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    My name is:
    Sayomi Chi

    I am:
    The princess of Martison

    I have seen this many birthdays:

    What my life has been about:
    Sayomi grew up, learning how to be a princess from her mother, and her father always telling her that her destiny is for her choosing. She Loved to just go outside and lay in the sun, to wonder around and see the beauties of nature. She had always practiced to fight with her father. She is very capable of archery, swordsmanship, and was very capable of other hands on.

    Now that Sayomi had reached the age of 18, it was time for her to marry. She didn't like the idea of any prince could come and place themselves in a series of complicated games. She had begged her mother and father to call off everything, but they wouldn't. She didn't want to marry anyone right now. Especially a prince who was only there because of the greatness that the kingdom. Sayomi read too much to not believe in true love. She didn't want to be miserable for the rest of her life.

    A few things that I like:
    horse back riding

    A few things that I do not like:
    Too much noise
    Making speeches
    being stuck in a room
    Her situation

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  2. Sayomi leaned out the window, her light brown hair dangling out of the window. There were so many people in the grounds. She watched as some were setting up tents, and others were setting up things for the games that were to be held in a a couple of days. She sighed, not liking the idea of the fact that she was suppose to be won off like some cattle at the auction. She pushed off the ledge, and then went walking around, her long black dress trailing behind her. She walked in silence, thinking about what was going on, and what she was going to do. She wasn't even sure what she was going to do, part of her wanted to just scream and fight until she didn't have to go through with this, and the other half of her wanted to just run away and never come back. She looked down at her feet, looking at the silver shimmer as the light hit them.

    She kept walking, untili she found herself at the kitchen doors. She looked around, searching for a moment. No one was around... She opened the door quietly, and ran out, holding up her dress so that she didn't step on it. She run out the doors, and into the gardens, and then kept running. She ran until she reached the stabled. She looked around, and then she saw her horse. He was a deep chocolate brown. He was a draft horse, so he was extremely large, especially compared to her slender figure. She grabbed his reighns, and started to lead him out quietly.
  3. Name: Jeremiah Stolver

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Occupation/Class: A towns person who mainly tends to his farm that his uncle owns.

    Abilities: He's rather good with animals, he knows how to ride a horse, and he also has some skills in sewing and repairing things.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    *Except he usually wears a green shirt (for lack of a better word), a leather vest, red, knee-high peasant pants, and brown shoes.*

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Personality: Jeremiah is very kind, but also shy, usually not being much of a talker unless you're close to him. He's very diligent and hard working, making sure that every task he has to do is done to the best of his ability. Unless others take initiative, it's hard for him to get close to people on his own, leading some to believe that he might be cold in how he interacts with others. He shows a great amount of respect to nobles and royals, but he also fears them greatly, and it would shake him up for a loved one to dare to go against them. He usually goes with what others say or do, too shy to actually stand up for himself, especially when others can do something he can't do or has difficulty with, and it embarrasses him greatly to fail a task or admit he can't do something.

    Bio: Jeremiah almost had a normal childhood, with his parents being wealthy merchants who worked their way up to be of the upper-middle class. However, at the age of seven his parents were held hostage by knights of an enemy kingdom. Jeremiah hid in a nearby pantry, just out of sight of them, and could only watch in horror as who as an enemy noble finally stepped in, slaughtering his parents before they finally rode out.

    His uncle took the child in, but due to his wife dying, he was cold towards Jeremiah. Jeremiah learned to work on the farm, something that as hard as it might be sometimes, he surprisingly enjoyed, especially with the animals. He seemed to have a natural talent for dealing with them, he even managed to teach himself how to ride a horse. Due to the trauma of his parents dying in front of him, he became shy, doing his tasks loyally, and also feared any royalty and what might happen if he were to upset one.
  4. Jeremiah used a pitchfork to pick up a bundle of hay, setting it in a trough for a horse to eat, and repeatedly did this for each of the horses. The other farm hands were off doing their own work, much like he was, though honestly he didn't mind the work, if anything he actually enjoyed it, especially the animals. He did his fair share of work humbly without much complaint, not asking for more, partly because he was too scared too because of his cold uncle. Even now, he wasn't all that close to him, all he did was feed him and provide shelter for him, not seeming to spare any sympathy for him.

    Jeremiah shook his head. He couldn't waste anymore time thinking when he had more work to do.

    (( Sorry about it being so short. ))
  5. Sayomi was about to lead the horse out of the stables, when she heard voices. It was some guards, they were patroling the grounds. She hid behind her hose, who was more then capable of hiding her small figure. They seemed to linger around the stable. "Of course they do..." She led the horse back into a stall near the back, attempting to hide. She sighed and then looked up at the horse. "Every time I swear.." She left the stall, and went and grabbed a brush. She walked back into the stall, and began to brush the beautiful horse as she sang. She knew that the guards were probably going to try to mess around while everyone else was setting up, but she couldn't go and tell them to work, they would try and take her back up to the castle. She looked at the horse as she kept singing to it, the horse just standing still and quiet,
  6. Jeremiah grabbed a brush, about to go into a stall to brush a tan-colored horse that he had personally named 'Snicker', when he suddenly heard yelling and the sounds of a scared and panicking horse. He poked his head outside to see several farm-hands trying to break a horse, though obviously it wasn't that successful, a few of their bruises were even visible.

    Spotting Jeremiah, a farmhand yelled, "Hey, Jeremy! Jeremiah! You're good with farm animals, aren't ya'?"

    Not wanting to admit that he wasn't, Jeremiah nodded.

    "Then come over here!"

    Jeremiah did as he was told, coming over towards the fenced area that the horse was trotting around in.

    "How would he be any different? Everyone that's tried to get on that thing has been bucked off, a few hit in the teeth." another farm hand said, "Personally, I think it's better to just use him for meat."

    Jeremiah looked nervously at the farmhand before finally climbing into the fenced area.

    "Well if you're gonna' try, take these." the first farmhand said, throwing him a rope.

    Catching the rope, Jeremiah slowly went towards the horse, circling the area with the horse doing the same. It was like a showdown between them. The farm hands anticipated it to end violently like their encounters had, some even encouraging it. The farm hands' 'encouragement' caused the horse to get nervous, making her whinny, but Jeremiah stayed calm, not paying attention to the farm hands' yelling. Eventually they both slowly got closer, and when they were close enough, Jeremiah approached her, raising his hand.

    At first the horse backed up, and Jeremiah lowered his hand until he got close enough to raise it again. He put his hand on the horse's neck, keeping it there for a moment before finally tying a rope around the horse's neck, leading it around the area to trot with him. Jeremiah then led her close to the fence before climbing the fence to get on the horse. The horse, at first, resisted, but Jeremiah managed to not fall off.

    What happened next was surprising to the farm hands; Jeremiah was riding the supposedly wild horse in a trot, and without a saddle.
  7. Sayomi heard the noise of everyone gathering. She looked out of the stalls, and noticed her chance to leave. She jumped on the horse, and dug her heels into his sides. He nieghed loudly, and bolted out of the stall. The horse rounded the corner, and ran out of the stalls, and then Rushed out into the grass. The horse was was large, and loud. The only person that was ever able to ride him was Sayomi. To everyone else, he was still a blue horse. The horse ran up to the group, trying to follow their normal path. He went up on his hind legs, neighing angrily. He crashed down on the ground, and ran, jumping over the guards who were watching everything go down.

    "That was the princess! Quick, everyone after her!!" a guard yelled, and and started to running towards the castle.

    Sayomi cursed to herself, and then urged the horse to move quickly, the horse digging up dirt as it ran. Her dress flew out and around the horse. She kept urging the horse to go. She wasn't going to get caught this time. She kept running, her fngers laced in the horses mane.

    The head of the guards came out, running. "Get everyone on a horse and after her! That horse will blow us out of the water if we don't hurry! That horse is unbelievable." he sighed. He knew that that horse was made to run, and that he was trained in the woods around the castle. The princess enjoyed leaving as much as she could.
  8. "Since you managed to tame him, you should take 'im to a stall." a farmhand said, leaving to go back to his work, like many of the others in the group were.

    Jeremiah was about to stop the horse so that he could get off, when there was a sudden loud noise. He wasn't sure of what that noise could have been, since in an instant the horse was on it's two hind legs, Jeremiah grabbing onto the horse's mane with both hands so that he could stay on. This soon proved to be a foolish decision, as the horse jumped right over the fence. The black horse ran through the farm with reckless abandon, the farmhands trying to stop her with their yelling and intimidating tools only made things worse.

    "Jeremiah, get off the damned horse!"

    Realizing that he should have done this earlier, Jeremiah prepared for a rough landing, only for the rope to tug him back. The rope was tangled around both of his hands in some sort of never-ending knot, and with how strong the rope was, it was guaranteed that the horse would just drag him if he tried to get off now. Preferring to not be damned and dragged through the mud at the same time, Jeremiah stayed on the horse with all his might. As they approached the forest, he hoped that the horse would get tired enough to stop before they got too far.
  9. Sayomi laughed as Her and the horse ran. Her light down hair, flowing around behind her. She loved the way that it felt to be out of the castle, to feel the stress just be lifted off of her shoulders. Finally, so she stopped the horse, yelling in Latin at the beautiful steed. The horse came to a stop, slowly, and she let him walk in a few slow circles. She got off the horse, petting him. He looked so dark compared to her pale skin. She hugged the horse, and began to sing softly. The horse was the only thing that didn't treat her any different because she was the princess. But then again, he was also a horse, there was no reason for him to think any different of the one that runs, and feeds him.

    She walked around, singing. She walked around the clearing, knowing that there was no chance that the other guards wouldn't catch up to him. She sung, closing her eyes, tears slowly making their way down her checks. She was too stressed and unsure of what to do about anything. She didn't want to marry anyone. She didn't want to marry anyone of those prince's. She didn't want to marry some self centered power obsesed prince. Sayomi started to just twirl, and cry a bit, just trying to think of what to do.
  10. Jeremiah continued to hold on, afraid of slipping off, but it seemed that the horse was beginning to slow down. Seeing this as his chance to stop the horse, he attempted to dig his heels into her sides, only her for to whinny in protest, nearly knocking him off of her before continuing her mad run. He then tried to steer her, but that only worked a bit in influencing which direction she took, as they nearly hit one of the trees.

    Wanting to have some sense of where was going among the blur of greens, he lifted his head up from the horse's neck, only to see that they were going towards someone. Fearing that the horse might just run them over, he dug his heels into the horse's sides again, causing her to whinny and stand on her front legs in front of the girl. Losing his grip, Jeremiah ended up falling off of the horse, but the rope still had a hold on both him and the horse. The rope was still around the horse's neck, spreading all the way to his wrists, where they were tied up together in how tangled up the rope got. The horse stayed still, only clopping in place nervously, leaving Jeremiah on the ground with his hands tied up, like he was her prisoner.

    Part of Jeremiah was hoping that they might help him, and the rest of him was just embarrassed from a person seeing him like this.
  11. Sayomi nearly screamed when the horse went up on it's hind legs. She knew that if it crashed down on her, then there was not much hope for her. When the horse landed, she gave a soft sigh, until she saw the man fall of the horse. Feeling her worry, her rather large in comparison draft horse came up, stomping his feet, and neighing loudly, almost like screaming. Sayomi pictured her horse like the head guard back at the castle. Her emeranld green eyes looked down at the man, before back up at the horse, knowing that if she made a step toward him, that the horse would run off. She started to approach the horse, her arms out to the side. She could tell that it was scared. As she got closer to it, she began to speak softly in Latin. Something that she found calmed the animals. Something about the way Latin was spoke, and the way that words came back to them, it seemed to almost comfort them.

    She took another step, and the horse started to go up on its hind legs, so she jumped, and grabbed the rope, pulling down on it. She knew that it would cause the horse a great deal of discomfort. Just as she hopped, the horse came back down. She put a carrot down that she pulled from a pocket somewhere on her dress, and put it in front of the horse. It looked at her, then slowly began to eat it. Her horse stomped in protest to not getting a carrot.

    Once the horse was still enough, she went over, bending down, and worked quickly to untangle the man. "Are you okay?" She asked him as she did it, Her green eyes meeting his. She quickly looked down, being taught to never look a male in the eyes. King, prince, or someone under her. She was able to get him untangled rather quickly, her thin fingers able to maneuver around almost seamlessly. "I apologize for startling your horse.." She said to him in her smooth and sultry voice as she helped him up.
  12. Soon Jeremiah's fear overrode his embarrassment, as he soon realized that the horse might just run off again, this time dragging him with her. Managing to look up in his position, he saw the even larger horse and... her. He quickly looked away, embarrassed to have looked so foolish in front of an attractive woman such as her. He could hear her coming closer, saying something that he couldn't understand, but the horse seemed to be a bit calmer from hearing those words. He couldn't help but find them calming as well, mainly from the way she said them, even if he couldn't understand what she was trying to say.

    He felt the horse start to go up, and he closed his eyes, bracing to be rubbed against the ground, but instead the horse was brought back down, the horse making a whinny of protest against this, and then silence. Had she calmed her? For the time being it seemed that she had as she quickly worked to get him out of the rope.

    Whether it was by accident or intentional, his eyes met her emerald green ones. He looked away as well, partly out of embarrassment, since he was sure that she must have thought him to be the town fool. His hands slipped out of the binding rope once they were released, and he managed to get up, his hands quickly going back to his side. He was surprised at her apologizing for this, and while it wasn't exactly his fault either, the horse had been startled to begin with, but she seemed much calmer now, "I'm fine. It's fine." he finally got out, "And... thank you." he said. Despite the simplicity of his words, he really was thankful for her being able, and even being willing, to calm the horse down.
  13. Sayomi nodded her head to him, her head held high. She knew that she needed to make him believe that she was not someone to attempt to mess with, or that she was someone important if he didn't already know. She just wanted to make sure that he was for sure alright. She looked over him quickly, just to evaluate who he was. She had never really seen him before. She also had never really seen a lot of people before. She was never really aloud outside. "Are you sure you are alright.. You could have been greatly hurt." She looked into his eyes again without realizing it. She was so used to having to meet her mother's eyes. She looked down again, scolding at herself. As she looked at her feet, only to realize that she wore no shoes she gave a soft sigh.

    The horse behind her kicked as it realized that it was either hungry or thirsty, which lead it to walk up to Sayomi, biting gently on her dress. She brushed it away from her,before realizing that it was not her horse. She looked at it, who continued to to attempt to get the other carrots that were in her dress. She laughed softly, whispering in Latin to the horse once more. She looked up at the man who stood in front of her. "I do believe that your horse is hungry. Come with me, and I can show you a place with water, and apple trees for the horses." She was not sure if she really wanted an unknown person to see her hiding place, but she also didn't want to stay in one place for too long, and she knew if she just leave, the man might get suspicious, and if he was questioned by the guards, would turn her in.

    She turned and smiled softly as she tied a carrot to her horses tail. "I do suggest that you get on your horse. Cause he will follow. I will try and keep slow. But my horse does like to run." She smiled, as she walked to the front of her horse, holding out a carrot. "Inicio non invideo" she said with a laugh to the horse as she handed him a carrot. She looked back at the man as she pulled herself up onto the horse. It was an effort of pure upper body strength with how tall the horse was compared to her.

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    Jeremiah noticed her holding her head high for a moment, and her dress, now that everything was somewhat calmer, he noticed that it seemed to be a nice dress on her... and very well made. Was she high classed? A noble, even? His heart skipped a beat at this, but then he noticed her lack of shoes. No, that would be thinking too far. But still, he was sure that she was of a much higher class than he was. As if first impressions couldn't be bad enough...

    "I'm fine, really." he said, not wanting her to worry. He was sure that she was just asking to be nice anyways. He tried to keep 'his' horse from biting the girl's dress, embarrassed enough already, though he was glad that she didn't get mad. If anything, she seemed slightly amused, even offering to take him to a place that had food and water. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, he nodded, a bit surprised by her kindness. He made a mental note to thank her somehow, he wasn't sure about how he'd do that for now, but still, he wanted to repay the favor.

    Getting on the house might be a challenge, especially without any sort of support now. But the girl managed to pull herself up, and he found himself impressed by her upper-body strength. Though for him, it wouldn't be so much getting on as it would be staying on, but still, he was determined to try. He lifted himself on the horse, and the horse trotted in place nervously, but thankfully didn't try to buck him off as he situated himself, lightly grabbing the horse's hair. Perhaps whatever she said before had helped, whatever it might mean, but it sounded nice. Finally noticing the carrot tied to the other horse's tail, the horse eagerly went towards it.
  15. Sayomi looked over at the man confused by the way that he got on the horse. It was not confidently in the least bit. She wondered what exactly was going on. She run into one of the men from the games that were about to be held? Her eyes narrowed for a moment. She didn't know anything about who was fighting to try and win her hand. She shrugged, and urged her horse on. He instentivaly started to run and she had to pull him back to slow him down. He was pretty fast, even compared to most horses.

    She looked over her shoulder to make sure that the two were still following, and when she noticed that they were, let the horse go a little faster. She didn't want to loose him. She still had many questions for the man. She wanted to see who he was, and what exactly he knew. She let herself hug the horse as it went through the trees, knowing exactly where it needed to go. Her horse was smart for being a horse.

    The horse kicked softly mid run as the carrot was taken from it's tail. She slowed it, and had it lean back so that she could talk to the man who seemed to mysteriously come into the picture. "So tell me. Are you here to watch the games, or participate in them?" She asked, trying to make small talk. She was not the best at it. She had been taught to mostly only talk when spoken to, so trying to create, and hold a normal conversation was proving to be extremely difficult at most times. It was not the first time that the way that she talked had gotten her caught. She had found her way to a lake, and a family had seen her and the horse. The husband had began to talk to her, and knew just by the way that she talked who she was. So, she was trying not to sound too 'royal' in her conversation with him.
  16. Jeremiah noticed her narrowed eyes, and lowered his own, thinking that surely she must have been judging a peasant such as him. She must have been doing this just to nice, but then again, why would someone of high-class be willing to do this anyways? Shouldn't she have just sent her on his way, at least get a bit annoyed at him for almost running her over with the horse (though technically it wasn't his fault)?

    He felt the horse go faster and tightened his grip, but only a bit so that he wouldn't fall off. Despite what had happened earlier, he had some trust in the horse, since they seemed to be fond of this girl. After the horse took the carrot, he saw her own horse slow down. The games? What sort of games could she be talking about? Usually he kept social interaction to a minimum, only going out when he had to run errands, "To watch." he answered, not wanting to look like more of a dimwit than he already did.

    As they approached a lake, he stayed back as she talked to what seemed to be a husband of a family unit. Hopefully their child might not have to go through what he did, it was rather hard growing up without any parental figures.
  17. Sayomi tried to keep her thoughts together as she slowly slid off the horse. She grabbed her horse by the hair softly, and took him over to the water. She looked back at the man on the horse. "What is your name? Cause I do not know it just yet." She said casually, trying again not to seem to obvious. She let her self enjoy the soft grass in between her toes. She let herself spin around in the clearing. She smiled softly as she closed her eyes. She tripped softly, and fell, laughing.

    She looked up at him, a soft smile on her face. "Come now. Get off your horse, and actually come enjoy something before you have to go back and work. You have to learn to have fun. Yes?" She laided on her stomach, propping her head up on her hands. She laid in the grass waiting for him to do something, anything. She just wanted to keep talking to him for right now.
  18. Jeremiah was surprised by how casual she sounded, perhaps she figured that she shouldn't have to be so uptight around a peasant, though the change of tone was somewhat relieving, it almost made it seem like she wasn't judging him. Almost.

    "Mmm... yes." he said, obeying her and getting off his horse, who promptly made her way to a nearby apple tree. He didn't have much time for leisurely activity, but some wouldn't consider work to be all that leisurely. As expected, it was hard to do at times, but he found it to be rather enjoyable, and there wasn't much else to do at the farm. Looking over the lake and the emerald grass, he realized that he had never really seen anything like this, it was almost like it had come right out of a picture in a book... it was shame that he wasn't able to ever understand the context of them.

    He sat down, stretching his legs out and leaning on his hands, "I'm Jeremiah Stolver." he said, wondering what sort of name she might have. Surely it might be a nice sounding one.
  19. Sayomi smiled at him as he said his name. "You, Jeremiah Stolver work too much." She laughed. This was her place to come and relax, she was not going to spoil that. "My name is Sayomi." She didn't say if it was her first or last name. It was just her name. "What is the point of living, if you just work it all away? You need to come out more, and just enjoy the things in life that we are normally forced to forget about." She looked around the lake. Because of what people believed of this lake, there was not a person there. The grass was long, and the lake was blue and stood still. There were weeping willows everywhere, creating a veil from the outside.

    She rolled over, and looked at him upside down, making one of his own faces back at him. "What do you do for work that has you oh so busy?" She asked curiously. It was odd having a person to talk to. No one else talked to her, or even really accepted her as anything less then a goddess. She hated not having anyone to just talk to without it revolving money, politics, logistics, or who she might pick through these games.

    She picked at the grass as thoughts ran through her head about everything that was going on. They jumped back to her thoughts of the games, her mother, this man who just appeared. She looked at the horses, and even the horse was happy for a new friend. They both needed to get away more often, but would never have the chance to.
  20. Of course, the fact that he had to work a lot had to be obvious from his appearance, being of the lower-class and all, most of that class had to work a lot to keep what they had. But being of a higher class, she might not understand this... though she, Sayomi, had a point. It wasn't often that he had a break like this, so he might as well enjoy it, especially since he wasn't even sure about how to return here.

    He looked over at the horses, glad that the female horse (what should he name her? She wasn't personally his, but still, he preferred a name anyways) seemed to be getting along with Sayomi's horse. Animals always seemed to have an easier time getting along with each other, if only he could pick up on such a thing. While work wasn't that hard for him, it would be more enjoyable with at least someone to talk to. Looking back at Sayomi, he was surprised at how serious she suddenly seemed, only to realize that she was imitating his own expression. He never realized that he looked so serious.

    "Just... normal farm work." he said, trying to soften his expression, "It's not that bad, really. Personally I enjoy working with animals the most."

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