I will devour the sun

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Angel of Insanity

Original poster
Got bullied to come here by a very beautiful woman....should tell you how I lost.
Without further or due, I give you the great, the astounding, the epically insane, ME.
I've gone by Angel for several years...actually Angel of Insanity...I miss it. So I changed it back and came back out of hiding.
I am a hermaphrodite as far as you need know and old enough to know what one is. Several years I have preferred combative RP types that dove and blended Scify and fantasy. I have only three that make you wonder what happened. A psychotic pseudolich, indomitable beastman and a insidious child.

Wolf Pack for life. Space Marines are cool but the pack is forever.

What song? I can't sing it, I suck at beatbox.
* Glomps! *

You came!!!!
aren't you just so awesome LOL

psh,.. by the way Wolf Pack Group is already up.. Uni beat ya to the first spam post LOL

oh and I guess I should say, Welcome to the site LOL XP
You know I don't spam nearly as much anymore.
And I just made the account before workl
oh yeah,.. Haha forgot you have to work what 10 ish,... hey wait what are you still doing at home boy LOL

Yeah I know, but still, I can't help it Super excited you decided to actually join.
and Hey wait,... I didn't bully you -_-!

Lol not what everyone else is seeing.
And It' at 1030 so I still have 30 to get there which normal people its a 15 min drive and I drive fast. so around8mins
It's a midshift so I clock too early they get snippy.
*Fist in the air for the woooolves!*

Welcome to the site, ye friend of Firewo! >:D
Well, if you eat the sun...You are going to have really bad gas. :o

Welcome to the forum!
Helo Verrat, I will always know you by that name, and any other names will just be weird.

Glad to see you joined :)

Now who is left for me to bully over here? >XD
Erm... haha, hi!
I'm Kitti and welcome to Iwaku.
Usually my welcome are far more grandiose than this but I am hurried a bit.
If you need any help at all, please feel free to ask!
You met me as Verrat, so yes. Most met me as Angel.
I haven't looked around much yet, did this right before work so Fire would hush about it for a second.