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  1. Draco Malfoy, a pureblood and son of Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. He was a very well known young boy due to who his parents were and the way they were meant to be involved with the Dark Lord and his parents had been deatheaters before the Dark Lord vanished. He had gotten his acceptance letter to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry now that he'd come of age and was eleven. He had gone with his parents to Diagon Alley and had gotten all the books and robes and uniform that was needed for his school years.

    On the morning of the day he was going to the school, his parents took him to platform 9 and three quarters with his luggage and he said goodbye to them before he boarded the train in plenty of time and looking through the compartments to find an empty one so that other students could join him. He finally found a empty compartment and opened up the sliding doors and went and sat by the window and looking out of it, his pale grey/blue eyes looking out to the platform, kids still saying bye to their parents. He gave his parents a wave before he sat back in his seat and played with his wand.
  2. Shade Vanity, pureblood, just got done Getting all of her things for Hogwarts. She then put them in her bag and went to the station.

    Shade looked around then at her parents. She waved to them goodbye before Getting on the train. She looked around for an empty compartment, but there were none. She slip the door open of a compartment that had a blond-haired boy in it. "Umm... May I please... sit in Here with you?"she asked, shyly. She looked at him, her green eyes flickering. She looked down, hoping for a Yes.
  3. Draco stayed looking out he window as he waited for the train to leave the station and be on it's way to the castle, he was excited about going to Hogwarts because it meant he got away from his parents and also was hoping to become a great wizard. He looked when the compartment door opened and looked at the girl studying her green eyes and nodded his head. "Yeah, yeah come sit down, might as well" he said to her and studying her. "Are you a pureblood witch? what's your name" he asked her.
  4. "Yeah. It's Vanity, Shade Vanity. What's your name?"she asked, sitting across from him shyly. She looked at him, taking her hair out of her ponytail that her mother forced her to wear. She put the hair tie in her bag.
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