I would never hit a woman, but...

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  1. [video=youtube;ihLBCbNIDbI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihLBCbNIDbI&feature=share[/video]

    ... These b!@#$es surely make me want to.
  2. Dafuqh. Is wrong. With these gurls.

    I'm sorry.
    I dont rage, like, ever. But, honestly.
    I want to shake these gurls and be like STAY IN SCHOOL. DONT STEAL. LEAVE THE GIRL SCOUTS ALONE.
    And stop buying Starbucks if you "need" the money for "stuff".

    You freaking selfish people.

    What she says kind of make me want to flip some tables.
    And then a cow.
    and a sumo wrestler.
    and Mars.

    the "popular" girls in my old high school were exactly like that. o ^o
  3. I'd say a boderline or antisocial personality with cleptomania. There isn't enough evidrence to suggest issues with addiction, but thats also a possibility. Of course none of these are excuses for their poor behaviour, but any of them would explain why they acted so impulsively. There's also the slim possibility of sociopathy.

    What really concerns me is that these girls may have grown up in an environment where this behaviour was tolerated.
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  4. ^ That.
    I was not expecting such a good response here.
    I now must Like and Thank.
  5. WOW.
    /hates society.
  6. Holy fucking fuck.

    Red Heaired Chick: "I mean, I do feel bad for the 9 year old girl, but there was 150 dollars in that envelope."

    Lady: "Why did you do it?"

    Blonde Chick: "Who doesn't like money?"

    WHAT THE HELL, MAN? That is heartless. How in the hell are you pissed that you got charges and didnt keep money? You STOLE it from a 9 YEAR OLD GIRL. Those people don't feel bad for her and give her money! She's selling cookies, bitch! I'd rather them both prostitute themselves then steal from a little girl who was selling cookies. At least she worked HARD for her money!


    *flips a table* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
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  7. I still wouldn't hit them. I'd put a bullet through them.
  8. It makes me wonder what type of people raised these... things. D:<
  9. These are the same sort of sad, blissfully ignorant fuckwits I meet every day.

    Responsibility for one's actions and the realisation that the world does not revolve around you are concepts as alien to them as astrophysics and rocket science are to me. They have no understanding of how their actions affect other people and they probably never will.

    Sad part is they're going to drift through life completely ignorant to these things, forever confused by why people react so angrily when they do something they've not grasped to be a dick thing to do. Makes you feel almost sorry for them.

  10. I thought that I have spent so much time on the internet that I can not find something that lowers my expectations. Turns out, I was completely wrong as this interview proved. "Money is money." Seriously? These people have stolen money from a nine year old girl, who has worked hard to earn that money. While one hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of money, that does not justify you taking it. What really gets on my nerves though, is that these... I do not even know the word... do not even feel sorry for what they have done. They deserve to be punished for their crimes.
  11. Can I call her a cunt? OH, please tell me I can >:C

    That biatch totally pissed me off!
    If she is so mad about the charges then WHY THE HELL do it?
    Stupid A-hole >:C
  12. Call me a bleeding heart liberal , but I still believe in rehabilitation over punishment for property related crimes. In this situation I'd recommend community service, counselling, probation and the opportunity to meet the victim with their family if they agree. This approach encourages the individual to look at the consequences of their actions for both them and everyone involved aswell as offering them with the opportunity to build positive relationships with mentors within their communities who can assist them in replacing anti-social behavior with more constructive pastimes. Restorative justice is far more beneficial to both the victims and the perpatrator than punitive measures.
  13. The Lesson Learned is NOT TO BE CAUGHT.

    That's pretty ballsy to say.

    Though I got to admit, I do appreciate that they took refuge in audacity and not only stole money, but stole money from a 9 year old girl--and not just a 9 year old girl, but a girl scout!

    That's pretty hilarious.

    "Crime, once exposed, has refuge only in audacity."
    -Tactius, from Annals