I Wish that I Could be Like the Cool Kids. (Open to 5 more)

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  1. "I wish that I could be like the cool kids, 'Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in."

    Hello, and thank you for looking! So, this will basically be a drama fueled high school role play!
    I'm looking for five other people! So, yes, everyone will be doubling. (Because I doubt I can get more than five people interested in this..)
    Everyone will play one boy and one girl.
    First come, first serve.

    ♥Be literate. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and please use third person properly.
    ♥Be at least 18. (Possible mature themes)
    ♥Communicate. If you're bored, have an idea, or want to quit, lemme know.
    ♥Posting order is to be followed. You may ask to be skipped. You will be skipped in two days if you do not reply.
    ♥BBCode is encouraged, though not required.

    ♥Reply at least once a day.

    Characters/Spots Available

    The "leader" of the group- SeverusX
    Her boyfriend (who's cheating on her with her best friend)-
    Her best friend (second in command)-
    Best friend's boyfriend (who's actually gay for a drama student)-
    Said drama student-
    New girl who's invited into group-
    Third in command (who has a crush on another girl)-
    Boy who new girl has a crush on-
    Third in command's boyfriend(who's cheating on her with her sister)- Severusx
    Girl who third in command has a crush on-
    "Loser" who likes the "leader" of the group-
    Third in command's sister-

    If anyone has any suggestions for other characters to add, let me know! This is supposed to be drama fueled!
  2. To.. what? I'm not starting until I have enough sign ups.
  3. Oh okay I would Like in
  4. Leaders boyfriend and Third in commands sister
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  5. may I have these reserved @Severusx
  6. Can I get Best Friend's Boyfriend and New Girl?
  7. Boy who new girl has a crush on , can I snag it? ^^
  8. You sure can!

    Sure, but you also have to play a girl!
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  9. I'll bite.... I'll take the "loser" (who I'm assuming is a guy) and maybe "girl who third in command has a crush on."

    If those are available. Kinda hard to figure it out with how their currently laid out.

  10. Is there any spots still available?​
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