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  1. Two weeks from the current start of the rp a guy and his female friend made a bet she made up the prize thinking she would win although she clearly lost and sge became the guys maid although two weeks went by and the girl had fallen in love with him by the end if the time period and she decides not to leave leading to a short argument and her winning without mentioning the fact that she likes him


    Partner musnt care about post length AT ALL

    I prefer rping in third person

    If you want to drop an rp TELL ME

    If you get busy please let me know

    I prefer using anime pictures

    This rp can have non human races



    Animal people (human /animal)(or skin of human with the ears and tail of an animal)


    I have a few kinks but ill put them in a pm (its also mixed with other stuff)

    Also dont think my search is done once i find one partner

    People play different characters which changes how the rps go i like to rp with multiple people with different personality choices

    Now a quick kink list with random bits of info

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    I have a minor foot fetish (footjobs only no sucking toes or anything like that)

    I think tsunderes are adorable

    Im minorly afraid of yanderes but i do like them

    Im horrible at fighting rps! So i will generally try to avoid them

    My characters tend to have a dark past but its never obvious

    I prefer long term rps

    I hate those who abandon rps without bothering to leave a message >.<

    I prefer pm rp

    I cant stand rape although in this case I'll allow your female character to rape my character if you want

    I like to play shy characters but a lot of the times i dont
  2. Still looking amd also other races can be played (talking about species here)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.