Geurtena had severely denounced Garry's actions and nearly banished him to the 'Darkness' when they had first met. But the painter had eventually come to terms that he had only done what he had to live. Even after the events had transpired, Geurtena still had refused Garry's audience until unexpectedly requesting for it. What had happened during that time was unknown and kept a mystery among the paintings but it had been well-known as the day the Blue King had been born. The new powers he possessed made him untouchable in a sense.

    And every since Garry had been tasked to roaming the halls all inner conflicts and disputes had but came to a stop. Some loved him for it and some felt cheated. They had lived longer in the gallery so why hadn't one of them been picked for the special privilege. Since they would never question their FAtheR they instead grew to resent Garry. They were the ones who constantly made a mess around the Gallery, adding much more work than necessary for the young king. Though the other paintings gladly tried to help where they could when they had the chance. The reason why the tricky annoyances were still roaming the gallery was the fact that Geurtena had specifically stated that only if one painting harmed their kind physically they would still retain full freedom to wander, much to Garry's dissatisfaction. They may prove to be a problem during the open exhibition. But there was no time left to possibly capture the impudent artwork for the transition of worlds was to begin in not but a few measly minutes.

    He came to an abrupt stop when he reached his destination. The walls had remained as blue as they were that day. The sound of a little girls voice resounded through the hall as his memories and reality intermixed. He could still remember when he had been saved by a brave little girl no older than nine from what could have been his inevitable end. The same vase of water stood in the middle of the room, ready for use when the others would arrive. Though it was no longer needed by him. This would be where he would encounter the newcomers. However much would be left of them. Garry knew the others may either help them or hinder their progress and it would not be his concern unless a rule is broken or they reach his domain. But something was missing.

    Without warning a series of thorns, spiked stems and blue, almost iridescent flowers erupted from the ground and walls around him. The thorns retracted as he walked forward and knelt beside one of the blooming roses. Garry gently plucked it from its brothers and sniffed the blue petals. Nothing. Of course it would smell like nothing. It was a fake rose after all.
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