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  1. Spoiler Alert if you have not read all of the Harry Potter books or watched all of the movies.

    OK so I know I've been posting a lot, but I constantly am getting awesome ideas (even though they most likely suck). So here's another one!!

    Okay so It's Harry Potter themed, if you couldn't tell Lol, and It's that Draco Malfoy meets up with my character. So during the first year he meets my character, who just so happens to also be a pureblood! So they become friends and through the years they become closer friends.

    During the third year, Draco finally asks my character out. They go out and they fall deeper in love.

    Then one day, during the summer before their sixth year, Draco sends a letter that they have to break up. And for the rest of the summer he ignores her owls and everything. So during school, he still tries to ignore her, until the bathroom fight, where she sees him in the hospital wing. He says he will explain everything to her once he is allowed to leave. So one night, after he is released, they go to the Astronomy Tower, and he tells her everything and says she needs to warn her family and need to get to safety. She does and tries to convince Draco to leave the Death Eaters, but he doesn't Because of his parents. So she leaves school the following week.

    Three years later, after No communication, they Bump into each other in Diagon Alley, looking for things. They then fall back into love.

    So That's the plot!! I put a lot of thought into it Because I want it to be good. I need someone to play Draco Malfoy Please.
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  2. So here is my Character!!

    Name: Shade Vanity
    Age: 11+ (obviously Lol))
    Personality: Shy, timid, very outgoing once you get to know her, funny, smart, tricky, witty, sarcastic, rude at times, always wants to get her way, sweet, gentle usually
  3. The idea is really good and the fact I do love a good Draco Malfoy RP as he's my favourite Harry Potter Character with Ron since I was little :)

    So I don't mind being Draco for you and RPing it :)
  4. OMG Thank you!! I've never met someone who has also loved Draco. And I'm so sorry but can you Please start it once we are done discussing it? I'm so exhausted from doing highschool tests in 8th grade. I'm sorry
  5. Once we have discussed it more then yeah I can try starting it, I don't like starting really, but I can do it and seems like we are on different time zones to each other, so will be on at different times
  6. Yeah but It's the Same with me on the starting Because I suck at it Lol. Like I'll only put a paragraph or even a few sentences just Because I suck at it.
  7. Even though you know the whole plot and everything? well let's discuss the RP first, how did you want it to go, as in where did you want the RP to start and things, when they are in a specific year still at Hogwarts or when they bump into each other the three years later?
  8. They bump into each other the first Year. Sorry if I messed that up. I was editing and it was being crazy. Umm... I was thinking that they bump into each other on the train? Yea.

    And Yeah Because I can never think of a good way to.... show the details I guess? Yea something like that lol
  9. so how would we do this because obviously you said about them in the different years, would we do it where they are in first year for a bit and then time skip to the third year where they start dating and RP that for a bit and then time skip to the sixth year where he breaks up with her and everything and then after RPing that for a bit, skip to when they bump into each other in Diagon Alley three years after they break up?
  10. I was thinking that like we rp like each Year. Like not each day of the Year. Obviously some time skips lol
  11. So we do all the years?
  12. Yea
  13. Yeah I guess we can do that
  14. Okay Thank you. What else should we discuss?
  15. Hello??
  16. Yeah I never got an alert for it, I don't think so, starting off with them meeting on the train for their first year?
  17. Yes Please. Thank you!! :)
  18. Yeah that's fine, I'll make the RP tomorrow or later, did you want it done by Personal message or onexone you are a teen so when they are older if you wanted anything more sexual to happen, then personal message is better
  19. It doesn't matter. I don't plan on it to be sexual but No one knows What will happen so I guess in onexone but we use personal message for any sexual things if they do happen. That or just fade to black. Doesn't matter. Just Please make it in onexone :)
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