I will love you to DEATH (looking for female yanderes!)

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  1. Alright before I pitch my idea I'll get some requirements out of the way so you don't read the idea, fall in love with it then realize my writing abilities (or lack there of) are not up to your standards :C

    Alright first off I am 23 male (I would prefer my partners age to be 18+ due to the fact it will be mature themed RP and could contain libertine elements depending on my partners preferences) whose finishing out college. I think I have like 10 credit hours left woo me. I would say my writing ability is at the basic-adept level and on average I write anywhere between 2-6 paragraphs a post. (I write in third person past tense in case that matters and I would like you to do the same :p) I try to post at least once a day, sometimes more or less depending on my life stuff but I will always try to keep you informed on what's going on and when I can post.

    Okay if you read all of that and are thinking to yourself: I guess I don't hate this guy and I might want to rp with him! Then awesome I shall now layith my plot idea upon you :D

    The character you will be playing is a serial killer who for some reason or another kills people on a regular basis. (Go figure) She ends up killing one too many people connected to a crime family and they find out she is responsible so they put a hit out on her.

    Enter my character a veteran assassin who takes the job thinking it was be an easy mark. Oh boy he couldn't be more wrong. As he is stalking his target and studying her routines planing the assassination she takes notice of his presence. It doesn't take long for her to discern why he is spying on her and she finds that his attempting to kill her is oddly endearing. (The beautiful mind of a yandere :3)

    Anyway when my character attempts to kill her she is ready and easily turns the tables on him and captures him. From there we have a lot of options we can plot out should you choose to try this rp out with me! (All details can be edited to make the plot more enjoyable for my partner but I would like the general premise to stay the same.)

    Now I'm only really searching for one partner for this plot but if you love the yandere archetype and have an idea you wanna try out then please let me be your guinea pig run idea by me and I'm sure I would be more than happy to do the rp with you! If interested either post here or shoot me a pm. Thank you for reading and hope you have a great day.
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  2. Looks like I found someone for the plot! However if you still would like to do a yandere rp with my still feel free to shoot me a pm as I would more than likely love the idea ^-^
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