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  1. Erin tries helping his best friend (who is a girl) get over a recent bad break up. As he attempts to make her feel better will new feelings begin to emerge?
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Erin Lee Blake
    Height: 6 ft
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular (But doesn't look like he is on steroids XD)
    Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Caring, Protective, Outgoing. He can be pretty goofy.
    Looks: (Pic below)
    Erin leaned against the his locker waiting for his best friend. He has known her since elementary school. They have been there for each other through the worst times, he had no plans on ever that changing. He runs a had through his red hair then crossed his arms over his chest. She was probably with her boyfriend. He didn't like that guy one bit. He has always had a bad feeling about him. He decided to wait a few more minutes then if she didn't show up he would go to class without her.
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    Name: Casey Hope Amathy
    Height: 5'1
    Body type: slim and small, but not in an unhealthy way. She loves sports (PS she has light brown eyes)
    Personality: Smart, caring, honest, a little shy, and super sweet.
    Her terrible boyfriend:
    Name: Terrance Kale
    Age: 18
    Personality: douchebag
    Nuff said

    His hands roamed over her body. She had intended to give him a small peck before meeting up with Erin for 5th period like always, but Terrance got carried away like usual and pinned her in he corner of the hallway when the bell rung. He stuck his tongue in her mouth, squeezed her butt with one hand and groped her small breasts with the other. When she could finally turn her head and get a breath, he had his teeth nipping harshly at her neck. "Te-terrance..didn't I tell you we should go slow? We really shouldn't make out in front of all these--"
    Her grabbed her chin hard and forced her to look up at him now. "I can't go slow you're too sexy. Besides, you're mine. I love you. Don't you love me?"
    Casey winced and hesitated, then nodded. He let go of her mouth but pulled her closer, making her arch against him. "Say it."
    "...I-i love you." In all honesty, she didn't know yet if she loved him. They'd only been dating for three weeks. That's why she stuttered. She always stutters when she lies.
    "Then what's the problem babe?" He bit her neck again, probably leaving a red mark.
    "Ow!" She whispered. "That! That's the problem Terr. I'm not ready. I told you that when I was at your house and you--"
    "Fine." He growled and backed up, letting her go. She looked up at him with misty eyes. "Then I guess we're through."
    "What? Terrance wait!" She grabbed his arm, confused and panicked. "No. I'm breaking up with you. Bye, Casey."
    "But--" She didn't finish her sentence before he yanked his arm away from her and she fell forward. He didn't look back.

    After she picked herself up and tried her hardest to keep the tears back, she swiftly navigated through the hallways in search of her very best friend in the whole world, Erin. Wiping her eyes and brushing her hair forward to cover the painful red mark on her neck, she turned the corner and immediately faked a smile at her favorite redhead. "C'mon Erin. We don't wanna be late." She said, trying to keep her voice from quivering. It wasn't working all that well.
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  3. The moment he saw her he knew something was up. He looked down at her, his deep green eyes filled with concern, "Casey what happened?" despite her attempt to cover up the mark he caught a glimpse of it and gently moved her hair back so he could have a better look. e grit his teeth, "Did he do that to you?"
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  4. When he said her whole name, she winced because that meant he was serious. When he's playful, he always calls her Case. Her face went red when he asked her what happened and alls he wanted to do was cry. She didn't know if she'd be able to hold it back this time. Casey gulped and ducked her head when he moved back her hair. She knew he was honestly concerned for her, but she felt like she didn't deserve it, and she was too embarrassed to say anything. Her throat tightened up and her eyes watered again.
    "It's n-no big deal, Erin. I-i gotta go to the bathroom, I'll see you in class." She whispered and dodged his attempts to stop her before running to the girls room
  5. Before he could say anything or do anything she was gone. Now there was no way he was going to class now. He will be late, he decided this was way more important. When she thought he left for class he quickly sneaked and waited by the girls bathroom door with his arms crossed.
  6. Casey was afraid that if she started crying, she wouldn't stop. But she couldn't hold it back anymore so she curled up in a stall and had a quick cry just as the bell rung. She was pitifully pressing to let paper to her eyes to make herself stop, but it just hurt. What had she don't wrong? She could hardly even comprehend the break up it had been so quick and painful. Like the lash of a whip. On her heart. Eventually she stopped though and figured that since her teacher was a male, the whole 'I got my period' excuse would work well on him. She just didn't know what she'd say to Erin once she sat next to him. She might be able to deal with passing notes. As long as she didnt have to talk, she should be able to cover things up until school ended.
    So fragile Casey took a deep breath, sniffed and wiped the last remnants of her tears away before walking out to head to class. But then she saw Erin. He didn't look happy. She bit her lip and looked up at him. He was tall. Probably taller than Terrance. Maybe by an inch. "Shouldn't you be in class? I said I'd meet you there.." She mumbled nervously
  7. He pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on and uncrossed his arms. Suddenly he pulled her into a very comforting hug. He heard her crying and it hurt him to see her like this. "This is way more important then some stupid class Case." He continued to hug her for a while. Usually that always managed to make her feel a little better. He wants to help her anyway he can.
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  8. She gasped when he hugged her tight. Partly because she was surprised and partly because there was a large bruise on her right side that he wasn't aware of. It came from the one time Terrance pushed her into a wall when she kept him from taking her clothes off. And right now, Erin was squeezing it too tight. She whimpered and tried to squirm away from him. Though she really wanted to hug him back, her face was red over the strain of keeping quiet.
    "N-no it's n-not I'm f-fine.." She breathed, lying through her teeth at the soreness on her side
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  9. He noticed she seemed to be in a bit of pain and let go. It came to him that he hurt her in more places than just her neck. He looked down at her quit intensly, "You are not fine Casey. I can see in your eyes. I have known you long enough to know when something is wrong. You know you can tell me anything. So just tell me. Please..." he looked a little sad. He absoultly hated seeing her in pain. She knew it too.
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  10. He let go and she breathed again, resisting the urge to rub her side. He gave Herr a stern look she wanted to avoid, but couldn't. His emerald eyes were intense and she was afraid to say anything despite the fact that they were best friends. She didn't wanna keep secrets, but she didn't want him to make a big deal out of this. She knew he could get overprotective so maybe she'd tell him when they weren't able to see or talk to Terrance. She had to give him something though. So she bit her lip, wrapped her arms around her midsection and looked up at him with nervous doe eyes.
    "..Terrance broke up with me. That's all I'll say for now. We can talk about it when we get to your house after school okay?"
    Her parents are divorced, which made her anxious about her future love life sometimes. She remembered when he held her when they announced that her dad would be moving away to Florida. So she Lives with her mom who can't be home after school.
  11. He frowned and thought, 'That asshole...' he truly wanted hurt him and everyone knew he could and he would. Then when she looked a him with those scared puppy dog eyes. He sighed, "Alright. We can talk about it at my house alright." he smiled softly at her. He might kill her ex later on in the day. The bell rang and he chucled, "Come on lets head to class. Mr. Brown is going to have a cow." he gently took her hand making sure not to hurt her and led her to the class. As he walks he sas, "Or we could aways just skip." he chuckles partially kidding.
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  12. She relaxed when she saw him next smile. She loved his smile. The soft one he gave her when he was keeping her safe. She could gaze at it all day. But they didn't have the time for that. Unless they skipped..
    Erin agrees to discuss it when they arrived at his house, which was sbetetr than now, but she'd be nervous until then. She was afraid of his reaction. But Erin took her mind off of it as soon as he joked with her, so she smiled and held his hand tight to show him she was feeling better with him.
    "I dunno, I might be too Goody two shoes for such rebellion against authority." She smiled and partially joked right back
  13. He felt her squeeze his hand and that assured him she was feeling a little better which put him a little at ease out of the corner of his eye he saw her smile . "Ha that funny. You lie. You have skipped with me before." He stopped to look at her still smiling, "Come on we need to make sure that nice smile uyou have there stays. Its not like we skip that much anyways."
  14. They stopped walking when he spoke again, making her laugh a little. He was always so good at that! How?! Maybe its that his goofy smile is incredibly contagious! She cusknt help herself. The pain of her broken heart was dissipating all thanks to her best friend. Of course it would come back to hurt her, but for now, she could be smiley with him.
    "Fine fine you caught me. You're such a bad influence!" She teased and started to correct him on grammar. She couldn't help herself. "By the way, 'anyways' is not a word. Who thought of tacking on the useless s at the end anyway? See what I mean, smart one?" She poked his nose and grinned
  15. He laughed lightly, "Hey admit it! You love my wonderful grammar!" He walks with her out of the school building, "So where would you want to go? Carnival? Arcade? Movie? Whatever you want! But I'm paying!"
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  16. It was surprisingly easy to meander out of their school while he joked with her on the way to his car. She bumped his shoulder and rolled her eyes. "Hey if you're paying, then you should pick, am I right?" She smiled at her own Casey logic and leaned against his car waiting for him to open it so they could hightail it out of there.
  17. He chuckled as he sat on the drivers side, "Nope. You get to choose. Its my treat and I am being a gentlemen. Besides you are the girl so you choose." And with that he started driving. That was Erins logic, be a gentlemen, pay for the stuff and go where she wants tpo go.
  18. She took shotgun when the door opened and she laughed at he fact that he still had the stupid pink dice she's given him as a joke when he got his car. She pawed at them when he insisted she choose and rolled her eyes while she thought. Where did she wanna go? What would take them the longest so he wouldn't take her to his house to quickly? She clocked on her seatbelt and thought about what he said. A gentleman, yeah Erin really is a gentleman. She wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend. Why Terrance never treated her so nicely before. "Alright fine. We'll go to the arcade, I have a few games I have yet to beat you in." Casey grinned
  19. He smirks, "Arcade huh? Great choice!" And with that he headed to the arcade, "And good luck trying to beat me, you were never able to heh."he stuck his tongue out at her. It takes atleast 20 minutes to drive to the arcade. It didnt matter to him though. As long as it got her to stop thinking about him he was good. He has been in atleast a few relationships but they never worked out. He either got cheated on or lied to. Mainly cheated on. Yeah he hasnt had that much luck in relationships either. But even after he found out and broke up with them he always managed to keep a smile on his face, especially around Case.
  20. Casey stuck her tongue at him right back. Yeah sure she hasn't beat him, but she still stubbornly tried! She was proud of him, for Erin seems the only guy able to distract her from Terrance's harsh words. She wanted to play around with him and not think about anything bad, especially Erin's ex's. They were all stupid whores the had made fun of when he was single again. They never keep secrets. Becuase best friends don't need to hide anything from each other. She should have told him about when Terrance hurt her the very first time, but she had been afraid. Now that he doesnt want her anymore, what's there harm in telling her best friend everything like she should have?
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