I would like two characters drawn.

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  1. Girl- Long wavy silvery white hair, pale purple eyes. Pale skin , with delicate features , heart shaped face. She is 18-24 and petite but curvy. She wears a black tank top or corset with a blue skirt. One stalking blue with black stripes the other with spots. She likes to wear flats or high heels. A top hat of some kind is optional.
    If you could her lazy clothes are a large hoody blue or purple with black leggings. (Likes to sit on counters or tables)

    Boy- Straight long shaggy blue black hair, grey eyes, tanned skin. Generally wears Black or grey dress shirts, can be red. Faded pale blue jeans and sneakers, work boots or boots. He has a silver hoop earing in his right ear and sharp features.
    He does wear a trench coat on bad weather days. (Likes to lean against walls running his hand through his hair. Or chin rested on hand when sitting in a chair.
  2. I'll do my best and edit it into here when I get done ^~^
  3. OMG thank you!!
  4. I have one drawn, I'm working on the guy.

    I can attempt to fix anything you don't like, warning, it's terrible ^^"
    Girl UB.png
  5. Its cute and better then I could hope to do.
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  6. Now forever to work on the guy too XD haha
  7. I'm gonna try this.
  8. Working on the girl. I'll post it if I finish it~ :)
  9. Here's the pic. Sorry it took so long - I had a bunch of exams this week. :)
    I'll work on the guy when I find the time. It's getting to that frantic hell week in my univ.

  10. Nice thank you!!
  11. Done! The boy took a while.

    I put him in a red shirt, sitting down.

  12. This confirms my suspicions. You did a drawing for a friend of mine a while back, before he quit. It was a character in a hoodie with some purple jewelry.

    Is there any way I could get you to draw a character for me?
  13. Oh yeah! I remember him! I believe the character's name was Fenris.
    I'm pretty swamped with univ work lately, but I can work on a character when I got time. Go ahead and leave a profile in my inbox and I'll reply with the drawing when it's done~

    Also, you might as well give me the description ASAP, since I'll start a Paypal soon and once that's up I'll be charging for my drawings so~~ get it while it's free~
  14. Had a go at drawing the girl:

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  15. It's been awhile since i last posted on this, but I'll draw the character!
  16. Thank you all
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