I Will Literally Take Anything

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  1. I've become sooo bored, I can't stand it. I will take any sort of rp you want, no matter what. I just want to roleplay. That's it. I won't do one-liners, and some decent paragraphs is always good (I prefer huge ass replies) but I'm so bored I could care less anymore. Please, just give me your ideas/pairings/etc and I'll go with it. I'll do mxm or fxm, it doesn't matter to me. I play ether gender equally, though I think I like playing guys better than ladies.
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  2. Well. I had this idea for a traveling circus who are secretly assassins who travel to their targets with each other. I don't have much more than that but I thought it could be fun.
  3. That sounds amazing! I would love to rp that :D
  4. Stupid Kindle. I definitely tried to tell you earlier that I wasn't going to be around today. I will PM you so we can work out some details. :)