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  1. So I'm planning to make an open world RP for the horror RPG game of Ib ^^ I just need to know how many people would be willing to join before I make the thread :)

    Also you'll be able to make your character either human or a painting to add some depth to the usual gallery-exploring and trying to find a way out goal. The paintings can either choose to be evil, helpful to the humans, or neutral. Humans can choose to work together to find away out, help the paintings take down the other humans (essentially become evil), or stay in the gallery (for whatever reason).
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  2. I played Ib last year and I absolutly loved it.

    This sounds really interesting! I'd love to be part of this.

    Would we be able to play Ib, Garry, and/or Mary? And does this have any relation to the canon?
  3. <w< I would so jump on this ride! I loved Ib!
  4. To answer your question, its going to be either set in the events of the original story or set after. It all really depends o where you guys want to head :) Plus I'm also open ideas so if you have any feel free to add them in ^^

    Me too~ (pretty sure thats already obvious though xP). Welcome aboard ^^
  5. Sounds cool!

    I'd be down to play either, so I'll let other people decide if they want to do during or after. c:
  6. Alright ^^ Oh and how many characters do you think you guys would want to play? I want to see how many people I need to join :)
  7. Probably only 1 since I'm running multiple characters in a few RPs already.
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  8. I agree, though I might be able to manage two, depending on when this starts.
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  9. You guys okay if we start this RP now? I don't think anyone else will be joining.
  10. Three people seems a bit small; maybe put up a banner, or something? Certainly wouldn't hurt to wait and try, right?
  11. To be honest there weren't that many people in IB but it would be weird to not have any evil arts or anything...at least not any evil that was player controlled. Hmm but let me see if I can make a banner later tonight.
  12. I'm interested if your still accepting people.
  13. Actually we need people so I'm sure they'll ne happy to accept you!
  14. Sure I would appreciate a banner! And @Aqacia you are welcome to join ^^
  15. I'd be down for it ouo
  16. I'll see if I can make a banner! Though no promises on my art skills n.n
  17. I was gonna take an Ib picture and mess with it in a banner maker. There's an idea @upscalerat
  18. Thats great! Welcome aboard~ ^^ No worries for how good the banner looks cause anything will do. As long as it relates to the subject of course ;p
  19. Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
  20. Wait I just realized that now we have 5 (including me) who are going to be in this RP so do you guys think thats enough to start with or should we wait for more?
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